announcing the release of
 Ron Whitehead and SOUTHSIDE's new
 WE ARE THE STORM double cd

30 tracks
recorded one night all one take no rehearsal
recorded mixed mastered by Kevin Ratterman at his Funeral Home Studio
available earX-tacy records Bardstown Road Louisville Kentucky
WE ARE THE STORM dedicated to Hunter S. Thompson & The Storm Generation
(note: all texts correct. the plant somehow reversed cd1 and cd2)
Disc 1
1. Joy & Sorrow
2. Home
3. Little Wing/Purple Haze/The Storm Generation Manifesto
4. Song For You
5. 4U (Flaming Hearts)
6. Raymond
7. I Walk These Hills
8. The Old Witch
9. If I Could Start Again
10. Worth Dyin For
11. Poncho and Lefty
12. Angel From Montgomery
13. It's A Shame
14. She Called Me The Storm
Disc 2
1. Joy & Sorrow II
2. Play That Funky Music White Boy
3. Sunshine of Your Love
4. What's Love Got To Do With It
5. Dead Flowers
6. White Rabbit
7. You Ain't Goin Nowhere
8. Blinded By Rainbows
9. All Along The Watchtower/What World We Have Born Ourselves Into
10. Champagne & Reefer
11. Epitaph
12. Punks Ain't Dead
13. My Old Kentucky Home
14. Mr. Bojangles
15. Knockin On Heaven's Door
16. Great Spirit
(c)(p) 2008 Ron Whitehead and SOUTHSIDE
Scott Mertz (vocals/guitar/harmonica)
Sarah Elizabeth (vocals/guitar)
Andy Cook (percussion/drums/didgeridoo)
Kelly Render Wilkinson (vocals/guitar)
Lightnin Luke Powers (electric guitar/vocals/harmonica)
Yoruba Kikiloma-Mason (vocals)
LIsa K (vocals/guitar)
Lee Troutman (guitar/vocals)
Tyrone Cotton (guitar/vocals)
Dustin Boeh (electric bass)
April Flynn (fiddle/violin)
Michael Dean Odin Pollock (electric guitar/vocals)
Rebekah Trigg (bellydancer)
Iris (bellydancer)
Rani Newman (vocals)
James Vaughn (cello)
Austin Oilfield (electric bass)
Ron Whitehead (vocals)
Honorary Members: Frank Messina, Joe Pasquale, Colin Shaddick, Olafur Gunnarsson
Filmmaker: Helina Berryman
Photographers: Jen Burks, Helina Berryman
Webmaster: Marcus Maraldo
Attorney: Kyle Anne Citrynell
Physician: Nanine Henderson
Red wine sponsors: Fetzer and Franzia
Tour bus driver: Lisa Sullivan
Graphic artist: Pip Pullen
Graphic designer and bus mechanic: Sarah Elizabeth
Baby on the way: Stone
Official seamstress: Rebekah Trigg
Official tattoo artist: Lisa K (All The Way)
Produced by Ron Whitehead
a Published in Heaven Audio release for The Global Literary Renaissance
We are the fucking storm!!!
Front cover photo by Jen Burks.
Graphic art and design by Pip Pullen and Sarah Elizabeth.
Special Thanks to J.B. Wilson and Karla Diehl (ART ECOLOGY) for helping to make
this project possible.

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

Veocilty: How do I know when I've found my soulmate?
Ron: I believe we can have more than one soulmate. What does it mean to find
to have a soulmate? What does soulmate mean? A soulmate is a person you
feel completely connected with, someone you know you've known since the beginning of time. I believe in reincarnation. I've had way too many mystically spiritual experiences to deny the fact of reincarnation. Everyone we encounter in our present lifetime has a previous life connection with us. We have lived many lives. In every lifetime we have fallen in love at least once with someone we considered to be our soulmate. In this lifetime I have come to love five women, five soulmates. And I have had and have dear dear friends who I feel are soulmates too. I have unconditional love for them. I would take twenty bullets for them. I will give any and all of them the shirt off my back. I've given some of them the shirt off my back. We choose to reincarnate in order to grow our souls. Life is a blessed, and temporary, gift. Cherish it. Find all the soulmates you can possibly find. Have unconditional love for them. And if you hurt each other well learn to forgive. Forgiveness is amazing grace. Resentment is a ball and chain round your own ankle holding you back. Let go of resentments. Forgive. Love unconditionally. Open your heart and your soulmates will find you, you will find them. I love you. Have fun.

