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september 2011 - june 2012

Date: Mon, 19 Sep 2011 08:26:08 -0700

From: bofus? <bofus@mindspring.com>

Subject: aaaarrrrggggghhhh, it be that day then!


good people,

            respect for mr newton!



                                                            peglegged watt

here's what me be learned:


Growl - and scowl often. Pirates don't use a cultured, elegant, smooth

vocalization - they mutter and growl... A lot.


Gesture with your hands frequently. Don't forget that pirates do most

of their talking on the deck of a ship - out on the ocean, where wind,

waves, and bird calls make it tough to hear. Gesturing often gives you

a sense of "being there."


Slur your words together. Saying, "The boys and I were out for a lovely

day on the water today" sounds like something you'd overhear at a yacht

club, not out on the bounding main! Instead, try, "Me 'n' these here

scurvy scallywags drug our sorry keesters out t'th'ship'n'had us a

grand great adventuaaarrr! We almost had t'keelhaul Mad Connie f'r

gettin inter th' grog behind our backs!" Use contractions whenever

possible. Be sure to punctuate often with "Arrrr!"



Never use "you" or "you're" - ever.

Never use "you" or "you're" - ever.

Never use "you" or "you're" - ever. Instead, use the piratical form,

"yer" or "ya" for all forms of address to others. "Yer a scurvy bilge

rat, ya pompous gasbag" or "Here's yer dinner, ya mangy cockroach."

Note that you should always endeavor to call the addressee by some

insulting name, usually involving an animal.


Embellish at will. A pirate is larger than life, and his or her speech

should always reflect this. Don't just say, "We saw a whale off the

starboard bow today." Say, "Me'n'th' crew seen a great grand sea

beastie, th' mother of all whales, aye!"


Refer to yourself as "me" at all times, never "I." It is not

piratically correct to say, "I have a cold." It is far better as a

pirate to declare, "Got me a case o'th'sniffles, 'ass rye!"


More importantly, substitute "me" for "my" For example, don't say,

"Look at my new sword," say "Lookit me new sword!." Also substitute

"meself" for "myself" as in "Got meself a right fine ship!"


Mutter unintelligibly unless yelling. Being a pirate usually meant

being liquored up to some degree - a lot of time, pirates were pretty

mush-mouthed. In the step preceding, the term "'ass rye" actually

translates to "that's right." Get it?


Be as loud as humanly possible. Pirates are not shy - stand tall, me

hearties, and be counted!


Get a stuffed toy parrot and sew feet to right shoulder of a second

hand store jacket. This will put you in the mood to adhere to the above

mentioned rules and guarantee an abundance of "yers and arghs".

[these ain't be me words though]






Date: Fri, 23 Sep 2011 08:15:50 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: trane's spirit still sailin'



respect to john coltrane on his bday!

this is special day, campaņeros.

today, let him into your ears - hear his horn...

feel his spirit!




Date: Sun, 25 Sep 2011 11:00:49 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: if you're in my pedro town today



free - all ages!

first time I do third opera here,
norton wisdom's gonna interpret
w/his painting




Date: Thu, 6 Oct 2011 15:59:35 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: comrade devin on my radio show + one week 'til yet another tour



good people,

            up now at http://twfps.com

 is the october 4, 2011 edition of the watt

from pedro show w/incredible bassman and emma goldman bust-out brigade

co-conspirator devin hoff joining me as guest. he improvised two pieces

live on air besides relating some of his intense journey through music.

            also, a week from tonight is the first gig of the "hyphenated-man in

europe 2011" tour, info here:


            it's ok to let everybody know.



Date: Wed, 26 Oct 2011 01:22:19 +0200

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: halfway through!



            sorry for having my hands full so but now we're

            halfway through, tour diary chimped here:


            sorry too for no pictures yet but I'll get to it when

            there's time. just please know they have been took.


            it's been a trip kicking this third fucker out for folks.

            respect for everyone helping me, truly... especially my men.

