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Erni Bär

I'm grateful, really. It was just a bold try by someone (me!) who admires the Beats since almost 40 Years. As a matter of fact I consider myself very serously as a genuine "Dharma Bum" since I have studied quite some time with Tibetan masters but never left the Beat background totally behind. On my website you learn that I refer to them and compare their high energy level with the concept of Tibetan lineages. I feel "BEAT", though never had any real contact with one of the guys. I have been to Marin County and have climbed Mount Tamalpais where Jack slept outside sometimes. I have seen Sausalito and I have strolled around a little bit in Greenwich Village where the guys used to roam around half a century ago. Rinaldo - I feel honoured to be added to your list of famous people. Maybe it's not so bad to add some less important ones once in a while! I thank you and say Tashi Delek !!! Dharmadada Erni Bär Autonomer Klebe- & Nutzmüllkünstler Autonomous Glue- & Garbage Artist Zeitgenössischer ästhetischer Urheber Contemporary Esthetical Originator www.erni-baer.de feedback@erni-baer.de

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