Peter Edler

here is the follow-up to the Declaration of Dissolution. It gives a picture of America after dissolution.

Peter Edler

Peter Edler


Post-Dissolution America


7 October 2024


Not surprisingly the three months since the signing of the Declaration of Dissolution have been turbulent. Even though the chaotic run-up to the event should have prepared us for what was to come, most of us, including myself, were caught napping.We were only vaguely aware that something big was in the works, but had no idea what.†† For once, the media didnít cover it up - they just didnít know.


In California the cessation of federal business and funding, most of it through Department of Defense contracts, combined with the dwindling of administrative functions, put at least a million people out of work overnight while denying them emergency status, supposedly for lack of funds. Three months after the fact, dissolving the United States looks like an arbitrary measure that is seriously hurting everybody. Such is the downside and itís a very steep cliff indeed, certainly in the short run. People are starving and desperate. No wonder there is rioting and looting in any urban area you care to mention.


Which raises the question of who is paying the former federal troops, the National Guard and various militias that are helping local police quell the ongoing uproar.Where does the money come from when federal funding supposedly has stopped? My guess is that most governors had some foreknowledge and time to prepare for these developments, so what we see now is a makeshift continuation of federal governance at state level. Certainly the forces of what used to be called law and order seem to be functioning with considerable if not admirable efficiency.


In the struggle for survival, smaller states, like Vermont, have a big advantage. At the time of dissolution Vermont already had a strong secession movement, commanding near 25 percent of the gubernatorial vote.Vermontís predominantly rural and small-town character also comes in handy, giving it basic agricultural self-sufficiency. Once air traffic has returned to normal, Vermont can expect a tremendous influx of tourism, especially to the small town of Windsor, where the Declaration of Dissolution was signed. Apparently, the newly independent Vermont is already negotiating to become a member of the League of Small Nations that includes Sweden, Finland and Norway, among others.


One of the most dramatic developments in

post-dissolution America is the effort now being made to form a loose conglomerate of states that looks very much like a resurrection of the Confederacy. The move is headed by Texas, also boasting a strong secession movement at the time of US dissolution. This may well be the shape of things to come: groups of states banding together in unions or confederacies based on their cultural and economic history and location.


Itís too early to tell, of course, but the Pacific states could become the backbone of a new socio-political construct that includes California, Nevada, Oregon and Washington.The New England states would make a natural new grouping on the northern Atlantic coast - once the dust has settled, say in a year or two. None of the former US states appears to have a desire to dissolve or change name, thus, at least temporarily, givinggovernors a status akin to presidents of independent nations.


Internet service, while still limited in places, is up and running again. I just read a post citing the implosion of the Soviet Union in 1991 as an example of a large nation rather easily surviving its own political demise. But we should remember that the Soviet empire embraced primarily agrarian republics in its vast eastern reaches. There, Moscow was always viewed as far away and essentially expendable. The transition to independence was natural and practical. In urbanized America today the challenges are fundamentally and drastically different.


Why the dollar still exists as a global currency is a bit of amystery. Again I believe that, prior to dissolving the United States, considerable plotting went on behind the scenes. The most likely scenario features China in the role of guarantor of the dollar as proxy for the yuan. Significantly, within weeks of US dissolution, the value of the yuan rose from 6 to 2 yuan to the dollar. How come this sudden increase in the value of Chinese currency did not instantly break or at least deflate the dollar as a global currency? Looks to me like the signatories to the Declaration of Dissolution are in cahoots with Chinese leadership. This makes sense when you consider that China was the worldís largest creditor and lender to the United States. Individual states may well have made deals, taking over at least portions of this debt. Thus, like Africa, America has been reduced to the role of a subsidiary, owned and operated by the parent company Beijing.


The Department of Defense seems reluctant to disband, the Pentagon turning into a sort of citadel in hostile territory. From what little information is availableonline we can guess that the dismantling of hundreds of US bases worldwide is proceeding at snailís pace, if at all. Assuming no more federal funds are being disseminated, again the question arises who and what is paying for their upkeep and the tens of thousands of troops stationed there. Might it be in Beijingís interest to keep the Pentagon alive? The collapse of the Soviet Union serves as an example: Given a choice at the time, would it not have been advantageous for the United States to keep the Soviet Union alive, as loyal opposition and guarantor of an immensely profitable Cold War?


So there is a lot of bad news.But even though there have been severe gas shortages and outrageous price hikes since the dissolution, we still have the dollar and it still buys gas at the pump. That is the good news. Just that the money that buys your gas happens to be Chinese.††


Ironically, America today is in a position that reminds of the situation in 1776. Instead of a despotic king tyrannizing the colonies, we are bound by the invisible shackles of money, forged by a foreign power. That, too, may be better news than it seems. It could provide the impetus for a fresh start toward Life and Liberty, a new beginning. Where once George Washington crossed the icy Delaware, America now must cross the poisonous Rubicon of financial manipulation and bondage!


How reassuring during this period of transmogrification to see the drones still flying and striking. Thatís one area in which nothing seems to have changed. We are still being watched. And whenever Americans are killed by drone attack, they are very likely to be terrorists, right? Wrong. After all, the Department of Homeland Security, the FBI, CIA, NIA and all the other federal agencies are all dead, defunct and gone these three months.Nobody left to label anybody else a terrorist. Except just maybe the Chinese.









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