Robert M. Zoschke

Bukowski--New Millennium Prophecy by Robert M. Zoschke

Compatriots: Somewhere nearing the midst of his writing career that infamously encompassed over forty books and a screenplay, and still acquiring the rent and booze and pony money from back alley erotica written for the lust mags whenever necessary, His Majesty Charles Bukowski got a newspaper gig to write a review of a Mid-Seventies Rolling Stones concert in Los Angeles. A review which I happened to come upon once again, on this Fine Fucked Up Damn Near Depression Once Again According To King Hope Obama We're Counting On To Deliver Us From More Evil kind of morning, perusing City Lights Books new Bukowski gem, Portions from a Wine-Stained Notebook, while ensconced in the charming abode of my painter artist writer lover woman and combing her bookshelves. As Bukowski's "reviews" so gloriously tended ambled rambled here and there until out came some words that ring true not only as prophecy today but as an explanation of the World Economic Disaster we're swept up in (or perhaps better said, swept under in...ahem) that gets to the root and heart of the matter better than any of the Pontificating Talking Heads are doing. Somebody needs to tattoo this credo mantra to the Candy Ass Lilly White Ass of that putridly despicable robber baron otherwise known as Treasury Secretary Paulson. The tracks aren't what they used to be: full of hollering drunks and cigar smokers, and girls sitting at the side benches and showing leg all the way up to the panties. I think times are much harder than the government tells us. The government owes their balls to the banks and the banks have over-lent to businessmen who can't pay it back because the people can't buy what business sells because an egg costs a dollar and they've only got fifty cents. The whole thing can go overnight and you'll find red flags in the smokestacks and Mao t-shirts walking through Disneyland, or maybe Christ will come back wheeling a golden bike, front wheel 12-to-one gear ratio. Diet Pepsi Max Cheers, Robert M. Zoschke Writer At Large Fri, 9 Jan 2009

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