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in his late year Domenico De Cassan (1900-1968) my grandfather was a naif painter of
Dolomiti Mountains here's a watercolor landscape of Passo Falzarego (Belluno) Italia.

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by pete edler

Patricia (Alexander) Cherkin

a postcard

Arizona pictures

Found this online somewhere - it is very real - much like little stores you see there

pat collection books

many thanks pat!

Patricia Elliott 2006

Here is a recycled xmas card from the old man ```courtesy by patricia elliott


Hi, I know a garage sale is funny but so many of my friends were also old friends of Williams, we were sort of a family. Also William sometimes came to my garage sales, sometimes he would put things in them, like books he had read (he always scribbled notes in the margins when he read) then James found out and suggested that they should be kept at his house. I remember when he bought his house on Learnard street he came over and picked up a couch for a dollar, a lamp for $2, a desk from an old motel for $3o. All told it came to $87. He then replaced the junk pieces with interesting and nice furniture over time. He had the lamp on his table for the rest of his life. The bulb lasted 8 years, almost always on, I think it was one sold by the Blind school in Topeka. I put I think fair prices on the stuff, plus this way the funny little things, many which occurred in Lawrence are at least available for viewing to people interested. Since my emails, I have already had some scholars come and make copies of the personal stuff, like notes, etc. so it feels ok. This isn't about the money, I loved the guy. I'm not a dealer, so precise descriptions of condition would intimidate me. Some stuff was put in bags and my boxes right after I read them or got them, but I also lived in my pickup for a while and both William and I smoked, so the house sitting directions, etc. might have smoke, gosh though packaged for 10 years, I wouldn't be able to tell. An article has come out in the local paper so I will get people,at least regionally. I will have a dinner party the night before, I plan to fix some of Bil's favorites, duck, lamb, almond tort, caviar. I am sorry that I initiatially thought I could deal with you personally item by item but it got so complicated so quickly. Do keep an eye on my son's ebay sight ( go to ebay search by seller linairhead , as he will have a lot of Bill's stuff up. It is hard to go through my boxes since it evokes so many memories. So I am doing the best I can with what I got. X.
Hi Guys, My son and I are getting ready for selling my beat collection, trying to find prices and came across this on ebay. I thought Allen fans would find it interesting,

Thanks for understanding, Patricia http://www.sunflower.com/~pelliott/

At my garage sale this week, my yearly from the dumpster back to the student sale, a guy offered to trade me this comic for a Gene Stratten Porter and a bunch of cook books. very cool. august 2006.

River City Reunion 1987

Marie Countryman

Ron Whitehead

The Wanderer Ron Whitehead Europe Tour 2008 postcard

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