Ron Whitehead

Ron Whitehead 2009

death be gentle death be sweet
ron whitehead
death be gentle death be sweet
I close my eyes and drift to sleep
walking slow through ice and snow
freezing rain ice and snow
trees hills hawk crow
sledding voices in distance speak
on the bridge gentle rapids below
red wine freezing rain ice snow
magic doorway into woods
silent secret oak and pine
nearly frozen creek slows slow
leaning resting gainst the oak
seeing you each one of you
dance we dance a gentle waltz
lovers children family friends
through whispering woods we waltz
round and round my enlarged heart
I hold you close as you hold me
we dance we dance a whispered waltz
through frozen rain and ice and snow
nestled gainst the silent oak we go
we drift we waltz round my heart
my lovers children family friends
we drift we dance the wintered waltz
my eyes they close slowly close
my eyes they close the dance we drift
death be gentle death be sweet
I close my eyes and drift to sleep
death be gentle death be sweet
I close my eyes and drift to sleep
Ron Whitehead
copyright (c) 2009 Ron Whitehead

International Hangoutology & Storm Generation & Published in Heaven
& Global Literary Renaissance & SOUTHSIDE & The Bone Man Art Gallery Headquarters
We are The Storm Generation!!!

International Hangoutology & Storm Generation & Published in Heaven
& Global Literary Renaissance & SOUTHSIDE & The Bone Man Art Gallery Headquarters
We are The Storm Generation!!!



International Hangoutology & Storm Generation & Published in Heaven & Global Literary Renaissance & SOUTHSIDE & The Bone Man Art Gallery Headquarters We are The Storm Generation!!!

Can Art Matter?