                                                                       on bass, watt

Date: Mon, 7 Nov 2011 19:35:28 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: back from europe, watt now shoves off for japan...


good people,

just back yesterday from the "hyphenated-man
in europe 2011" tour, read the diary here:


tomorrow I leave for tokyo to record the
third brother's sister's daughter album and
also be part of the "we jam econ '11" mini-fest:


when I get back, I've got

saturday, november 19
at the open melody festival
on campus at uc irvine
irvine, ca

and then

mike watt + the missingmen
doing agian the 3rd opera in so cal
sunday, november 20 at 5:30 pm
"punk rock bbq"
at liquid kitty
11780 w. pico bl.
los angeles, ca
(310) 473-3707
free admission!

same night, right after:

I do a guest vocal for a tune
at a benefit for
the school music revival foundation of japan
at largo at the coronet
366 n. la cienega blvd.
los angeles, ca
(310) 855-0350

sorry no recent editions of the watt from
pedro show but I'll do one soon as I get
back (november fourteen I return)




Date: Sat, 19 Nov 2011 21:36:35 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: fuck awareness week



good people,

fuck, I spaced, sorry.


it started yesterday. again, my apologies.

dumbfuck watt



Date: Wed, 30 Nov 2011 10:23:54 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: drop in the bucket benefit and other stuff from watt


good people,

once again I'm back w/brother matt!


iggy and the stooges - raw power live!


uncle ray's spielgusher essay!


is this cat tonto baka or what?


me and k do dos at benefit tonight:

drop in the bucket
wednesday, november 30
at the avalon theatre
1735 vine st., hollywood, ca
(323) 462-8900

we're on at 9:40 pm





Date: Fri, 9 Dec 2011 12:01:42 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: no more econolines?


good people,

kind of sad news:


happy news - for two more days elvin jones q and a
from march 11, 2001 in ravenna, italy here:


after tomorrow night:


be a part of unsilent night!


closest one to me is december eighteen,
I already got my mp3!

kerouac never drove so he never drove alone
(a richard meltzer compendium sur la web du jour):


our spielgusher album out next january seventeen!


final 2011 stooges gigs were mindblows - I did them all
w/out the fucking knee brace. hank dug the hollywood one:


last s.f. one had first time ever I've done "louie louie"
w/them and that was a trip, big time. respect.

Date: Tue, 20 Dec 2011 17:50:15 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: bday will begin w/s


good people,

everything will begin w/s, even my fucking bday:


I celebrated w/brother matt today by doing radio show!


watt (will begin w/s)


Date: Sun, 1 Jan 2012 06:33:24 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: worked for woody seventy years ago!


good people,

happy new year everyone.

"new years rulin's" from woody way back:



a trip, huh?


in bocca al lupo, watt

Date: Sat, 28 Jan 2012 11:59:54 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: happy moon new year!


good people,

my friend gregg turner sent me this:

> Hi Mike -- 
> I've just launched a Kickstarter campaign as a fund raising drive to
> support a new solo CD recording slated for end of MArch...
> anything anybody can kick in will be of help. 
> THx so much Mike.
> best,  GT

please help him w/his endeavor if you can. he had a band
w/richard meltzer in the 70s called vom and wrote in cream
magazine like he did too.

...and speaking of richard - me, mr shimmy + ms yuko share an album
w/him that just came out last week called spielgusher - check it out!


also, I did a short spiel w/drummerman george hurley on the latest
edition of the watt from pedro show:


we're recording rhythm section stuff for the fourth unknown
instructors album at casa hanzo here in pedro.

dos gig tomorrow at six pm (early!)
me and k do gig for bob lee and elise


econo (free) and all ages

happy moon new year! I go to parade soon...


