The Poem That Wrote Me Today

by Hammond Guthrie


The Poem That Wrote Me Today

No need to travel as far as Tibet to find Buddha,
or sail across the Pacific to Japan to find Zen
as they are not lost deep within me

No need to hang out with Freud or Jung
to discover some Reichian Orgone-visibility
taking snap shot pictures in my soul

I certainly don't want to waste my time
"seeking" the essentials of enlightenment,
because I believe they cannot be "found"

I never leave this spaceship house of worship,
it follows me around wherever I go or don't
without an "I, me, or mine" to worry about

Everything unimaginable is just a breath away
distinctions no long necessary to "see" beyond
nor need for some passport blue, green or red

My etheric visa was stamped directly into my DNA
somewhere in the midwifery between this and that
with nothing at all and everything else in between.

Hammond Guthrie July 28 2010



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