Michael Dean Odin Pollock




The rain comes down
i walk with head bowed
thinking of love lost and found
i am a peaceful warrior
though my days are numbered i make them
 count....the clouds part Mount Esja appears
in all her beauty...my spirit rises...i am ready to go
travel this world for a time...such terrible beauty...
ultimately beautyful....my heart swells...i become inspired..
filled with hope & love despite all...Have a Good Day Brothers n Sisters.




HoneyBoy Tell it Plays like it is...He is THE MAN!!!


The Man tell its like it...it aint how many notes its what notes you play...i have visited
and gigged with him a few times he is a Gem...Hats of the Honeyboy i will always dig that cat!!!!
Brother M




Nite Owl


e summer sun never sets in reykjavik
could scare the daylights out of a vampire
but i am just a nite owl just need a good tree
with pillows to nestle in my 24 hour store
knows me well i buy cheese , eggs , icecream all
hours of the nite we chat sometime about the nonweather
and price of beans and dreams of drinking coffee in ethiopia
champagne in paris  frog legs in kentucky it all freindly
sometimes were mildly stoned i wont squeal sometimes
we drink coffee and the girls tell me about their boyfreinds
interesting but at 4 a.m. im to lazy to proove i can do better
it might not even be true relationships are so crazy
i dont even want one but i do like the oriental students
in this univerity neighborhood they have such slant eyed cock eyed
ideas off kilter yet right on...well im gonna go to the store its 20 past 5 a.m.
then maybe i will go to sleep i hope i have good crazy dreams and hope you do too
this is a lively neighborhood even though its so quiet its full of eccentrics , students and ferenners
i cant here any birds singing i guess there sleeping or lay waiting worms we are all waiting for something sometime.
Michael Dean Odin Pollock