Date: Fri, 3 Feb 2012 15:48:45 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: for mike kelley



mike kelley was righteous people

and he is missed

me and my missingmen
perform "hyphenated-man"
in honor of him tonight

the redwood bar + grill
316 w. 2nd st.
los angeles, ca
(213) 680-2600

- - -

the january 31, 2012 edition of
the watt from pedro show w/on-air
guests nick aguilar + his pop rudy
up now at:


- - -

new spielgusher album out
now on clenchedwrench:


interview w/richard meltzer here:


Date: Wed, 8 Feb 2012 10:28:09 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: fuckyournoguchicoffeetable.tumblr.com


good people,

just a friendly hi:


the february 7, 2012 edition of the watt from
pedro show w/on-air guest sailor alexander up
now at


Date: Sat, 18 Feb 2012 15:59:41 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: behind the orange curtain!


good people,

tonight raul and tom help me bring
the third opera behind the orange curtain!

saturday, february 18 at 11 pm
at the doll hut
107 s. adams st.
anaheim, ca
(714) 533-1286

first time!

- - - - -

the february 14, 2012 edition of the watt
from pedro show w/on-air guest nick reinhart
from tera melos up now:


- - - - -

out now on clenchedwrench is the
speilgusher album: richard meltzer's
spiels, mr shimmy's guitar, ms yuko's
drums and me on bass:



Date: Fri, 24 Feb 2012 19:20:54 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: gig for old days tomorrow afternoon


good people,

we do gig tomorrow afternoon for
the old days - no third opera, we
do other set to celebrate punk days
of yore! we go on at 3 pm...

mike watt + the missingmen
cathay reunion show!
saturday, february 25
at sal's studio
3326 burton av.
burbank, ca
(530) 570-2809


- - - - -

the february 21, 2012 edition of
the watt from pedro show w/on-air
guest vinnie vegas up now at:


- - - - -

out now on clenchedwrench is the
speilgusher album: richard meltzer's
spiels, mr shimmy's guitar, ms yuko's
drums and me on bass:


- - - - -

also out now is the fourth dos album!


coming soon...
"la busta gialla" - the
debut album from il sogno del marinaio

Date: Fri, 2 Mar 2012 16:07:20 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: dos does hollywood gig tonight


good people,

tonight me and k do hollywood dos gig

march 2, 10 pm
at the m bar
1253 vine st.
hollywood, ca
(323) 856-0036
six bucks: econo

the march 1, 2012 edition of the watt
from pedro show w/on-air guests
cochinas up now at


last time we played hollywood:




Date: Wed, 7 Mar 2012 09:37:31 -0800

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com

 Subject: me and george in england friday night



if you're in minehead, england or thereabouts,
please consider seeing me and george play this
friday. there's a lotta good bands we're sharing
the stage w/there too.


- - - - -

the march 6, 2012 edition of the watt
from pedro show up now at:


again back w/brother matt!

I use to be able to make small leaps!

Date: Fri, 16 Mar 2012 10:50:06 -0700

From: bofus? <bofus@mindspring.com>

 Subject: norton wisdom once again interprets us in real time


good people,

on a few occasions now mr norton wisdom




has in real time interpreted my "hyphenated-man" opera:

(warp speed version)

(a little more relaxed)

and tonight he's gonna go for it once again in
strong beach w/me and my missingmen:

friday, march 16 at 10 pm
at di piazza's
5205 e. pacific coast highway
long beach, ca
(562) 498-2461

- - - - -

I had san pedro transplant from windsor
shane o'brien for on-air guest on the march
13, 2012 watt from pedro show:


- - - - -

watt picture book out in may:


- - - - -

us on bass covered mr tom's tune:


Date: Sun, 1 Apr 2012 12:29:40 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: d. boon's bday today!


good people,

d. boon's bday today!



see us dance buck wild 'pert-near thirty years ago:


big love from watt

Date: Tue, 10 Apr 2012 09:46:13 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com

 Subject: spiel w/the tera melos rhythm section



on tour now w/georgie and edward but got to do radio show w/the tera
melos rhythm section on easter in seattle:



Date: Mon, 16 Apr 2012 13:57:49 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: great news for trane's phily pad!



