Summer Solstice 2008 by Mike Watt


bella italia!

                fratello watt

happy summer solstice from watt in venezia !

happy bloomsday from watt in dublin!

Mon, 16 Jun 2008


        but first: raymond'd b-day today, much respect!

        and... I am in dublin on bloomsday

        to do bass for a stooges gig - whoa!

        I hoofed around town, the town in THE book on THE day!

        and last week I got to record w/brother sam in his brighton town for our new proj!

        for the first time I got to paddle a kayak in england waters w/him too!

                        most grateful watt



        I get tuckered, then konk... I am not superman.

        thanks to kamilsky for snapping this in brussels last month...

        maybe I have to worker harder to konk easier, get more tuckered?       

        what are the odds that this remake will be even six percent
        as good as the original?

        ben wolfinsohn tripping on pedro morning watt chow:

        norway and spain next...

        more stooges for me tomorrow

        nels cline singers bassist devin hoff interviewed some in
        third hour of latest watt from pedro show:

oh fuck...

        I messed up and didn't flow this right - maybe cuz I'm in spain, ain't home and on tour but here goes:

        big late fourth to y'all!

                        baka watt

p.s. I hate lookin' like I'm makin' excuses!