Published In Heaven: Blood Filled Vessels Artist Statement by Ron Whitehead The older I get the more I realize I don't know anything, no one does. We're all guessing, feeling our way, grappling for answers. But every day I have encounters with the spirit world. We are all in perpetual motion, in transition, even when we are still, silent, listening. Listening is the greatest art of all. Not-knowing is the fundamental plowed earth of our being, not-knowing. It is our life source. Embrace the wind. Embrace my heart. Born to die, there is no safety, all is demanded. Expose yourself completely. Accept the consequences of your successes, and your failures, as no other dare. Enlightened mind is not special, it is natural. Present yourself as you are, wise fool. Don't hesitate, embrace mystery paradox uncertainty. Have courage. Through fear, and boredom, have faith. Be compassion. Embrace the wind. Embrace your heart. Not-knowing is the fundamental plowed earth of our being. It is our life source. Not-knowing. Can art matter? Why Published In Heaven? Today 'Specialization' is sold on every corner, fed in every home, brainwashed into every student, every young person. We are told that the only way to succeed, here at the beginning of the 21st Century is to put all our time, energy, learning, and focus into one area, one field, one specialty (math, science, computer technology, business, government). If we don't we will fail. We are subtly and forcefully, implicitly and explicitly, encouraged to deny the rest of who we are, our total self, selves, our holistic being. The postmodern brave new world resides inside the computer via The Web with only faint peripheral recognition to the person, the individual (and by extension the real global community), the real human being operating the machine. The idea of and belief in specialization as the only path, only possibility, has sped up the fragmentation, the alienation which began to grow rapidly within the individual, radically reshaping culture, over a century ago with the birth of those Machiavellian revolutions in technology, industry, and war. And with the growing fracturing fragmentation and alienation comes the path - anger, fear, anxiety, angst, ennui, nihilism, depression, despiar - that, for the person of action, leads to suicide. Unless, through our paradoxical leap of creative faith we engage ourselves in the belief, which can become a life misssion that regardless of the consequences, we can, through our engagement, our actions, our loving life work, make the world a better, safer, friendlier place in which to live. Sound naive? What place does the Antinomian voice, the voice that, though trembling, speaks out against The Powers That Be, what place does this Visionary Outsider Voice have in the real violent world in which we are immersed? Are we too desensitized to the violence, to the fact that in the past Century alone we have murdered over 160 million people in one war after another, to even think it worthwhile to consider the possibility of a less violent world? Are we too small, too insignificant t o make any kind of difference? The power-mongers have control. What difference can one little individual life possibly make, possibly matter? Published In Heaven Titles make a difference. They are blood filled vessels racing to the heart. Today the X and microserf generations are swollen with young people yearning to express the creative energies buried in their hearts, seeping from every pore of their beings. They ache to change to heal the world. Is it still possible? Is it too late? Is there anyone (a group?) left to show the way to be an example? To be a guide? A mentor? James Joyce, King of Modernism, said the idea of the hero was nothing but a damn lie that the primary motivating forces are passion and compassion. As late as 1984 people were laughing at George Orwell. Today, as we finally move into an Orwellian culture of simulation life on the screen landscape, can we remember passion and compassion or has the postmodern ironic satyric deathinlifegame laugh killed both sperm and egg? Is there anywhere worth going from here? Is it any wonder that today's youth have adopted Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, Herbert Huncke, Gregory Corso, Neal Cassady, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Amiri Baraka, Robert Creeley, David Amram, Diane di Prima, Ed Sanders, Anne Waldman, Bob Dylan, Hunter S. Thompson, The Clash, Sonic Youth and all the other Beat Generation and related poets, writers, artists, musicians as their inspirational, life-affirming antinomian ancestors? These are people who have stood and still stand up against unreasoning power/right/might, looked that power in the eyes and said NO I don't agree with you and this is why. And they have spoken these words, not for money or for fame, but out of life's deepest convictions, out of the belief that we, each one of us, no matter our skin color our economic status our political religious sexual preferences, all of us have the right to live to dream as we choose rather than as some supposed higher moral authority prescribes for us. I choose to be an antinomian warrior. Can art matter? Is it merely a gold exchange for the rich? The crucible of Published In Heaven alchemical art blends the terrible beauty of the natural world with questions of global social conscience. Published In Heaven poems stories songs art films photographs defy categorization. They are original. What is involved in the process of artistic creation? And how is that process related to