Philly jazz lovers seek to repair Coltrane house

KATHY MATHESON, Associated Press

Updated 01:39 p.m., Friday, April 13, 2012

PHILADELPHIA (AP) -- Music enthusiasts in the City of Brotherly Love
are looking to rekindle a love supreme for the deteriorating John
Coltrane House, a preservation effort that mirrors a broader mission to
reclaim and promote Philadelphia's rich jazz heritage.

Cultural officials gathered more than 100 local jazz musicians on
Friday for a group photo in front of the rowhouse where Coltrane, a
renowned saxophonist, lived from 1952 to 1958. It became a national
historic landmark in 1999.

"We are serious about our music here in Philadelphia, and jazz has
meant a lot to this city," Mayor Michael Nutter said.

He and other city officials hope jazz lovers will donate money to save
the brick house in the tough Strawberry Mansion neighborhood.
Unoccupied for the past several years, the Coltrane home has fallen
into severe disrepair; homes on either side are boarded up.

The run-down property is an apt symbol of Philadelphia's jazz history,
"a legacy that has certainly been too often neglected and not
celebrated," said Gary Steuer, the city's chief cultural officer.

Philadelphia claims jazz greats including Coltrane, Billie Holiday,
Stan Getz, Dizzy Gillespie, McCoy Tyner and Grover Washington Jr. Last
year, musicians and club owners formed the Philadelphia Jazz Coalition
to promote the current scene and the city's musical legacy.

Coltrane played with the Miles Davis Quintet for part of the time he
lived here on 33rd Street. He later became known for a pioneering jazz
style that incorporated Indian and African influences. Seminal
recordings include "A Love Supreme," ''My Favorite Things" and, with
Davis, "'Round Midnight."

Coltrane eventually moved to New York but continued to own the
Philadelphia house until his death in 1967. It remained in the family,
and a cousin lived there until several years ago; she sold it to
devoted fan Norman Gadson in 2004.

However, Gadson died before he was able to rehabilitate the property.
His family recently created a nonprofit organization to spearhead a
revival. Local and national preservation groups are supporting the
effort and hope to raise $50,000 for immediate repairs and

Ideally, future plans for the home will include programming and
neighborhood engagement, said Walter Gallas, director of the northeast
field office for the National Trust for Historic Preservation.

Gallas, who attended Friday's event, said historic homes-turned-museums
often struggle with attendance and finances because they fail to take
on interactive, broader roles in the community.

"They have to become more relevant to what's going on right now,"
Gallas said.

Friday's events were part of National Jazz Month. The mayor declared it
"Jazz Appreciation Day" in Philadelphia and presented a proclamation to
92-year-old drummer Charlie Rice, who still plays in local clubs.
Coltrane was among many notable musicians with whom Rice has performed.

"John Coltrane was one of the nicest human beings you ever wanted to
meet," Rice said. "He really (rose) from the bottom on up to the top."




Preservation Alliance for Greater Philadelphia:

Date: Fri, 27 Apr 2012 11:10:14 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: watt brings 3rd opera twice this weekend + you can preorder his new

 book + hand to man album


good people,

back in my pedro town
again I get to bring the
third opera this weekend

mike watt + the missingmen

friday, april 27 at 11:15 pm
at the san pedro ballet school
1231 s. pacific av.
san pedro, ca
(310) 732-1861
all ages!

saturday, april 28 at 10:45 pm
at the redwood bar + grill
316 w. 2nd st.
los angeles, ca
(213) 680-2600
for jonathan's bday!

peter at three rooms press says:

3 more days left to preorder

"mike watt: on and off bass"

here's the link to preorder - thanks


also preorders for _the hand to
man band_'s debut album "you
are always on our minds" here:


read about it:


and finally: incredible read, recommended!


