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Date: Mon, 04 May 2009 05:35:40

It's Always A Loss

Hi Rinaldo,

I didn't know about the passing away of Michael Bowen. 
He was only ten years older than me, and I call that 
an untimely loss. I didn't know himm very well. 
We only changed a couple of mails after you put me on BSN, 
but I fell sorry for his family and hope they'll get 
along with that natural happening. Whether Michael 
went into the unseen or elswhere I can't judge. 
Buddhists believe the dying process comparable to 
the extinction of a flame. Where does light finally 
vanish to? Idle to think too much about it. 
Especially for your friend Michael ,
Bowen I dedicate 
my little work "Light Tranfer" (Lichttransfer) 
to him and send 
you some more pics too (Blechkiste / Tin Box 2009).

Light Tranfer
Especially for your friend Michael , Bowen I dedicate
"Lichttransfer" by Erni Baer 2008

"Blechkiste" by Erni Baer 2009

Date: Sun, 02 Aug 2009 12:00:36

Hi old friend in Italy, long time no read, isn't it?
Well, the long poem by Kerouac is great indeed.

I send you four knew things by me.

"Damaru" by Erni Baer 2009

"The Four Themed Precious Garland With Salt And Chololate" by Erni Baer 2009

"Soup For Left-Handed Persons" by Erni Ber 2009 Kopie

All best from

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