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

JazzTimes, S= eptember 2008

By David Amram (Paradigm Publis= hers)
Whether playing French horn in jazz settings, writing for the Ne= w York Philharmonic or jamming on pennywhistle and flutes in dozens of coun= tires, David Amram has seeming encountered everyone in music over the past = 60 years.  At one point in Upbeat, Amram writes of being stra= nded in London while waiting for a flight to Kenya.  =93I was so wreck= ed I couldn=92t sleep, so I called up Andre Previn.  Then I called up = my cousin, Robert Amram; writers Fran and Jay Landsman; music journalist Ma= rk Gardner; a Charlie Parker scholar and champion of jazz, French horn virt= uoso Barry Tuckwell; and singers Annie Ross and Georgia Brown.=94
<= FONT face=3DGeneva color=3D#000000 size=3D3 FAMILY=3D"SANSSERIF"> 
Sinc= e Amram has already written his memoirs (Vibrations), Upbeat is an episodic r= emembrance of a variety of colorful, surprising events from his long career; all of it rings true, even the most remarkabl= e stories.  Starting with an ad-libbed jam session at an airport in In= dia that saves the day, Amram discusses an extensive party that celebrated = the late Hunter S. Thompson, his lengthy visit to Kenya, visiting Cuba with= Dizzy Gillespie in 1977, the legacy of Jack Kerouac, an exploration of Nat= ive American music, his disastrous (but often hilarious) experience working= on a Broadway show that bombed, and how he makes up rhyming lyrics on the = spot during concerts, definitely an unusual skill for a classical conductor= .<= BR> 
Throughout this very colorful book, Amram somehow remembers hundreds= of conversations and incidents.  While he displays a vast knowledge of music, he makes eve= rything seem not only accessible but also irresistible.  All kinds of = unexpected characters pass through these tales, including guest appearances= from the likes of Ray Barretto, Leonard Bernstein, Johnny Depp, Bob Dylan,= Sir James Galway, actress Janet Gaynor, Charles Mingus, Parker and George = McGovern.  Amram has clearly been a musical genius since the 1950=92s,= and through his enthusiasm for all varieties of sound (he was one of the v= ery first Western artists to become skilled at various forms of world music= from Asia, Africa, and South America), he makes it all sound logical and e= ffortless.    He celebrates  his famous acquaintances w= ithout bragging about his own abilities, and he constantly displays a wide-= eyed wonder about music as a universal language. 
 <= FONT face=3DGeneva color=3D#000000 size=3D2 FAMILY=3D"SANSSERIF">
While al= l the stories can leave one dazed, after one gets used to the fact that
= Amram is a citizen of the world, who can improvise (either musically of ver= bally) in any setting,
Upbeat is a delight.
Scott Yanow

<= /DIV>

Psssst...Have you heard the news? = There's a new fashion blog, plus the latest fall trends and hair styles at =
( 014)

From: joseph manning <>
Date: Friday, September 5, 2008, 11:03 AM
what happened to our right to peacefully assemble and protest?!

From: Brother Kevin <>
Subject: Welcome to the Ministry
Date: Monday, September 1, 2008, 9:28 PM

Dear Rev. Whitehead ,

This is to confirm that

Ron Whitehead

1520 Cherokee Rd Apt 10

Louisville KY 40205-1134    

has been ordained as a minister of the
Universal Life Church, Modesto, California.

Date of Ordination: 09/01/08 
by Kevin Andrews, Pastor

Your request for ordination has been processed and submitted to the Universal
Life Church Headquarters in Modesto, California for recording.
Please retain the above date of ordination for your records, as you may need
this information in the future to fill out the various forms of the clergy.   
If you were ordained previously, the above date will constitute a valid date
upon which you were RE-ordained.   Ordination is for life, without price, and
without question of your specific beliefs.    You do not need to pay any tithe,
donation, or offering of any kind, now or in the future.

Please note that you have NOT been ordained "by Internet" or
"online."    The Universal Life Church is a "regularly
established church or congregation" and all ordinations are done as the
deliberate, thoughtful, and responsible act of a human being, not by a computer.
  As is the case with nearly every church, organization and business, the ULC
makes use of the Internet and email for administrative communications, but the
ordination itself is not done online and should not be referred to as such.  
Also, it is important to note that you did not ordain yourself.