space and time? What makes it possible for a handful of Nabi, of Druidhs, to maneuver in a molecular universe, where immersion at will into things and being other than self is readily accomplished, rather than the dreary chore of drudging through the thick cellular world? The answers are simply complex and like truth, time and water they constantly slip through fingers away, away but the past recalled becomes present again and in a sense when we look anywhere including back into the past we are looking with some form of anticipation which is an attribute of future time so where are we really? How do how will poets, writers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers, inhabitors of the creative realms of the 21st Century respond to these questions? Some respond with ironic, comic faith, some with passion, with compassion, without which the intelligent sensitive creature will inevitably traverse the Valley of The Shadow of Death encountering Angst, Despair, Ennui, and possibly Suicide. The sensitive individual poet writer musician artist filmmaker photographer prophet, the empath whose natural ability is negative capability, ineluctably chooses the life-game quest of self-creation in the possibly infinite probability of possible realities in the self-contained inter-connected Ocean of Consciousness. So, where are you going? Please answer the question. Can art matter? There are no answers, only questions. My argument for The Ocean of Consciousness reaches back to the early experiential understanding of holy while reaching forward beyond the limits of dialectical gnosticism to an alchemy that also transcends divisions inherent in the alienation the fragmentation of Deep Modernism and the superficial chaos of postmodernism. I agree to a point with Turkle's argument that "The goal of healthy personality development is not to become a One, not become a unitary core, it's to have a flexible ability to negotiate the many - cycle through multiple identities." Having multiple identities, being legion, may lead to the apparent conclusion that we are walking on quicksand, that there is no solid ground that all is chaos. Even if you are a cryptanalyst and are able to turn into "plaintext the coded messages of Lacan but also the utterances of French existentialists, deconstructionists, poststructuralists, and all the other sibilant schools that flowed out of postwar France" (McCormick) what leads you to believe that the deadly serious egocentric humor of postmodernism where theory is lauded as more important than text (whatever text might be: book, song, painting, film, life, etc) can possibly be the final word? Deconstructing a text does not designify does not make the text less than what it was before you playfully surgically took it apart and, if you're a good mechanic, put it back together again even if you gave it new features. No matter how much taking apart deconstructing you do there will always remain something, a meaningful essence that cannot be destroyed. Passion compassion filled art matters. The poet writer musician artist filmmaker photographer prophet deconstructs realism. She employs the innovative technique of intercalation: the juxtaposition of scenes in time. She is Elus Cohen, Elect Priest of Expressionism, Cubism, Modernism, Dadaism, Surrealism, postmodernism but she is more. She is Master Alchemist, Master Magician. Her long slender hand reaches towards me, grabs my throat, and pulls me into the text, the book, the song, the art, the CD/DVD, the film, the photo. Manger du Livre indeed! I not only consume the book: the book consumes me. Now I, with her, am Elus Cohen juxtaposing scenes in time and space in her, in me, in the Published In Heaven Blood Filled Vessels Racing to The Heart Titles. Being Blood Filled my original perception, awareness, and senses are fractured, fractalled, and exiting the Blood Filled Heart Titles I find I am rearranged. I now have new perspective, awareness, senses. I look at others. Are their expressions different as they look at me? I must look different. I feel different. I am different. Me. And me now. I,I. Ha. Aha! Now as my hand moves this pen across this page I change. I am transformed. I am never the same. My molecules jump, sway, swoon, dance across the page, giggling, laughing, singing, happy to be new! It's spring again! They shout Yes Yes Yes!!! Mythopoetic Published In Heaven Titles create newly resonant myths. Knowledge, from the inception of Modernism and through postmodernism to The Ocean of Consciousness, is reorganized, redefined through literature, music, art, film, photography. The genres are changing, the canons are exploding, as is culture. The mythopoetics, the privileged sense of sight, of modern, contemporary, avant-garde poets, writers, musicians, artists, filmmakers, photographers are examples of art forms of a society, a culture, a civilization, a world, in which humanity lives, not securely in cities nor innocently in the country, but on the acocalyptic, simultaneous edge of a new realm of being and understanding. The mythopoet, female and male, returns to the role of prophet-seer by creating myths that resonate in the minds of readers, myths that speak with the authority of the ancient myths, myths that are gifts from the creative realms of being, gifts from the shadow. - Ron Whitehead, poet/writer copyright (c) Ron Whitehead 2005 & 2008 International Hangoutology & Storm Generation & Published in Heaven & Global Literary Renaissance & SOUTHSIDE & The Bone Man Art Gallery Headquarters We are The Storm Generation!!!

