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Here's the info for the upcoming performances
this summer of "Symphony No.13 (Hallucination
City)" for 80 guitars, 20 basses and drums. .

The first show will be in Rome sponsored by
Fondazione Musica Per Roma.
The performance will be on June 30 at
Auditorium Parco Della Musica at 21:00.
There will be two rehearsals at the Teatro
Studio Hall on June 28 and 29 from 11:00 to
21:00 on both days. And a sound check in the
Auditorium from 16:00 to 20:00 on the day of
the concert.


The second show will be in Dublin sponsored
by Note Productions. The performance will be
on July 15 at Grand Canal Square. There will
be two rehearsals on July 13 and 14 from 11:00
to 21:00 on both days.
And a sound check at the performance site on
the day of the show.


Food and drink will be provided for all
musicians on all days. Each musician will
need to know his/her part (but you don't need
to memorize it).
You'll need to bring a guitar and amp (a
medium sized amp would be best). It will
also be necessary to restring your guitar for
the tuning. Basses will not need to be
restrung OR retuned. And I will have a
serious quantity of replacement strings on

The parts are in staff notation and the
ability to follow a part measure by measure
is essential. If you're not used to working
with staff notation the piece will be too
difficult. The playing technique includes
plenty of double-strumming and downstroke
You should also be at least somewhat familiar
with my music which is not conventional in any

Complete detailed instructions will come with
the parts. I will be happy to answer any
questions you have about the parts when you
get them.
The show will be conducted by John Myers with
Virgil Moorefield on drums. My wife, Reg
Bloor, is the concertmaster and will also be
sending out the parts to your email address
as pdf files.

If you want to do either or both of these
shows you must e-mail your postal mailing
address and telephone number to Reg Bloor:
dthetncrkr@earthlink.net (please note whether
you play BASS or GUITAR and which show(s) you
want to do.)

It will be necessary for all musicians to
attend all rehearsals and performances. It
is not possible to pay such a large number of
people, so you'll have to do the gig for
free. It is also not possible to help with
transport, accommodations or equipment

The original version of Symphony No. 13
premiered at the former WTC on June 13,
2001. The revised version, in four
movements, premiered at the Kasser Theater at
Montclair St. University on Feb. 4, 2006.
Since then the piece has been performed at
Disney Concert Hall in LA as part of
Minimalist Jukebox sponsored by the LA
Philharmonic and in Belgium sponsored by
Champ d'Action.

If you know anyone else who you think might
want to do the gig I still need some more

Thank You, Glenn Branca

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