The church holds regular meetings every Sunday morning in Modesto, and has
congregations in all 50 states of the USA as well as countries throughout the
world.   Upon ordination, you are a minister of the church in Modesto, though
you may establish a separate congregation or join an existing local group if you
choose to do so.  ULC does not require you to relinquish your membership or
participation in any other church or organization, as the ULC doctrine is not in
conflict with any peaceful belief system.

Universal Life Church ordination is not limited to the officiation of marriage.
 This is an important distinction, as in some jurisdictions, ministers who are
ordained for the sole purpose of officiating marriage are not authorized by the
state to officiate marriage in those jurisdictions. As a minister, you are
authorized by the church to perform all peaceful rites and ceremonies of the
church, including weddings, funerals, baptisms, blessings, and to preach,  teach
and hold meetings.  Prior to conducting any civil ceremony (such as marriage),
you should know and comply with the laws pertaining to your area of

You are entitled to all privileges and courtesies normally offered to members
of the clergy.

Your commitment is to always do the right thing.  It is your responsibility to
peacefully and sincerely determine the right course of action, and to avoid
infringing on the rights of others.  You alone are responsible for your  actions
as a minister.

If you have not already done so, you may subscribe to our online ULC Newsletter

We have an online discussion forum where ULC ministers meet to engage in fun
and interesting communication.  You are welcome to join in.   You'll find it

You may also choose to have yourself listed in our online directory. Please
note that only those who have asked to be listed in the directory are included
(not all ministers). The directory enables ULC folks to find one another, and is
also a useful resource for people looking for a ULC minister in their area to
perform ministerial services, but it is not a record of ordination.   You will
find the directory at

We value and respect your privacy.   Your name and other information will not
be made public on any listing unless you specifically ask to be listed this way.
 We will never furnish your information to any outside agency, or allow it to be
used for any unrelated purpose.

It is not a piece of paper which makes you a minister.  However, many people
wish to have a certificate, wallet card, or other record of their status as a
minister.   Such items are particularly useful to those who wish to perform
marriages as part of their ministry.  It can serve to reassure the bride and
groom (or their parents!) that the minister has been ordained.

Many ministers like to provide couples they marry with an authentic Universal
Life Church Marriage Certificate for them to include among their wedding
keepsakes.  Others just want to have a professionally printed certificate as a
permanent record of their ordination.  With this in mind, we offer an assortment
of Clergy Packages to help you get started quickly and easily in your ministry. 
These packages contain documents, literature, and helps for various situations. 
Please understand however, that you are not required or expected to purchase
anything, and these items are not necessary for you to have an effective and
meaningful ministry.

To order one of these packages visit our web site:

You may place your order online for quick delivery,  even if you prefer to mail
your payment.  At "checkout" you will have the option to print your
order ready to mail.   Or just write down your order number if you don't
have a printer.

Send all mail orders to:

Universal Life Bookstore
PO Box 1034
Folsom, CA 95763-1034

You may also contact us toll-free at 888-852-8632 (888-ULC-TODAY)

Best wishes in your ministry!

With warm regards,

Kevin Andrews, Pastor
Universal Life Church Online 

Hello friends!

check out the new site and let me know what you think.
let me know if you find any glitches.

Take care,

Karla Diehl
T: 502.690.2311
F: 502.290.5320

Hello friends!

Just put up a short video presentation for ART ECOLOGY.

Click on myspace or youtube
to check it out.

Take care,

Karla Diehl
T: 502.690.2311
F: 502.290.5320

hello family and friends!!
please open attachment to read/see your postcard invite
to City of Louisville FiveOTwo
unveiling of Ron's new City of Louisville commissioned poem poster.
event taking place at Gill Holland's new Green Building on East Market Street
september 27th 5to9pm.
SOUTHSIDE performing. 
hope to see you there!
p.s. you'll also be receiving hard copy in mail.
p.p.s. advance copies of SOUTHSIDE's new WE ARE THE STORM double cd and
SOUTHSIDE DOES LIVE LUNCH will be available.


