some selected screenshots from the michael's video

An urgent call for anyone who attended
the Human Be-In at the polo fields in
Golden Gate Park, San Francisco, January 14th 1967!

A video documentary is presently being
filmed that features interviews with
people who attended the Human Be-In.
The aim of the film will be to give a
background to this exceptional event which
heralded the 'Summer of Love' as it is now

Through the voices of people who were there
on the day, I intend to reveal
what became of some of this blooming generation.
Through individual stories we will get a
picture of what impression these times had on
the young of the time and what
has become of
them 40 years on...

You were a part of history then and a vital
part of the being here now.

This documentary is being produced by myself,
Neville Powis from England, a
former international radio producer for
Radio Netherlands as well as BBC,
turned independent video
documentary maker. I am presently based
in northern Thailand and am working
in conjunction

with the Beat artist, Michael Bowen, who
was mostly responsible for
arranging the Human Be-In

and will also feature in this historic

If you were there on that definitive day
in history, I want to hear from

Please get directly in touch with me


Michael F. Bowen by Marlena Donohue....
Press release: Michael Bowen art www.beatscene.com In the history of arts, letters, culture
(and anti culture) there are always individuals who?through some serendipitous
combination of vision, charisma, timing, sheer focus of intent--
take their place not so much as textbook names on the tips of our tongues,
but rather as important pollinators; keepers of the keys, if you will,
for the unique spirit of their epoch. Pissarro is not on the tip of our tongue and yet
he mentored the renowned Cezanne, interfaced between Theo and Vincent Van Gogh,
and traveled with Monet abroad. If these creative conduits are sufficiently gifted and
tenacious, they are the ones who endure the vagaries of fads and are still honing their skills,
and refining their art long after their school of thought/action is deemed passé.
Some thirty years after the heady days of Beat,
Michael Bowen?s art continues to touch us, to hold its place.

thanks alot michael!

Ett samtal med Michael Bowen. Text & foto av Carl Abrahamsson.
Artist Michael Bowen interviewed 23 november 2006

Beat Generation Michael Bowen 2006

Michael Bowen interviewed by Collin Lars

Collin Lars

Michael Bowen

05 April 1967 Kiva, Straight Theater, Church of One, Family Dog and Diggers [Communication Company Meeting]
just something I found of the straight theater. I think mcclure and ohers used it before it was torn down

page provides details of the various Straight Theater shows and events Straight Theater Shows [Communication Company commentary:] Remember the Love Circus? Remember love for $3.50? Remember the Banana Rantra? Remember goons punching our people to the ground? Remember those hoods Michael Bowen threw out of the Psyche Shop? Remember North Beach gangsters trying to cash in on your scene? Remember the Mafia?

Ricordando l’11 Settembre con la Beat Generation

Michael Bowen, 11 september 2003

Ideata dalla Phoenix Media e dalla statunitense Blue Marlin Partners e organizzata dal Centro Artistico «Il Grattacielo» in collaborazione con il Comune di Livorno, La casa del teatro, il CEL e la Pro Loco, nei giorni 10, 11 e 12 settembre si terrà la manifestazione : «L’11 Settembre : la Beat Generation e Jack Kerouac». Un avvenimento clamoroso - come lo ha definito il direttore del Centro Artistico Augusto Spalletti - che ha lo scopo di commemorare l’11 settembre in modo diverso dal solito, in quanto la Beat Generation è stata la prima a parlare apertamente del problema della pace negli Stati Uniti, dove accanto all’imperialismo economico esiste anche una vivacissima cultura alternativa. La Beat Generation non è stata solo Jack Kerouac, ma è stata anche musica, arti figurative, cinema, tutti questi segmenti - ha continuato Spalletti - saranno collegati tra loro in un quadro d’insieme molto particolare, si partirà il 10 settembre dalla Stazione Marittima con l’inaugurazione della personale di Michael Bowen e dalla mostra fotografica curata da Maria Grazia Sanfelice relativa al viaggio Hit the road Jack !! compiuto da Luca Centoni e Michela Carotidella Phoenix Media, quindi, alla sera, al Cinema Quattro Mori si terrà la proiezione del film 11/9. Il giorno 11 nella sala LEM, alle ore 16, si terrà invece una conferenza su Kerouac e la Beat Generation di cui saranno relatori Gerald Nicosia, Allen Cohen, Michael Bowen, Francesca Duranti, Algerina Neri e Antonella Capitanio. Il giorno 12 a partire dalle ore 9, alla Terrazza Mascagni, Michael Bowen dipingerà di fronte al mare una tela di dieci metri per tre e proporrà di far partecipare alla realizzazione del quadro tutti coloro che vorranno aggiungervi dei particolari pittorici. Alle 21 ai “Quattro Mori” verrà presentato l’ultimo documentario di Luca Centoni : «Movie Blues’n Bop» e verranno letti alcuni brani di Kerouac da parte degli attori del Centro Artistico «Il Grattacielo» a cui seguirà una performance musicale. La manifestazione è aperta gratuitamente a tutti i cittadini. Gi.Gi.