~ Lowering The Boom ~

by Hammond Guthrie


In the 1960s you, me, we 'Boomers' were a big problem

and into our second set of 60s "we" are still a big problem

Social Security wasn't designed for 'us', we don't assimilate well


Neo-cons don't bother asking us what we think, and rightly so,

we might dose them with Truth Sera-25, rise up over their heads

and thunderously lower the boom just to see what happens


No more consuming the many things we “can't live without”

reduce our carbon prints and quit driving ourselves insane

banking the future on high level investments in nothing


We invented "sustainability" and "green living" in the age of Formica,

discovered that the "nuclear family" was a complete waste of time,

and began recycling ideas that our Great Society didn't care about


Ideas concerning our environment, our rain forests, sky and seas

whole earth nourishment at the maximum daily requirement,

Dymaxion thinking and co-emergent spiritual wisdom


We are the last generation to be heart warmed by tabletop radios,

the last to be fascinated by Dr. Farnsworth's cathode ray tube,

and the last generation our government wants alienate (again)


We can start enormous social fires without striking a match

without buying into the neocon prattle of saber rattling goons

bent on fear mongering, invisible power, and idiotic isolationism


Get your heads out of The Cloud  ~!~


Take over the helm of our terra firma in chaos,

the mother ship is sinking beyond the horizon

and there are but few life preservers at hand


Conserve backyard plankton and dig up the rutabagas

wells are running dry and water shortages are on the rise

no wonder the Bush Family Robinson owns an aqua fir in S.A


Hitch a ride on the first divine boxcar to the end of the line,

pull up your knickers and begin hiring dowsers by the dozen ~

this strange trip just got longer in the tooth


Don't regret the future ~!~ it's already tomorrow in Guam.


© Hammond Guthrie 2012

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