Being an Autonomous Glue - & Garbage Artist I feel myself of course very much at home in the field of art that files under „Trash" momentarily. It’s quite natural, regarding the word’s meaning in the English language, that a direct path leads from „Dharmadada" to there, because the choice of artistic material is so similar. The reason for this is to be found in two art directions of the late century’s Sixties in my opinion, namely "Arte Povera" and "Junk Art". It’s to be seen just by the name in what waters we’re undertaking our sleigh ride. Going even more back in art history we’re finding the roots of "Dada" and the "Objets Trouvé" of the Surrealists. Many artists have tried to fulfil their tasks by using trashy material since then – so everybody wanting to work in those fields is in damned good company.

The fact that one can use all thinkable material opens up wide horizons for the producers. Meaningfulness as well as radiation of stuff used, can reach from low to enormous, and their sphere-presence ain’t differentiable from more conservative art material. My personal choice is paper and cardboard of all kind, which leads of course time and again to somewhat superficially (or even cryptically?) aesthetic results during the process of pasting, but that’s not on purpose. The motivation of such use is well known, so that I can concentrate on the essentials shortly: The things and material alien to art so far give powerful impulses and starting points in direction of some kind of broadening of the commonly accepted definition and reception of art. As a matter of fact, the unlimited freedom of the artist in his creative potential is to be seen as a by product that just falls into his lap this way.

Nowadays everything can be worked with, from junk to shit, and there’ll be always people who’ll be seriously dealing with those producer’s artistic claims. To be a „trasher" is a superb feeling for me, because I know with certainty, this direction will lead the art parade in our just beginning century. The urban people’s wishes to be artists themselves and trying to be creative is on the move as we all can realize. There’s nothing wrong with that, for creativity is an energetic potential, just like the Buddha Nature, the realization of which doesn’t depend on a high school diploma or some other studies, though that wouldn’t really hurt anybody. I myself, to emphasize it here again, confess my devotion towards „Trash", as it corresponds beautifully with Dharmadada, satisfies my ambitions and can been worked out easily by me. "Not Mine, but Fine" on my website is a good example how that’s meant. I also return to my great model Kurt Schwitters that way, who loved so much the poor material and overlooked things, and the circle closes again. The refusal of Trash has meanwhile been minimized by hordes of Trash artists – and that’s very much ok so! I think the democratization of the fine arts can’t go far enough and I don’t fear official critics who launch the spectre of „common and regrettable downfall of quality" (all time lament) around. The times of cheeky monkeys, wanting their share of the sweet fruit too, getting smacked the bottom are over anyway!

BÄR KHANG / 2005














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