Velocity: My relationship has gone cold. I want to have sex several times a week but my
wife has no interest. We're great in every other way but not in the bedroom and it doesn't
matter how often I tell her I'm not satisfied. What do you suggest? I hate to end it but do I have to?
Ron: When I was floating in Mama's womb I kept asking her how much longer before I get outta here so I can find me a good lookin woman to fall in love and make love with. I understand your frustration. Individual sexual appetites are ever changing but some of us are naturally higher sexed than others, and that's nothing against the others. I have non-stop sexual creative fire energies. I was in a marriage, for years, in which sex was rare cause of my wife's personal conflicts. What made matters worse was that I'd been diagnosed with chronic prostatitis, a painful illness that can lead to prostate cancer and death. My doctor told me that one of the best cures was to have orgasms as often as possible, several times per week. So, obviously, I had to masturbate. I'm not knocking masturbation but it's ten times better to at least mutually masturbate with someone you love.
I suggest that you and your wife have a completely no holds barred open honest conversation regarding both of your sexual needs and desires. If she still refuses to have anything to do with you sexually maybe she'll be okay with you having a separate sexual partner (I doubt it). No matter how well the two of you get along I know how frustrating it is for a highly sexual person to be in a low or no-sex marriage. It can drive you crazy. There is someone out there who you can have a fulfilling relationship with, including frequent passionate sex. Remember, be open, honest, direct, and never give up.
Ron Whitehead
wildass outlaw poet
the highlands

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

hello folks! check out updates
which include front cover of The Storm Generation streetzine (color cover art
by Kari Gridley),
Master Musicians of Joujouka/Morocco photo Slide Show (attended by longtime friend and fellow SOUTHSIDE member Iceland's Michael Pollock, produced by Frank Rynne),
Argentina's Maria Ines Mogaburu's Spanish translations of Ron poems,
plus new Helina Berryman videos,
plus The Storm Generation streetzine hits the streets tonight. it's kickass beautiful.
plus check out Art Ecology, Art Ecology and The Storm Generation have joined forces. i'll be teaching 5 classes for them this fall. plus they'll
be promoting my work, and the work of several other usa & europe artists, round the world.
and. the Five O Two Louisville poem poster/postcard project is well under way. 14 artists have contributed work (photos, drawings, paintings) which are being published, via poster & postcard & more, with my poem. the unveiling of the new work will take place september 27th 5-9pm at Gill Holland's new Green Building on East Market Street in Louisville. SOUTHSIDE will perform. this gonna be huge event!!!
plus check out SOUTHSIDE's new website,, created by our webmaster Marcus Maraldo.
three (3) new SOUTHSIDE cds will be released October 7th. we're recording this month with Kevin Ratterman at his Funeral Home Studio.
SOUTHSIDE will be doing several October shows in Reykjavik Iceland during the AIRWAVES Festival. and Nicaragua shows in February at world's largest poetry festival.
everybody please purchase a copy of William McKeen's new Hunter bio,
OUTLAW JOURNALIST: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson (W.W.Norton).
it is The Best Hunter bio ever!!!!!!!
plus August 28th & 29th i hope you can attend 2 Benefit Concerts for my dear friend Debi Coombs who lost a foot and is still in semi-coma as result of motorcycle accident. music/bands/bellydancing/trunk show. @ The Rudyard Kipling, 422 W. Oak Street. 28th event starts 6:30pm, 29th starts 7pm. all ages. donation of $10. i'll read on 28th. for more info email
much more news on these and other amazing new projects soon.
thanks for tuning in!!!!!!!
and remember: 4th Hangoutology Happening is saturday august 30th 9pm.
hope to see you here or somewhere anywhere soon!
your friend
The Storm Generation and international hangoutology headquarters

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

Ron Whitehead

the full Lousiville poster

hello family and friends!!! here's special sneak preview of just completed
City of Louisville commissioned Ron poem. this is the most beautiful poster i've ever seen!!! Pip Pullen did the most amazing graphics job designing the poster.
i'm way beyond grateful thankful to Brett Jeffreys & Pip Pullen & everybody at
Five O Two who had anything to do with this. and i give my deep hearted thanks to Kyle Anne Citrynell for opening the door for this to happen. big hug thanks to the 14 artists who contributed work for the poster!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
there's going to big event unveiling happening september 27th 5 to 9pm at Gill Holland's Green Building on East Market. it'll also be grand opening for The Green Building. SOUTHSIDE gonna perform.
all of you will receive invites. i'll be emailing and snail mailing invites real soon.
it's open to public so please spread the word.
big hugs to all of you.
your friend forever
wildass outlaw poet

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

--- On Tue, 8/19/08, Pip Pullen <> wrote:
From: Pip Pullen <>
Subject: Behold
To: "Ron Whitehead" <>
Cc: "Brett Jeffreys" <>
Date: Tuesday, August 19, 2008, 10:09 AM

Pullen and Jeffreys approved. Now needs the blessing of Whitehead.

