by pat (alexander) cherkin


Pray for the "aliens."

The 14 dead: 5 days of slowly crisping skin,

while the bodies de-hydrate. 115 degrees.

No water. No food. No shade.

The place is called the "Devilís Path."

We stock up for holiday barbeques.

The meat will roast slowly,

while we drink and swim.

Pray for the 15th. He will not survive the weekend.

Pray for the 14 who lived.

Those ashamed for believing our brother,

the coyote.

He who lied, licking his lips, planning the holiday feast

he will make with the "aliens" money.

"It isnít far." "I will give you water."

I have a job waiting for you."

"If you go this way with me, you wonít be caught."

Pray for our brother, the coyote.

Pray for those still wandering in the desert,

For the Ninos, the mothers and fathers,

the tias, the friends, the grandmas, please pray.

For us, north and south, who allow this to be done

in our names, bow your head.

Ask for mercy.

pat (alexander) cherkin

Tucson, AZ

May 2001

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