(sharing this info and these photos...Michael's son Marlon was brutalized by police...his niece attempts to revive him... following note from Michael who is naturally worried bout his son and his country) I will speak out worldwide instead of lifting a gun or playing into the hands of ignorant demon forces.... i want yr take on what the feck is happening and has been happening in Iceland NOW and last few years.... i will return my article soon for international press and allies everywhere.... i love the people of this nation and it hurts me to see my son Marlon Lee Wolf Pollock laying unconcious on the ground after being attacked by icelandic goons & gestapo who protect the theives and oppressors of this good nation and twist the media to try to hide their dastardly deeds... WE will Not tolerate this evil greed or lay down for the slaughter the truth is like a cork in water it will always pop up again n again n again until everything last man , woman & child is FREE and the bare lies of the dark forces come shining thru... UNITED WE STAND , DIVIDED WE FALL , Michael Dean Odin Pollock . Louisville , Kentucky . 2009 We are The Storm Generation!!!

For As Long As Space Endures

Prayer for our new President Barack Obama with the hope that the USA will finally live up to its potential and become a global rainbow nation for as long as space endures and for as long as The Dalai Lama remains until then may he or she too abide to dispel the misery of the world for as long as space endures and for as long Kierkegaardian existential Zen humanists remain until then may they too abide to dispel the misery of the world for as long as space endures and for as long as students and poets and workers who march for democracy for peace and for tolerance remain until then may they too abide to dispel the misery of the world for as long as space endures=20 and for as long as Bills of Rights protecting everyone's personal freedom remain until then may they too abide to dispel the misery of the world for as long as space endures and for as long as living beings remain until then may I too abide, despite my failures, to dispel the misery of the world Ron Whitehead copyright (c) 2009 Ron Whitehead

Dear Ron this just came out an hour ago!! let all the Lu'vil cats and kitties know that thy too must PERSEVERE, NEVER GIVE UP AND NEVER BOW DOWN (except when praying or tying their shoes!!!) hugs to Dylan and all your kids, sweethearts and fellow Stormers David Pianist Nakamatsu and Symphony Silicon Valley debut spellbinding Amram concerto By Richard Scheinin Mercury News So here we are plunging into the worst economic times in 80 years. Banks are tumbling, arts groups are folding and Symphony Silicon Valley is forging ahead with the most ambitious project in its seven-season history. Thursday night at the California Theatre, the orchestra gave the world premiere of David Amram's "Three Songs: A Concerto for Piano and Orchestra" with soloist Jon Nakamatsu. It's very American music, breathing Amram's love of Gershwin, jazz, black spirituals and Copland's hymn-lined melancholia. You owe it to yourself to see one of this weekend's two remaining performances. Commissioned by Marie and William Bianco, patrons of the old San Jose Symphony as well as this newer orchestra, the 30-minute concerto skillfully conducted by Paul Polivnick wears its influences close to the surface. But innovation isn't everything in music; Amram's concerto casts spells. Portions of the score are marked "dolce e religioso," and indeed, the work is dosed with beguiling sweetness and slow-burning, sacred power. It is the first concerto ever written for San Jose-based Nakamatsu, who performed Thursday with typical excellence: beautiful touch, never overstated, always feeling the music. A local hero with an international career, this wonderful player deserves the honor of having his own concerto. According to Andrew Bales, the symphony's president, Nakamatsu asked to be taken in new musical directions by the piece. Two years ago, he made a terrific Gershwin recording with the Rochester Philharmonic; Amram, 78, has built from this base, while turning the music into a reflection of his own, long musical career. A jazz player, student of world music and composer of 100-plus orchestral and chamber works, Amram has collaborated with everyone from Dizzy Gillespie to Leonard Bernstein, who appointed him the New York Philharmonic's first composer-in-residence in 1966. The new concerto emphasizes "the lyric nature of the piano," he has written. Each of its three movements "explores a different way for the pianist to sing through his instrument." In the first movement, "Nigun (Song Without Words)," the pianist must come to terms with Amram's wide jazz chords and nonstop chordal motion, which lies somewhere between Chopin and Tatum or maybe closer to a jazz pianist like Ray Bryant, master of easy flow and bluesy snap-offs. Nakamatsu, reading the new piece from sheet music, eased into this vocabulary, which pours through the etched and tender lines of the cadenza. Around him, Polivnick drew the orchestra through Amram's weave of materials: a melancholy motif out of a spiritual, a Copland fanfare, a soft pizzicato pop to conclude the movement. "Ballade," the second movement, begins with a lengthy piano rumination, leading to quiet conversation with English horn, flute, a soulful violin. The late-night mood is bewitching and would be even more so if Amram were to clip a few minutes from his lovely but long ballad. The third movement, "Jhaptal," rides on tricky rhythms picked up by Amram while traveling through India and Pakistan and introduces new dashing themes. There's also some thick writing for the orchestra, which blotted out Nakamatsu's final flourishes; Polivnick should tone it down. Still, the music was exhilarating and will only get better with more performances. Will Nakamatsu take his new piece on the road? Hats off to everyone involved; how many orchestras are expanding repertory in these scary economic times? And how many are taking the time to build relationships with living composers? This is the third major piece by Amram that Symphony Silicon Valley has performed. The program also included Haydn's Symphony No. 95 in C minor, which had some very fine ensemble playing by the orchestra, along with a few rough patches. The night ended with Respighi's fabulously audacious "Feste Romane (Roman Festivals)," music of cumulative craziness, cinematic and in your face. You could practically see the circuses, the wild beasts, the street bands. Polivnick and his players, all 90 of them, ate it up. Symphony Silicon Valley Paul Polivnick, conductor; Jon Nakamatsu, piano When: 8 tonight, 2:30 p.m. Sunday Where: California Theatre, 345 S. First St., San Jose Tickets: $39-$75; (408) 286-2600, extension 23; Copyright 2009 - San Jose Mercury News (David Amram's official website is We refuse. We will not bow down. We never give up. We are The Storm Generation!!! Monastery of The Storm Generation