Pip Pullen
Director of Account Planning

x. 272
502.533.9100 (m)

announcing the release of
God's Open Nerve, We Are The Fucking Storm
volume 1 issue 2
August 2008
52 pages
includes prose, poetry, photographs, paintings, graphics, announcements
available on Bardstown Road ( earX-tacy records , Wild n Wooly video, Carmichael's books ), the streets of Louisville , and round the world. soon available on new website. 
produced by The Storm Generation member Helina Marie Berryman and co-founder (w/Iceland's Olafur Gunnarsson) Ron Whitehead
2nd issue includes work by 36 contributors from round the world: Kari Gridley (North Carolina), Steve Dalachinsky (New York), Michael Dean Odin Pollock (Iceland/Kentucky), Charlie Newman (Illinois), Gui Sedley Stuart (Kentucky), Gidget Tincher (Kentucky), Sean Callahan (Ireland), Colin Shaddick (England), Andy Cook (Kentucky), Birgitta Jonsdottir (Iceland), Robert M. Zoschke (Wisconsin), Maria Ines Mogaburu (Argentina), Jen Burks (Kentucky), Marcus Maraldo (Kentucky), Olafur Gunnarsson (Iceland), Elizabeth Jasper (Mississippi), Sherman Etherton (Indiana), Jake Boone (Kentucky), Lisa Sullivan (Kentucky), John Joseph Petrolino III (New Jersey), Lee Troutman (Kentucky), Lance Detrick (Kentucky), Divinity Rose (Kentucky), Johanna Hjalmtysdottir (Iceland), Kara Hockenbury (Kentucky), Piper Robbins (California), Rani Newman (Kentucky), William McKeen (Florida), His Holiness The Dalai Lama (India), J.B. Wilson (Kentucky), Helina Marie Berryman (Kentucky), Ron Whitehead (Kentucky) 
for more info and to submit creative work and/or event announcements please contact
The Storm Generation
if you live outside Louisville, Kentucky and you'd like to receive a copy
for usa please send $5 and for overseas please send $15 to
Helina Berryman
The Storm Generation International Headquarters
1520 Cherokee Road #10
Louisville, Kentucky 40205
Special Thanks to J.B. Wilson, Karla Diehl & Art Ecology for helping to make this project possible!!!
Check out Ron Whitehead's 5 Art Ecology Classes he's teaching this fall. 

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

to sign up for Ron Whitehead's fall Art Ecology classes go to School Section
enrollment in all classes is limited so sign up asap.
#1 of Ron's 5 Art Ecology Fall Session Classes
Tuesday/1st Class
The main purpose of this class is to introduce and examine in detail, via lecture group discussion and reading, the history the lives the early primary works of the central figures of The Beat Generation. Despite continued resistance from academia's old guard, The Beat Generation is coming to be recognized as the most important group of writers and poets in the history of the USA more often than not compared to the British Romantics. The Beat misfits and outlaws will be more acclaimed than even the Romantics cause of the broad scope of their international cultural impacting influence. In this course a close look will be taken at the lives and works of Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Neal Cassady, Herbert Huncke, Gregory Corso, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, and others placing them in the historical and literary context of 20th and 21st Century American Literature and Culture.
The required texts for this course are Allen Ginsberg's HOWL AND OTHER POEMS, Jack Kerouac's ON THE ROAD, William S. Burroughs' NAKED LUNCH, Gregory Corso's GASOLINE, Neal Cassady's THE FIRST THIRD, Herbert Huncke's GUILTY OF EVERYTHING, Lawrence Ferlinghetti's PICTURES OF THE GONE WORLD & A CONEY ISLAND OF THE MIND, John Tytell's NAKED ANGELS, and Carolyn Cassady's OFF THE ROAD.
Ron Whitehead worked and works with most original members of The Beat Generation. He is the main person keeping The Beat Flame Alive.
In Art Ecology's Winter Session  Ron will teach The Beat Generation: middle years and
in the Spring Session he'll teach The Beat Generation: later years.

