Larry lives in Sausalito, he's an oldtimer 
from way back in San Francisco, an artist, 
painter, poet, now in his seventies.

Sat, 7 Mar 2009

Ciao, Rinaldo - here's a poem I just received, it's by Larry Kincaid. ...
ciaociaoamigo, Pete


                                  Champagne Thy Hallowed Grounds For Thee It Pines
                                   To Loose These Hicky Roots for Thine
                                    To Learn And Love And Kiss the Ground
                                     All Eager To Acquire The Sound
                                      Of One From Manor Born To Stand 
                                       So Proud With Honor Not Of That Land

                                                                                               Lawrence Kincaid

Mon, 9 Mar 2009

Ciao Rinaldo - this is Larry Kincaid today, having a coffee in the  
Café Trieste in North Beach.
Larry is 76 - an ur-bohemian artist. ciaociao da Pete

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