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richie hass is an amazing
multi-instrumentalist musician. alumnus of
zoogz rift's band, he is best known these
days for playing in saccharine trust and also
with joe baiza's universal congress - probably
the top vibraphonist in southern california.

richie was recently diagnosed with multiple
myeloma, a cancer of the bone marrow, and
since he is a self employed musician, he has
no health insurance.

the l.a. music community was rocked back on
their heels by this news. everybody loves
richie. so we musicians, together with the
imf, are putting together a benefit in
richie's honor. and while the benefit is
being held in richie's honor, he has opted to
donate the proceeds to the international
myeloma foundation for much-needed research
to find the cure for this disease.

the f.o.r. benefit (friends of richie) is
taking place at safari sam's in hollywood, on
saturday march 31st, starting around 4:00 pm
in the afternoon and going all night. a few
of the many bands that are scheduled to play

4:00-4:20 potion box
4:30-4:50 present tense
5:00-5:20 freda rente' band
5:30-5:50 the adz
6:00-6:20 backbiter
6:30-6:50 the amadans
7:00-7:20 freehead
7:30-7:50 vinny golia
8:00-8:40 the bellrays
8:50-9:30 mike watt + the missingmen
9:40-10:00 marc mylar mob
10:10-10:30 puttanesca
10:40-11:00 saccharine trust
11:10-11:30 not in the house
11:40-12:00 the atomic sherpas
12:10-12:30 fatso jetson

also featuring:

jaz kaner, mc
marcel's cinnamon roll gang puppet show
brick wahl will be the stage manager

$10 cover charge.

march 31, 2007

safari sam's
5214 w. sunset blvd.
hollywood, ca 90027
(323) 666-7267

everyone is welcome to this celebration.
come and join us. have a good time for
a good cause.


for any questions or information email
scott heustis at heustis@ca.rr.com

go here to make a donation:


international myeloma foundation

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