token grass

in 1945 Günther Grass was seventeen

I was ten - contrary, cute

he joined the Waffle-SS

I da Hitlah Yoot

I ran off after three weeks

fed up with nazi geeks

the war was ending fast

as Germíny finally breathed her last

fast forward twenty years

Iím thirty now

Grass thirty-seven

heís published yet another hit

me only beatnik shit

I live in Sausalito in Marin

he in my hometown of Berlin

one day Iím there, visiting some kin

I go to meet the man

who isnít home

I leave a story with his wife

he doesnít call me back

maybe never read my stuff

or simply didnít care enough

wrote another famous tome

eventually I fly home

fast forward to 1966

a houseboat in the Sausalito styx

theyíre throwing a party for Grass

there is a chick called Slim

great trim, great ass

weíre toking homegrown grass

really getting into it

thereīs no time to talk to him

fast forward forty years to oh-oh-six

my buddy Grass is in a fix

me, Iím still into beat shit

he outs hisself quite smartly

by writing yet another hit

six decades after World War Two

well itís all over now

Baby Blue



©Peter Edler 2006

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