#2 of Ron's 5 Art Ecology Fall Session Classes
Tuesday/2nd Class
HUNTER S. THOMPSON: class 1 of 2
The main purpose of this class is to introduce and examine in detail, via lecture group discussion and reading, the life the times the early primary works of Louisville native son Hunter S. Thompson. Like The Beat Generation, who he was closely connected with, despite continued resistance from academia's old guard, Hunter S. Thompson, the originator of Gonzo Journalism, is coming to be recognized as one the most important writers in the history of the USA. In this course we will take a close look at the early life and times and primary works of Hunter S. Thompson placing him/his work in the historical and literary context of 20th & 21st Century American Literature and Culture.
"Hunter S. Thompson detonated a two-ton bomb under the staid field of journalism with his early magazine pieces and revelatory FEAR AND LOATHING IN LAS VEGAS and FEAR AND LOATHING campaign coverage in ROLLING STONE...When Thompson was on, there was no one better at capturing who Americans were and what America was, be it in politics, at the Kentucky Derby, or in the Hell's Angels lair."
Hunter S. Thompson and Ron Whitehead were friends. Ron produced The Official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute at Memorial Auditorium in Hunter's hometown of Louisville.
The required texts for this course are HELL'S ANGELS, FEAR and LOATHING in LAS VEGAS, FEAR and LOATHING on THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL, and William McKeen's OUTLAW JOURNALIST: The Life and Times of Hunter S. Thompson. Earlier works like "The Kentucky Derby is Decadent and Depraved" will also be read and discussed.
In Art Ecology's Winter Session Ron will teach HUNTER S. THOMPSON (class 2 of 2): the later years.
According to Douglas Brinkley, Hunter S. Thompson only praised other writers 4 times.
Here's his praise of Ron Whitehead:

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson

#3 of Ron's 5 Art Ecology Fall Session Classes
Tuesday/Thursday 3rd Class
Journey of Self Discovery, The Alchemy of Writing
Part 1: Tapping My Own Phone, The Art of Listening, and Writing.
Writing Process, from finding your voice to getting published.
Ron Whitehead teaches writing like nobody else on earth teaches writing.
By diving head first into Ron's holistic alchemical river of fire you and your
writing will never be the same. The main purpose of this workshop is to
introduce you to yourself and to your soon to be birthed brilliant writings.
You will be challenged like never before. You will be amazed by your growth
as a writer and as a person. Each writer will present new work and have that
work critiqued, in a constructive manner, in/during class. Ron will present
his Crossing The River of Fire method of writing, performing, and getting
Enrollment is limited so sign up now.
Ron Whitehead is the author of 19 books and has work on 25 cds. Thousands
of his poems, stories, articles, essays have been published in all print mediums
round over the world. Ron has edited over 1,000 titles. He has published 700 titles.
He has taught college/university English/Literature/Humanities/Writing for 17 years. He has lead Writing Workshops throughout Europe and the USA. Ron's Testimonials reveal the praise he receives from leading cultural figures.
In Art Ecology's Winter Session Ron will lead an Advanced Writing Workshop on
Book Organization, Editing, Printing, Publishing, Performing, Marketing
#4 of Ron's 5 Art Ecology Fall Session Classes
Thursday/1st Class
KNUT HAMSUN: Progenitor of Modernism
The main purpose of this class is to introduce and examine in detail, via lecture group discussion and reading, the life the times the primary works of Nobel Prize Winner Norwegian Knut Hamsun. With the 1890 publication of his first person narrative HUNGER, the first modern novel, Hamsun turned the European and American writing worlds upside down. He had dramatic influence on Henrik Ibsen, Ernest Hemingway, Hermann Hesse, Henry Miller, and John Updike, to name only a few. After World War II Hamsun was imprisoned and psychoanalyzed for supporting the Germans. Hamsun is a powerfully original voice in the literature of introspection. Before Freud there was Hamsun.
"There is an old saying: Nature has many secrets. For nervous, inquisitive and attentive people of our time, fewer and fewer of nature's secrets remain hidden; one by one they are brought forth for observation or recognition. In more and more people who live an intense, contemplative life and who have in addition a sensitive disposition, there often occur the strangest intellectual activities. There can be completely inexplicable states of perception; a speechless rapture for no reason, a gasp of physical pain; a sensation of being spoken to from the distance, from the air, from the sea; a gruesome, sensitive ear which causes one to suffer even from the sighing of suspected atoms; a sudden, unnatural movement into closed regions which are opened up; the apprehension of an impending danger in the midst of a moment free from sorrow, - all phenomena which have the very greatest significance, but which a coarse and simple marketplace mentality cannot comprehend. They are often too transitory to be grasped and held securely, they last a second, a minute, they come and go like flashes; but they leave a mark, make an impression before they disappear. And from these almost imperceptible mimosa-like movements in the soul, in individuals with the necessary susceptibility there can arise thoughts which finally break out in decisions and deeds the day that the mimosa sprouts leaves."
           Knut Hamsun, from "On The Unconcsious Life of The Mind"
In this course we will take a close look at the life and times and primary works of Knut Hamsun placing him/his work in the historical and literary context of 19th 20th & 21st Century American Literature and Culture.
For the past two decades, Ron Whitehead has taught, presented papers, and had papers published on Hamsun (& Scandinavian Literature/Art/Culture).
The required texts for this course are HUNGER, MYSTERIES, PAN, VICTORIA, GROWTH OF THE SOIL, and WAYFARERS. 