Date: Mon, 30 Apr 2012 14:05:20 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: watt's new book and stuff about it


good people,

tonight (april thirty) at midnight is last chance
to get the pre-order special autographed
mike watt book "on and off bass" - kat and
peter at 3 rooms press hipped me to this:


and two gigs to celebrate it coming out,
one in ny, ny and one in venice, ca:

hellride east
j mascis + murph w/watt on bass
+ some very special guests
(byron coley: sucka m.c.)

wednesday, may 2 at 7 pm
at le poisson rouge
158 bleecker st.
new york, ny
(212) 505-3474


mike watt + the missingmen
performing watt's third opera
"hyphenated-man" (k will be
the sucka m.c. for this one!)

saturday, may 5 at 2 pm
at beyond baroque
681 venice bl.
venice, ca
(310) 822-3006

- - - - -

and speaking of pre-orders, you can get
yours for the debut hand to man band
album "you are always on our minds" here:


hell, I got to meet pete shelley!



Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 12:16:34 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: big love forever



big love for brother adam yauch, he is beautiful forever.


big love from watt forever



Date: Fri, 4 May 2012 12:40:07 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: he learned me!


good people,

this man, brother adam... how he could work the bass!


learner watt

p.s. he learned me about that spring-loaded switch on his thudstaff!


Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 03:19:44 +0200

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: somehow to support russian sisters + brothers?



"Shame on you," they shouted. "What are you going to tell your
grandparents who fought against the fascists? Don't you have mothers?"




Date: Wed, 9 May 2012 03:19:44 +0200

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: somehow to support russian sisters + brothers?



"Shame on you," they shouted. "What are you going to tell your
grandparents who fought against the fascists? Don't you have mothers?"


Date: Wed, 16 May 2012 13:59:25 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: watt way into the hand to man band debut album!


good people,

I'm very glad to tell you about the upcoming
debut album from the hand to man band
called "you are always on our minds" - I say
I'm very glad cuz this is one trippy album,
I shit thee not!

less than a week left for pre-orders...


q and a here w/john dieterich + thollem
+ me of the hand to man band here:


- - - - -

also, my book "mike watt: on and off bass"
has just been put out - you can get it here:


- - - - -

the may 10, 2012 edition of the watt from
pedro show w/remote broadcast from
marseille, france up now at:



Date: Sat, 16 Jun 2012 15:02:46 -0700

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: happy bloomsday


good people,

happy bloomsday!

if you're in dublin, you can go to these
places from the book that are still around:


(thanks seamus)

but if you're in so cal...

help me, raul and tom celebrate bloomsday
and it's also raymond pettibon's bday!
TONIGHT, june 16 at 10:45 pm
at the redwood bar + grill

oh, you can read the book wherever you are!

- - - - -

the new hand to man band album is now out!

five dollar download!


see video:


get cd or yellow vinyl:


- - - -

this benefit comp is available now to help
w/the compound studio in long beach:


me and my missingmen have a tune on it

- - - - -

the june 7, 2012 edition of the watt from
pedro show w/on-air guest jonathan hischke
up now at:


lots of sargenthouse stuff played too...


Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 21:05:24 +0200

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: playing where fence first got cut (east bloc crumbled)


also mr bela bartok was here! in sopron,
hungary now to work stooges gig and
then we got four more europe fests I'm
excited to help wail on, back in my pedro
town july fourteen. of course I will soon
have baka 'tard tour spiel up on hoot page.

check this out though:

the june 24, 2012 edition of the watt from pedro
show w/remote broadcast from onboard the sailboat
"pride of cucamonga" up now at

that's right, we did show on sailboat out at sea!

I'll try to do a couple of editions in between gigs
over in europe.

oh yeah, out for 'pert-near a week now, debut album
from the hand to man band is kicking up dust!


wild video here!


Date: Sat, 30 Jun 2012 21:17:11 +0200

From: bofus? bofus@mindspring.com


Subject: whoops!



wild hand to man band video here:


sorry I spaced and left off last email.

baka watt



rinaldo rasa who thanks very much mike watt

venice mestre italy july 2012