Pete Edler

A Diptych for Democracy

The end of the trail The new american century

The United States of America | The United States of America

is finished. After half a century | is more powerful than ever.

of worldwide meddling, aggression, | After half a century exporting

invasion, torturing and killing we’re | democracy to the far corners

at the end of the trail. It should have | of the world, we’ve only just

been Vietnam but it turns out Iraq is | begun to fight. As could be

the straw that’s breaking the US | expected there have been

camel’s back. | minor setbacks, such as

| Vietnam. But today in Iraq

What is bringing us down is | we’re showing the world what

exactly what brought down the | we’re made of.

Soviet Union – communications |

technology. The Soviets succumbed | This was predictable, of course.

to satellite TV, the US is being sunk | Only a fool would imagine that

by the Internet, cellphones, and by | a primitive tribal society like

cell and digital photography. | Iraq could stand up against

| state-of-the-art technology

Conceived, designed and manu- | conceived, designed and

factured with exquisite care in the | manufactured with exquisite

United States, these magnificent | care in the United States. Who

accomplishments are now being | can doubt that we will prevail

turned gainst us with devastating | against a bunch of illiterate

effect. Who would have expected | savages who don’t know their

this from a bunch of illiterate | primitive ayrab asses from our

savages who don’t know their | hi-tech American elbows. Why,

primitive ayrab asses from our | we can beat those hairy little

hi-tech American elbows. And we | mothers with our hands tied

thought we could beat those hairy | behind our backs.

little mothers with our hands tied

behind our backs!

Paris-born Libby says, "Don’t fock with me! Fock America!"

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