#5 of Ron's 5 Art Ecology Fall Session Classes
Thursday/2nd Class
RON WHITEHEAD: King of The Underground, Keeping The Beat Flame Alive, Birthed (with Olafur Gunnarsson/Iceland's leading novelist) The Storm Generation
The main purpose of this class is to introduce and examine in detail, via lecture group discussion and reading, the life the times the primary works of Nobel Prize nominated Ron Whitehead. It's rare to have the opportunity to take a class on a living author taught by the author himself. Ron Whitehead is the author of 19 books. He has work on 25 cds. Thousands of his poems, stories, songs, articles, essays, and other writings have appeared in publications round the globe. He has edited over 1,000 titles, published 700 titles, and produced 2,000 music and poetry events throughout the world. He recently retired from editing/publishing/organizing producing events. His work has been praised by a pantheon of literary, music, art, film, and other cultural leaders. To read some of that praise please go to the Testimonials Section.  
In this course we will take a close look at the life and times and primary works of Ron Whitehead placing him/his work in the historical and literary context of 20th & 21st Century American Literature and Culture.

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

Here are notes on Ron Whitehead's Art Ecology Winter & Spring Session Classes:
Advanced Writing: Organizing Editing Printing Publishing Performing Promoting your own Books and CDs
Hunter S. Thompson, Part 2 of 2, picks up right after FEAR AND LOATHING ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL and goes to Hunter's suicide plus travels to now.
The Beat Generation, middle years, Part 2 of 3. Part 3 will be taught Spring Session.
PUNKS AIN'T DEAD: Punk Poetry Prose. Icelander Michael Dean Odin Pollock and Ron Whitehead co-teach a class on The History of Punk Music showing the interconnections with poetry and prose.
individual classes on Hermann Hesse, Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Edvard Munch, Bob Dylan & more
plus class on The Human Condition
stay tuned. more info to come.

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!
"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

the ART ECOLOGY/ART ECO Movement is the most exciting
arts movement since Edvard Munch painted "The Scream" and
birthed the Expressionist Movement since Marcel Duchamp's
"Nude Descending a Staircase, No. 2" and "Fountain" helped
birth Dadaism and Surrealism. I bring The Storm Generation
to the Art Eco Movement. I am The Fucking Storm. I will leave
nothing to the imagination save the imagination itself. All else
will be swept away.
                             Ron Whitehead, august 2008, AHA

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

Velocity: Dear Ron, what is the secret to overcoming a broken heart?
Ron: Overcoming the grief of a broken heart is equal to overcoming the grief of the death of a parent or sibling or anyone you love with all your heart all your being. For five years I toured the world with Sarah Elizabeth. We were married for four years. A year ago we divorced. I was devastated. I wanted to die. Fortunately I was familiar with grief. I come from a big family. I have experienced the deaths of many loved ones. Plus i'd been in love before so I've known the heartache the grief associated with the loss of love of loved ones. In 1969 I read Elizabeth Kubler-Ross' ON DEATH and DYING. Her seminal work started a revolution in compassionate grief therapy. It's important to remember the now seven basic stages of grief: Shock, initial paralysis; Denial, trying to avoid the inevitable; Anger, frustrated outpouring of bottled up emotion; Bargaining, seeking in vain for a way out; Depression, final realization of the inevitable; Testing, seeking realistic solutions; Acceptance, finally finding the way forward. Work relentlessly, 24/7, to heal. I still love Sarah. But she's pregnant by her new boyfriend. I'm happy for all three of them. But my happiness didn't occur overnight. Once a broken heart mends it is larger than before. I now strive daily to have unconditional love for everyone. Yes I fail miserably. But I'll never give up on the pursuit for unconditional love. If I can heal my broken heart you can too. I'm sending you healing energies. Thanks for listening. 
Ron Whitehead
august 1, 2008
the highlands

"I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as
nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom
and pure mathematics."  Hunter S. Thompson
We are The Storm Generation!!!

