geothermal piano

by Ron Whitehead

geothermal piano
13 Grandmothers and Sarah do the Sun Dance
with wild horses
your shadow detached itself
and danced with you
wild horse mother and colt
kissed your hands
you turned and saw yourself
holding a baby (ours? I hope) in your arms
beetles made love under
the ancient tree of life
an entire colony of prairie
dogs laughed their asses off
13 Grandmothers smoked peace
pipe    7 teepees on the hill
time vanished
orange west wind sunset lasts
4 hours     bear and eagle
in no time
claws ripped into flesh
and pulled     the wind the wind
no clocks
singing    high pitched singing
soft spiritual lullaby healing
Sarah song for Mother Earth
for all the tribes
watch time disappear
healings potions rubbed vigorously
on back and chest and breasts
no time
visions dances animal spirit
tiger woman leaps bounds
in and out of river eats leaves
from tree    you sleep with
branch from sacred Sun Dance tree
you sing dance you are healed
you found your people
you are home    geothermal
piano must be moved    Sun Dance
magic land life will never
be the same again     the dance
the Sun Dance    you and 13 Grandmothers
welcome home my love welcome
home to your true love in the tree house
welcome home to your warrior lover
welcome home to your best friend
welcome home to your soul mate husband
and welcome home to Kentucky
there’s no time like no time at all
welcome home Sarah
I Love You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(14)
june 24, 2007

Ron Whitehead

Copyright (c) 2007 Ron Whitehead

"...I will fight no more forever."
   Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce

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