Sarah Elizabeth

when the spirit calls your name

there is a song in the quiet felt but not heard the song of you in my womb growing stronger each day as the days grow shorter I watch the migration of the sky rustling of leaves at sunset fog lifting at sunrise colors drip from trees and become winter's quilt in stillness wind speaks louder the ancestors know you cherokee elders stand close to welcome you the smell of wood smoke rises from your grandad's wood stove you will know the warmth of home clear moonlight in crisp night air the migration of the sky when the spirit calls your name by Sarah Elizabeth December 8, 2008 Sarah Elizabeth, Published In Heaven Books and CDs 4420 Gordon Drive Kevil, Kentucky 42053 USA Don't Die Yet Sarah Elizabeth's latest CD now available!

HELLO RINALDO! I hope this finds you and your home well. 
I'm not sure if you and Ron have been in communication lately, 
but I am writing to say happy holidays and THANK YOU for 
supporting music and literature through

As an independent artist I truly appreciate each person who buys 
one of our albums or books and hope you have enjoyed them over the years.

I am always writing and recording new songs and bringing out new albums. 
Lately I've not been touring or performing as much as in past years 
because of health reasons and I am due to have my first baby any day now!

He is due Christmas Day. We will call him Stone Immanuel. 
Know that for any future purchases you make of my cds or books, 
the proceeds will all go toward keeping my baby's bottom warm and dry : )
Yes diapers. Practicality and simplicity in my world always, 
no music biz corporate bail outs here ; )

I consider you a friend and as such I wanted to share with 
you the newest poem I've written.
Once the baby arrives, you'll be hearing more from me in the 
form of performances and tours in 2009. 

May you be filled with love and peace this holiday season and 
throughout the New Year...

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