Milo Tamez

january 2009

(your)  pictures always within a view

an eye behind that reality almost a phantom & cold

non existent moment but an appearance

the man and the men     (then rains)

and their whole neuma of words to say

never said

I can hear the vehicles around the wet street

around the corner

around the corner

around the corner

the small butcher  and  cheese and  bread and  wine

unknown well known mans warm store

around the corner

around the

and then: the camera shut (the corner)

a single invisible neuma brining alive a wall as an entrance as a window

within a new story never seen nor heard nor


Im very fortunate to be part of the pictures voayage

in my little window

a screen of light

then play within the words sometimes

nobody will heard nor read


thanks for that precious moment (before and after the shot)

I got to know a man ideals and thoughts

about Our Moment  (a World of pictures) in Pictures


then I realize how mysterious is time and space

we live almost in the same parallel reality

but separated only by the mirroring blue tides


just keep on shooting

around the keen watching

ahead & awaiting the spot

to tell the news with the traveling image

then I can live a piece of those streets

of bread cheese wine & beef


while writing to my friend RR




warmest regard,



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