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big love to him

d boon 1983












first four full gigs for this year - all in france - I try my very
hardest... get back to my pedro town on the eighteenth...

...just got flowed this:


on bass, watt








From: Brendan Toller
Date: Thu, 15 Apr 2010 11:57:15 -0400
Subject: I Need That Record! DVD release with WATT!

Hey Watt, just wanted to give a heads up that my first feature film "I
Need That Record!" is hitting stores this Saturday (4.17.10) for Record
Store Day. It features you as well as Thurston Moore, Ian Mackaye, Noam
Chomsky, Glenn Branca, Lenny Kaye, Pat Carney, Chris Frantz, Patterson
Hood, Legs McNeil and more...

some links:


Thurston Talks Record Stores:

Ian Mackaye Talks Record Stores:

Purchase link:










I donated a tune to help here:


"we at I heart believe that even $1 can make a
difference, especially when we collectively
pool our resources. 100% of the profits from
your download will be donated to haitian
relief efforts. in our small way we hope to
extend a hand. thanks for helping us do so!"

- - - - -

the april 20, 2010 edition
of the watt from pedro
show (remote broadcast
from the charles de gaulle
airport in france and 'pinhead
from asia' segment #004)
up now at:


- - - - -

we just did first four iggy + the stooges gigs

stooges in england
of 2010! my tour spiel here chimped here:


I leave for madrid for more wednesday...

- - - - -

available now is "channels" by the island -
which are compositions by steve howe (of the
band schooner from montreal, canada - not
from the genesis band in england) combined
w/bass from me at his request.


- - - - -

back in february I was a guest on bass at a
recording in long beach, ca w/a new proj
started by tabor allen (drums/vocals) and
danny miller (guitar/vocals) of the late
great widow babies (aaarrrgggghhhh, the band
has broken up!) called rare grooves that has
resulted in the rare grooves seven inch which
is now out on sounds are active:


- - - - -

"eye-gifts from pedro"


photos of my pedro town taken by
me usually at the crack of dawn

exhibit up until sunday, may 16
(I do radio show there that day)
at track 16 gallery
bergamot station
2525 michigan av., bldg. c1
santa monica, ca
(310) 264-4678







viva may day!



am in england now...

"without stimuli, in one form or another,
creative work is impossible, nor indeed the
spirit of kindliness and generosity."

- emma goldman

respect to comrade devin:









twfps - dos - tsigoti - tom/raul - tour spiel

dos 1990



a couple more days w/the may day
watt from pedro show w/jose ros +
kyoko hoshi in london at:


but tomorrow I do a "live" one (in
front of people) to close up the
"eye gifts from pedro" show of
the pictures I take of my town:


anyone can come, 1 - 4 pm,
sunday, may 16. 2525 michigan av., bldg. c1
santa monica, ca (310) 264-4678

- - - - -

tuesday me and k as dos



play w/my dear friends from italy tsigoti


at echo curio
1519 sunset bl.
echo park, ca
(213) 977-1279

and then me and my missingmen (raul + tom)
play w/them the next night (wednesday, may 19)
at que sera
1923 e. 7th st.
long beach, ca
(562) 599-6170

- - - - -

just back in my pedro town, I chimped tour spiel here:




(thanks bob)

trip on this!









I do "changing lives through jobs" benefit tonight w/tom+raul



mike watt + the missingmen

saturday, may 22 at 8 pm
(the gears play at six!)
rhino pop-up for chrysalis non-profit
changing lives through jobs benefit
at rhino records pop-up store
1740 westwood bl.
westwood, ca

- - - - -

the may 16, 2010 edition of the
watt from pedro show w/on-air
guests kristine mckenna and
bob branaman up now at:


- - - - -

look who was swimming alongside
my kayak this morning in the harbor:






new twfps up



the may 23, 2010 edition of the
watt from pedro show w/on-air
guests skipper jeff + his bro joe
along w/romee and twan is up at:


yeah, romee shows you our pedro town,
block by block... she's 'pert-near done!






venice tonight, long beach saturday


mike watt + the missingmen

only one more missingmen gig
after these two 'till autumn!

thursday, may 27 at 10:45 pm
at air conditioned
625 lincoln bl.
venice, ca
(310) 230-5343

saturday, may 29 at 10:30 pm
at di piazza's
5205 e. pacific coast highway
long beach, ca
(562) 498-2461






peak in bangkok and last missingmen 'til autumn



the may 30, 2010 edition of the
watt from pedro show w/guest peak
live from bangkok, thailand up
for another three days at:


- - - - -

last gig I have w/the missingmen until autumn!
saturday, june 5 at 9:30 pm
at the smell
247 s. main st. (enter in back)
los angeles, ca
(213) 625-4325
all ages!

