I Gave Away The Sky

Corso – The Last Beat

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I Gave Away The Sky

A celebration of the life, work, and legacy of the poet Gregory Corso. I hope my work there with young people helps to show them that "beat' is no longer a sufficient way to describe the work of Gregory, Jack or myself, but rather a catchall phrase, now a worn-out stereotype, used to dismiss any serious value assigned to the work so many of us did and those of us lucky enough to be here continue to do today. Celebrating Gregory's work is a gift to Cincinnati, and I am sure will be an inspiration to young people to see that everyone has a contribution to make if they devote themselves to what they love to do, and continue to do it and dedicate themselves to working hard and respecting the treasures of the past as well as the gifts and work of all who are creative today. I am happy to be part of it and to see Gregory honored in this way. An entire series of events, will be held throughout the city. Gregory deserves it and a lot more. Having known Gregory since 1956, being the same age, and having collaborated with him over the years, I wish he were here to see not only his acceptance as a great lyric poet but how Kerouac and all the painters, actors, playwrights, poets, composers, musicians of all genres, sculptors, and authors of our Era of the 50s are now being acknowledged for the enduring value of their work, and how that work contributes to the culture of today. While I'm still a full time classical composer of concert music, always working on new pieces, I am back on the endless road in many other roles as I ease towards my big 80th (Nov 17, 2010,) I am grateful to be blessed with good enough health to maintain my insane schedule and ENJOY IT!!! My piano concerto just had its world premiere (see my home page www.davidamram.com for great review). I hope I can continue to encourage young artists to follow their hearts and pursue their dreams, which is something that Gregory and Kerouac always did. It is a special treat to be able honor Gregory and other old friends no longer here, who all made such a contribution. I send cheers from the frozen hills of Putnam Valley (when I'm lucky enough to be here home) David =================my tribute program in Cincinnati for Gregory Corso============ FORMALITY AND SPONTANEITY: THE BEATIFIC WAY A Tribute to the legacy of Gregory Corso and the spirit of Collaboration with David Amram, Jane Carver and members of the Cincinnati College Conservatory of Music PART ONE From the 1950s to 2009 I Spontaneous commotion: the chaotic making of "Pull my Daisy" The Kerouac-narrated film I introduced by David Amram, who composed the film's chamber music/jazz score, co-wrote the title song with lyrics by Jack Kerouac, Allen Ginsberg and Neal Cassady. Amram, who also appeared in the film as Mezz McGillicuddy, the deranged French hornist, talks about the bizarre circumstances which occurred while creating the film in 1959. All of this is described in detail in Amram's book Offbeat: Collaborating with Kerouac. (10 minutes) II Screening of "Pull my Daisy" (29 minutes) III Questions from audience about the film, what it meant then, what it means today (10 minutes) IV 2009 Scat-Rap Cincinnati version of the title song "Pull my Daisy" performed by Amram singing, scatting, free-styling and playing piano, French horn, dumbek and pennywhistles with a bass player and drummer (and also a conga or bongo player if possible) all students from CCM . (12 minutes) V Theme and Variations on "Amazing Grace" Amram performs on Irish double D pennywhistles which he plays, and which made it possible for him to have a better rapport with master flautist Sir James Galway, who commissioned Amram to compose the flute concerto "Giants of the Night" which Galway premiered and to compose music for the late Julius Baker, who recorded Amram's "Theme and Variations on Red River Valley" (4 minutes) VI Theme and Variations on Red River Valley Performed by students from CCM and conducted either by Amram or the resident conductor of the Conservatory. Composed for the Kerrville Texas Music Festival anniversary, this short work has become a repertoire piece since Julius Baker recorded it and was broadcast nationally with Amram conducting members of the National Symphony at the Kennedy Center in a program presented by the Library of Congress celebrating the 50th anniversary of Copland's Appalachian Spring. Like Amram's symphony Symphonic Variations on a Song by Woody Guthrie or his Trail of Beauty based on traditional chants and social songs of Native American culture, commissioned and debuted by the Philadelphia Orchestra, this approach is the same as Corso's in honoring and utilizing the treasures of the past and combining classical techniques to create new works of art which are formally structured but feel spontaneous and reflect the society and the times in which they are created. Total TIME of first half One hour i5 minute ======================================================================== PART TWO Voices of 2009 Jane Carver and friends Composer Jane Carver presents her compositions and Amram serve as her Accompaniast/conductor, sideman/group member / SILENT PARTNER in whatever she wishes him to contribute to HER CREATION!! ================================================================ Th_ series of events celebrating Corso's life and work also includes..... The Stars In The Sky Are Still Boss A visual art exhibition exploring the spirit and aesthetic of Gregory Corso Jan. 19th – Feb. 6th at the University of Cincinnati’s Reed Gallery. Many prominent artists, galleries, and collectors have been invited and commissioned to lend work. Featured artists include: Antonio Adams, Carmel Buckley, John Cage, Francisco Clemente, Jacob Dyrenforth, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Allen Ginsberg, Kim Krause, Tony Luensman, Raymond Pettibon, Bern Porter, Larry Rivers, & Fred Wilson. In addition to the work of the afore mentioned artists, The Stars In The Sky Are Still Boss features the drawings, paintings, and original manuscripts of Gregory Corso. " Notes After Blacking Out: A Lecture on Gregory Corso and The Golden Dot" Presented by Matt Hart (Poet, Editor, & Assistant Professor of Academic Studies at the Art Academy of Cincinnati); Thurs. Jan. 22nd 6PM in the University of Cincinnati’s Reed Gallery. A Moor Poetry reading honoring the poetics and poesy of Gregory Corso Thurs. Jan. 29th, 6PM in the University of Cincinnati’s Reed Gallery; Featured readers to include: Adam Clay, Evan Commander, Scott Dennis, Matt Hart, Lesley Jenike, Dorothea Lasky, Cathy Wagner, & Tyrone Williams. Corso – The Last Beat Thurs. Feb. 5th, location and time TBA; A private screening of the feature-length documentary directed by Gustuve Reininger, narrated by two time Academy Award Nominated actor Ethan Hawke, and featuring Allen Ginsberg, William S. Burroughs, and poet, performer, and Rock & Roll Hall of Fame inductee Patti Smith, as well as Corso himself. =

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