Rick's Big Idea
a wild overwhelming project

From: NicoleP7@aol.com

Rick's Big Idea (From Nicole Panter)

Dear Friend,
In 15 years of teaching young filmmakers, I have never done what I
am about to do.  I am forwarding the following to you in the hope
that you will read it and consider becoming an investor in this film

I have decided to pass this on to friends and associates because
Rick Chavez, a former student of mine at the College of Santa Fe is
one of the most compelling and developed young artists I've had the
pleasure of working with and he should be able to make his films --
it really is as simple as that.

I will be kicking in some money and I hope you or someone you know
will also decide to take a leap of faith and support Rick in this
endeavor.  If you aren't able to contribute -- believe me, I know
times are tight -- but find the script, the idea or simply Rick's
ingenuity compelling (or if you'd like to be a film producer) please
forward this to someone who might be able to help him in some way.

all the best,

Nicole Panter

From: Ricky Chavez hole_e_water@yahoo.com

Dear Friends,

I have begun a wild overwhelming project. I have written, and am in
the middle of producing, a feature length film. Many of the pieces
are in place. I have a small crew, and some good equipment on loan.
I have nearly all the locations and about half of the cast. I plan
to start shooting in about a month and things are slowly but surely
falling into place.

There is one area that I feel I'm a bit behind in. The budget. The
time has come to get serious about raising money. SO I turn to you:
my trusted, loyal, rock-solid amigos for a favor.

Attached is a copy of my project summery. It gives a brief
description of the project as well as information on investing. It
would really help me out if you could send this to anyone you think
may be interested. I know that this sounds like a long shot but it
does actually work. I have already received a small donation from a
total stranger due to someone passing this along. And for the small
minority of you that are not completely indigent consider the
proposal yourself. Everything helps no matter how small.

A version of the script can be downloaded here:

I should have a new less rough draft up in a week or so.

Thanks you all,
-Ricky C.

Contribution Agreement.doc
Business Proposal.doc