©Peter Edler 2012               

Israel versus Easter

or What sort of yahoo are you

 if you don’t like Netanyahu?


Of all the nations of the distant past

only memory remains, some tablets, ruins

brain waves, that’s what empires become

read up about it in the Bible when God

still kept a firm hand in politics speaking

to David, Moses, Solomon, why shouldn’t God

tell Netanyahu what to do? Why shouldn’t

Allah have chatted with Osama or Obama?

With Romney, Merkel, Sarkozy,

before the latter phoned Berlusconi?


Forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those

who trespass against ten eyes for a tooth

and the truth about John Wilkes Booth

whom Honest Abe forgave as he lay dying.

Who then could have imagined that Lincoln

once having freed the slaves and gone to bed

quite satisfied with what he’d done would

be remembered having been an anti-Semite

falsely, perhaps, it may be true, but better safe

than sorry if you are Bibi and you worry.


Let’s start by looking at ourselves

and not by judging others or their plans

before we judge ourselves, before we’re perfect.

We shouldn’t cast the first stone at that prostitute

Go forth and sin no more said Jesus to the woman

and love your neighbor as you love yourself.

Nobody is exempt from love, not I nor you

nor those in far-flung Timbuktu, do unto others

as you wish Likud do unto you and that includes,

regrettably, that fearless guru Netanyahu.



©Peter Edler 2012




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