hey friends!

I'm flowing this email to spread these words
from my buddy noel:

> Hi,
> I'm sitting at home in NYC and wondering if your band
> needs a sound engineer to make your touring life a lot
> easier! I'm looking of for some work, things are kinda
> slow here..
> Briefly, my qualifications are :
> 1. Extensive touring experience mainly with Dinosaur Jr
> and Boris (Japan). I've done every type of venue from
> your humble punk rock club to mixing Boris in hockey
> arenas (opening for Nine Inch Nails). I've also toured
> with Om, Howlin' Rain, Secret Machines, Hercules and
> Love Affair and J Mascis and the Fog (with Watt!).
> 2. I can tour manage if you like.
> 3. No drink or drug problems, valid passport.
> 4. I really enjoy being on the road, mixing a band.
> If you're interested, let me know and I'll send you a
> resume with more details. You can also check out my
> blog which has lots of tour pictures and comments. Find
> it at:
> http://noelatthecontrols.blogspot.com
> Thanks,
> Noel Ford
> 646-591-6414 (mobile)
> nkf@bway.net

please forward far and wide plus even better, put noel
at the controls if you're into a good man for this kind of work.
I would much appreciate it, thank you!

most grateful watt

oh, hey - today (tokyo time, before I would in my pedro
town) I actually make it to fiftyone!!!


blowout here tonight, yatta!

hey friends,

    _heal the bay_ are folks trying to help get the waters off of so cal not so foul and filthy from human abuse to it. humans can get smarter about this, I think. there's cards you can get (they asked for one of my pictures for one) here:


        for some donating to what I think is a very happening cause seeing I paddle my kayak in the l.a. harbor and waters outside it and know firsthand of some of the foulness. I know we can get it together and help this group help get things healthier for all of us.

        ...and saturday raymond's having part II: cutting-room floor show... I wish I could be there but I fly to tokyo the day before to make music... home xmas day. I bring nels - his first time in japan!

                                on bass, watt

sunrise over the terminal island federal prison! http://www.bop.gov/locations/institutions/trm

mike watt as photographer of san pedro sunrise

WILLIAM McKEEN, Professor and Chair
University of Florida Department of Journalism
P.O. Box 118400, Gainesville, Fla. 32611
Voice: 352/392-0500; Fax: 352/846-2673
Home page: http://williammckeen.com

Dear friends,

After hearing a rumor about Odetta's health, I phoned her manager this
evening and he confirmed for me that Ms. Odetta is receiving treatment
in a New York hospital, where she will be for at least another week.

It's Odetta's goal to recover and be in good health so she can perform
as planned at Obama's inauguration, Doug told me.

Odetta would appreciate cards and letters--please drop her a note if you
have the time.  Please also forward this information to anyone you know
who appreciates Odetta.  One note or card is a small joy... perhaps a
steady stream of them is something stronger.  It sure would be amazing
for Odetta to perform at the inauguration, and a shame for her to have
to miss such an event.

Here's the address:

Lenox Hill Hospital
Room 720
100 East 77th St.
New York, NY 10021



my old friend afm let me know about this:


"Thanks to the lovely Jessica at New Video, you get to do just that - 
with a contest. Here at Full Body Transplant we are proud to announce 
that the winner of this month's Pioneer-o-thon will receive a code 
good for one free download of "We Jam Econo." The movie shreds the 
senses, puts you in the passenger's seat with Watt for the birth of 
SST records, and soothes the soul with an acoustic Corona.  You don't 
want to miss it.

How do you win? Simple.  Tell us a true story about a time you Did It 
Yourself. When did you create instead of consume? When did you get 
right up in the face of your greatest rock hero and slap the sweat 
from the hand? When did you make your messy little mark on history, 
the way no one else ever could?"

people, I am truly grateful for such kindness:

I go vote now, work bass tonight/tomorrow/nightafter... forever learning w/the bass!



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