- - - - -

I got to record w/joe boon + nels cline yesterday!





fdl novie night salon + new twfps



today (june seven) at five pm, san pedro
california time, go here:
http://firedoglake.com for "I need that
record" discussion w/maker brendan toller
and myself, info:

- - - - -

the june 6, 2010 edition of the
watt from pedro show w/on-air guest
christian eric beaulieu up now at:







happy bloomsday!



happy bloomsday!

I'm finishing my third opera ("hyphenated-man") w/bass brother tony
maimone at studio g in brooklyn now.

yeah, and it's raymond's bday too - I wish he was here!

on bass, watt









happy solstice! taiyo's longest work day.

the heat here in brooklyn is intense - not like my pedro town.

and buildings too high around me so I can't capture sunrise.

bass all done, three more days in studio for third opera...





benefit to get a good p.a. for pedro bands to use for pedro gigs!



mike watt + the secondmen

TONIGHT! friday, june 25 at 9 pm

benefit to get a good p.a. for pedro
bands to use for pedro gigs!

at harold's place
1908 s. pacific av.
san pedro, ca
(310) 832-5503
admission free
(benefit gets % of bar)





last gig w/the secondmen 'till autumn!






in france now...


I'm on tour now w/the stooges, thousands of miles away from my pedro

july 2 festival beauregard - herouville saint-clair, france
july 5 place du palais, monaco
july 7 l'olympia - paris, france
july 9 rock zottegem festival - zottegem, belgium
july 10 les deferlantes festival - argeles sur mer, france
july 12 les nuits d'istres festival - istres, france
july 14 les nuits de fourviere festival - lyon, france
july 16 fiera della musica festival - azzano decimo, italy
july 18 colours of ostrava festival - ostrava, czech republic
july 20 paleo festival - nyon, switzerland
july 21 big festival - biarritz, france

it is great honor to work bass for stooges, I try my hardest.

back home for a little bit in three weeks.

on bass, watt


the june 27, 2010 edition of the watt from
pedro show w/on-air guests peter distefano
+ twan plus #005 of the pinhead from asia
segment up now at:








in marseille now

rimbaud monument in marseille


bass brother tony maimone starts mixing
my third opera "hyphenated-man" at studio g
in brooklyn today. ganbatte for him.

I have first five gigs chimped in for tour
spiel here:


I did radio show last night here in
marseille, france. no guest, just man alone:


je sais les cieux crevant en éclairs, et les trombes
et les ressacs et les courants, je sais le soir,
l’aube exaltée ainsi qu’un peuple de colombes,
et j’ai vu quelquefois ce que l’homme a cru voir!

I know the skies splitting with lightning, and tornadoes
and the surf and currents, I know the evening,
dawn exalted like a flock of doves,
and I have seen what the man thought he saw!

from "the drunken boat" by arthur rimbaud

I took this shot this morning of jean amado's
rimbaud monument at sur les plages du prado:







in england now

jose ros in london


I was only in my pedro town for eight days and most of that was on the
deck, healing up from knee blowout I had at end of first song during
july twelve istres (france) stooges gig. fuck, it'd been twenty years
since the last one. even though I pedal and paddle much in last ten
years, I must realize I am not strong person. the healing is slow.

even worse was losing tony platon, my buddy for forty years... he was
a dear and righteous man in my life, 'pert-near all the way back when I
first came from virginia to pedro. it was in his sleep... all I know is
I miss him big time.

still on crutches, I'm in england now... in a few hours I play
knebworth for first of last string of overseas stooges gigs this
summer. it is great honor for me to work bass for them. I chimped up
all last month's gigs for tour spiel here:


oh, last week brother matt was very kind and brought me to his pad to
do a radio show:


there's a big long pinhead from asia segment (#006).

I have japan tour coming this fall:


huge thanks to the lite guys and kazuto-san.

here's my friend jose w/my immobilizer on. he came and visited me last







pictures of the tour

joe watt nels

tony and mike

pictures taken by mike watt

sunrise in San Pedro

sunset in cabourg

over new york city

in brooklyn

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