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Date: Sat, 20 Nov 2010 18:33:59 -0800

u.s. debut of my third opera tomorrow in west l.a.


good people,

I am back from japan tour - it was righteous! see tour spiel here:


now I get to do it in my land, first place is west l.a. TOMORROW
(november twentyone):

at liquid kitty
11780 w. pico bl.
los angeles, ca
(310) 473-3707

at 5:30 pm, I do it.

I will wear jinbei. it is special.

I also did radio show yesterday:


and played tunes from bands I got to do gigs w/in japan!

I am sorry for being behind w/some emails. I am slow learner pecker
motherfucker, please give mercy and email again so I can get that part

on bass, watt






Date: Fri, 26 Nov 2010 13:25:34 0800

from my friend chris schlarb + hellride tomorrow



I get to play w/perk and peter again tomorrow...


saturday, november 27 at 11 pm
at the central aid and social pleasure club
1348 14th st.
santa monica, ca
(310) 451-5040

come and see, I will blow it out...

...and I don't mean this damn knee again. by the way, I started
pedaling once more!

in a little while I'm doing another watt from pedro show at brother
matt's w/marty lyon and richard "fuckin'" bonney - should be up here:


some time this evening.

on bass, watt

p.s. from my friend chris schlarb:

On Wed, 24 Nov 2010 07:57:40 -0800, Chris Schlarb
chris@soundsareactive.com> wrote:
> Yesterday, the L.A. Times ran an article on my album Psychic Temple,
> to which you contributed an astounding bass solo. The article also
> mentions the fuzz on your bass.
> Here is the link:

please help him out if you're able. I thank you much.




Date: Thu, 2 Dec 2010 12:50:21 0800

I fly soon to parts colder than my pedro town...


soon I bail for airport...

mike watt + the missingmen

transatlantic debut of watt's third opera performed live!

saturday, december 4
at the nightmare before christmas 2010
minehead, england

floored by four

we play our entire first album

to celebrate yuka honda's fiftieth birthday!

monday, december 6
at (le) poisson rouge
158 bleecker st.
new york, ny
(212) 505-3474

I won't have 'puter w/me so no email 'til tuesday
night when I get back to my pedro town.

on jitensha, watt

p.s. forgot to mention the nov twentysix watt from pedro show
w/guests marty lyon, richard "fuckin'" bonney, thalia,
coco + julie up now at







Date: Fri, 17 Dec 2010 16:43:22 0800

we've lost our captain brother...


beatle bones and smokin' stones
the dry sands fall
the strawberry mouth strawberry moth strawberry caterpillar
strawberry butterfly strawberry fields
the winged eel slither on the heels of today's children
strawberry feels forever

yeah, roosters, ol' glass roosters, stick to your race
in a drag-queen, live-wood farmhouse
tractors are clawin' the folks are crawlin'
trees in a row climbing a coach and I blow rich
red, blue, yellow sunset
where I set and you set and I've loved and you've loved
and I've seen and you've seen

salt man has just made his mark - and crumbled
the dark - the light - the dark - the day
porcelain children see through white lights
soft-cracker bats, cheshire cats named
the dark - the light - the dark - the day

blue veins through gray-felt tomorrows
cellular sail-boat - ye ole feathered kind
blow it into a pond swayin' in circles
red, blue, yellow sunset
where I've set and you've set and I've loved and you've loved
what I saw and you saw
strawberry feels forever

- captain beefheart






Date: Mon, 20 Dec 2010 22:15:52 0800

I made it!



upside the head
was heard,
another lap
'round the sun:
# fiftythird

much respect for all the kind good wishes from you all!

special bday edition from brother matt's love grotto - the december 20,
2010 edition of the watt from pedro show w/on-air guests peak, sam dook
and laurie steelink up now at:









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