Larry Hankin's Short @ Festival


A while back, Larry Hankin's film short, "Solly's Diner", was nominated for an

Academy Award




His latest short is an Outlaw Biker Comedy (basically, Don Quixote on a motorcycle)  It's also

an introduction to the feature film he's developing, based on the short.


The Outlaw Emmett Deemus 

is being presented  Opening Nite, August 7th  

at The Hollyshorts Film Festival, The Egyptian Theater, Hollywood ,

                                (w/Larry Hankin, Edie McClurg, Paul Willson)                           


                             "Emmett is...a character that should live on."  - L.A. Times


                           Jessica Biel David Arquette





                                 OPENING NIGHT CELEBRATION

                       also featuring the Hollywood premiere of 

             Larry Hankin's short film "The Outlaw Emmett Deemus"
                                 August 7-10 in Hollywood, CA 

Tickets for the August 7, 2008 HollyShorts opening night celebration

                                              go on sale July 21

The opening night takes place at the Egyptian Theatre

in conjunction with

the American Cinematheque
The 4th annual HollyShorts Film Festival (HSFF) kicks off on Thursday, August 7, 2008 with a marquee opening night celebration featuring a number of high profile short film projects: director Bill Purple's short film "Hole in the Paper Sky," starring Jessica Biel ("I Now Pronounce You Chuck and Larry"), and Gary Marshall ("The Other Sister"); Wireimage co-founder Jeff Vespa's short "Nosebleed," starring David Arquette ("Scream"), Larry Hankin's short film "The Outlaw Emmett Deemus", and director Alex Ferrari's short film "Red Princess Blues Animated: The Book of Violence" voiced by Paula Garces ("Harold & Kumar"). The event will also showcase the Hollywood premiere of actor Josh Brolin's ("No Country For Old Men," "American Gangster) short film "X." and director/radio personality Marty Keegan's Award-winning short film "Verboten."


Recently Ranked as one of MovieMaker Magazine's Top 25 Film Festivals worth the entry fee, HollyShorts received over 650 submission from 25 countries for the 2008 edition of the HollyShorts Film Festival, a festival record. Along with a strong domestic presence, the 4th annual HollyShorts Film Festival will feature a slew of shorts from the international community, with 11 countries represented. 


     Tickets can be purchased on or through the American Cinematheque at Tickets for the August 9-10 HollyShorts programs at Laemmle Sunset 5 go on sale July 7 and can be purchased by visiting the B-Side section of or Special festival passes and group packages available. 



the bone man art gallery presents


an exhibit of new works by new artists

Photo by: Gidget Tincher


photography, painting, ceramics, sculpture, film, posters, and more

by Helina Berryman, Jen Burks, Gidget Tincher,

Lisa Sullivan, Liz Wright, Marcus Maraldo, Christian Hansen and Andy Cook.

all art will be for sale.

July 18


The Bone Man Art Gallery

Admittance: 1.5 liter bottle red wine

1520 Cherokee Road #10

Louisville, Kentucky 40205 usa

SOUTHSIDE's official cd, SOUTHSIDE LOUNGE, release concert

7pm, friday july 18th @ earX-tacy records

1534 Bardstown Road, Louisville Kentucky

502 452 1799

july 18th is Hunter S. Thompson's birthday so SOUTHSIDE will be performing their

own songs plus some of Hunter's favorite songs.

July 18th is also official release of William McKeen's new Hunter S. Thompson bio, OUTLAW JOURNALIST: The Life and Times of

Hunter S. Thompson, The Best Hunter bio yet. The book includes photo of Hunter and Ron with gun plus Ron quotes.

SOUTHSIDE performs @ Carmichael's Books

6-9pm july 24th. William McKeen will also be reading from and signing his new Hunter bio.

Carmichael's Books

2720 Frankfort Avenue Louisville Kentucky

phone 502 896 6950


official website

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