"The one reason people love to give to Ron Whitehead is because he's so grateful. 
Yes, very talented, but also grateful. Not presumptuous, never expecting something for nothing. 
You wouldn't believe how many people ask for things, then run away when the well runs dry. 
Or turn their back when another needs help. Ron's whole life has been about giving. Giving poetry, wisdom, compassion. 
Teaching young people, carrying them on his back to NYC, europe and beyond in the name of poetry and the age-old 
American spirit of travel, adventure and discovery. I was one of those young people. And now approaching 41, 
I can wholeheartedly say Ron's not just a friend...but a mentor. An ally. A person who has given more to me in 
this life than you can even imagine. I've learned from Ron. He's taught me the importance of humility, 
compassion and understanding. And he taught me those things not by telling me, but by showing me, by his 
own actions, compassion, unselfish tsunami horn-of-plenty cornucopia of brilliance, creativity and infectious 
passion for life, the planet, peace, chaos and red wine." 
Frank Messina, The Mets Poet, NYC/Jersey City	 

Velocity: I need to make some quick money. Any suggestions?
Ron: Join the rapidly growing crowd of desperate folks seeking quick money. You are not alone. But don't become a member of the Blamer Status Quo. Why do you need some quick money? Don't blame anyone, including yourself, for your situation. Let go all blame all doubt all second guessing i.e. if if if. If a frog had wings it wouldn't bump its ass. Hypothetical questions can be fun but ultimately they're a waste of time. Games. Mental Masturbation. We're all at the crossroads. Embrace change. Change is the Number One Universal Principle. Perfect love casteth out all fear. Let go all fear. Face and embrace your fears. Ask yourself why you need some quick money. Sound like a silly question? Why do you need quick money? It's not a silly question. Yes there's the obvious answer but what's behind that answer. What's the deeper answer. We are here to grow our souls. Edgar Cayce said we're never given more than we can handle. Sometimes we have to ask for help. There's no shame in that. Ask and you shall receive. Be grateful for the help you receive. And, whenever you can, give back. Give to everyone, yourself and everyone. Be a giver, not a taker. Give without any anticipation of reciprocation. The glass is half full, and it's always being filled. The pie is limitless. Abundance abounds. Let go all fear. Trust the universe. Embrace abundance consciousness. Fill your heart your entire being with love acceptance and the awareness that all is well that everything is working out exactly as it should. Let go of western materialist culture consciousness. Embrace love and the awareness that no matter what you go through all is well, everything is okay. What's the worse that can happen to you? Somebody puts a bullet in your head? Embrace your own death. Overcome all fear. Embrace forgiveness acceptance tolerance love. Everything will fall into place as it should. You will experience great release lightness peace happiness. It is amazing. It is true. Let go all worry fear pain suffering doubt sorrow anxiety guilt shame despair death. Let go all predetermined expectations. Let go. Pray for guidance. Listen to your heart your intuition, doorway to your soul and the spirit realms. Listen. Listening is the greatest art of all. And when you receive your answer then act. Let nothing stand in your way. Believe in the answer, believe in yourself. All is well. All is good. All is at it should be. Embrace all of life, the pain and suffering, the happiness and joy. Embrace birth, life, death. All is well. May you be blessed forever. Amen.

We refuse. We will not bow down. We never give up.
We are The Storm Generation!!!
Monastery of The Storm Generation


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