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Peter Edler

painting 'West of Eden' (108x180cm, acrylic on canvas)

West of Eden (108x180cm, acrylic on canvas) This painting evolved over 3 months late last year and early this, 2008. It comes after a period of experimenting in black-and-white that produced my Goya-Bush series of 4 canvases. In WoE color is returning to a natural world in turmoil. At sunrise a distant city by the sea is in flames. On a hill in the foreground a group of 4 figures at rest a woman, a man, a leonine creature and her two cubs. Two birds wing away from the sun and the burning city. To me this painting relates to sleep and the peaceful dream states we all experience despite the turmoil and destruction that disturb the world. The leonine creatures symbolize an innocence, power and eruptability that protects the sleeping humans who can easily be imagined as modern cousins of Adam and Eve, securily dreaming West of Eden, their blue skin tones hinting at immortality. Pete Edler, February 2008

many thanks to courtesy of Pete! ( february 2008 )

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