Ron Whitehead

from last months

the old singing barn by Ron Whitehead
for my friend Leah Maines

arm in arm we stand
in front of the old Rosine barn
the father of bluegrass music Bill Monroe
his old homeplace Jerusalem Ridge
and his grave not far away
arm in arm creative warriors we stand
in this pioneer Kentucky promised land
rugged dangerous terrible beauty

where diamonds are created
arm in arm we stand in Kentucky
the promised land New Jerusalem
in Kentucky we persevere we never give up
and as the father of bluegrass Bill Monroe
and his Band of Angels watch and listen

the creative imagination in this Kentucky
where diamonds are created promised land
the creative imagination is the doorway
to spiritual realms arm in arm united we stand
we dwell in Kentucky we dwell in the realms
of the creative imagination shaman poets
nabi prophet ancient timeless lightning poets we be
no 9 to 5 for us every rhythmed moment

every rhythmic heartbeat every drop of lifeblood energy
we devote to being pure channels of divine
creative imagination we are servant vessels sacred
flutes for Great Spirit Holy Ghost gladly devotedly
doing all we can to uplift inspire comfort heal
awaken with all the creative arts awaken and

help make the world a better place in which to be
we refuse to believe it's too late for healing
if we screwed it up we can clean it up
and I see The Dalai Lama looking deep into my eyes
and I hear him say "it's okay to be happy" then laughing
as only The Dalai Lama can laugh
and here we are arm in arm at the old singing barn
with Bill Monroe and his Band of Angels watching listening

as your daughter Elizabeth Maines
as County Line's J. B. Miller
as my Mama and aunt Jo Carolyn  The Render Sisters
as my Sarah Elizabeth Burkey
gifted all angelically gifted sing sing
sing the old songs and yes poemed singing

poemed singing is the language of angels
a gift music is a gift to us humans
a gift to us from the angels from God oh Great Spirit
our souls dwelling briefly in these templed bodies
life this opportunity to grow our souls life
a fleeting moment here now now gone gone gone
and I dedicate our show to Daddy who
just crossed over I dedicate our show to the strongest best man

I've ever known to Daddy who just crossed over as we all will
each at our appointed time and as Elizabeth
and J. B. and Mama and Jo and Sarah sing
"When They Cut Down The Old Pine Tree" 
and "Paradise" and "Walking After Midnight"
and "Will The Circle Be Unbroken" and

"Kentucky Waltz" and "Bury Me Along The Big Sandy"
and I read "on parting" and Mama tells her
ice storm story bout the two pine trees
in the front yard being blown down in the
middle of last winter's ice stormed night and the big boom
they made and with tears in her eyes adding
the part bout Daddy then singing "When They Cut Down
The Old Pine Tree" to her then telling her

"I love you" and in my entire life I hardly ever
heard Daddy sing so now I'm doing everything in my power
to hold myself together and I'm remembering
how much my farmer coal miner Daddy
loved poems and stories and songs
and suddenly I hear other voices singing yes yes I hear
Bill Monroe and his Band of Angels and Daddy joining in

on the singing and precious memories fill me fill us
fill the old singing barn overflowing overwhelming
and my heart breaks wide open and a river of tears
a river of poemed heartblood souldrenched singing tears flows
and I'm filled with the epiphanied awareness that
like our ancestors which who we are our ancestors
we always have been will always be our ancestors and ourselves 
all one we be our ancestors our lineage long creative strong

and arm in arm we stand
in front of this old weathered singing western Kentucky barn
and we hold on we stand arm in arm we stand united
we stand surrounded by with family friends allies guides angels
seen and unseen a host a global universal
non-violent creative spiritual shaman bodhisattva warrior army one we be

and arm in arm we hold on we never give up
there's more much more for us to do
our best poems gestating
on the way yet to come
new fires new storms new poems stories songs
the poemed storm generation
is birthed
newly born

so arm in arm
diamonds we stand
in front of this old singing barn
this weathered yet still standing singing western Kentucky barn
ancient we are still singing poems arm in arm united we stand
the storm generation newly born

Ron Whitehead
August 19, 2009
Beaver Dam, Kentucky

copyright (c) 2009 Ron Whitehead

poet and publisher (Finishing Line Press) Leah Maines lives, 
with her husband and their children, in Georgetown, Kentucky. 
for more info on Leah and Finishing Line Press go to

when not traveling the world Ron Whitehead wanders 
in his heartland Kentucky, 
port to the holy land. his official website (being overhauled) is

(Ron has finally resurrected himself in Kentucky wilderness. 
will be back in Louisville no later than October 1st. updates on way tomorrow, 9/01/09)

on parting

my brother Brad and i played pepper without gloves
short distance throwing hard as we could catching the baseball
barehanded Daddy also taught us to run to race fast
as we could on gravel barefoot without wincing

ron whitehead
august 29, 2009

on parting

hazy southern half moon waxing
a hundred family and friends brought Kentucky
country cooked food potluck billowing
shapeshifting clouds in the west purple sunset

ron whitehead
august 28, 2009

on parting

i feel Daddy's presence strong still here not gone
corn on the cob onions tomatoes potatoes cornbread squash
hand turned homemade peach ice cream Mama holding
greatgrandchildren nothing is lost Daddy's still here not gone

ron whitehead
august 28, 2009

on parting

dreams never die
they are always passed on
and continue to grow
in and through new dreamers

ron whitehead
august 27, 2009

on parting

the fire
does not burn bright enough
bring me

ron whitehead
august 27, 2009

on parting

Mama taught us
how to give
without anticipation
of reciprocation

ron whitehead
august 27, 2009

on parting

i am forever thankful
for the time
we had

ron whitehead
august 25, 2009

on parting

what is left now
not knowing

ron whitehead
august 25, 2009

on parting

at 3am on a cool foggy Kentucky august night
a coal train in the distance
wide awake
thinking of you

ron whitehead
august 25, 2009

all poems copyright (c) 2009 Ron Whitehead
from Ron's new book titled:

The Storm Generation Manifesto,
on parting,
& other poems

we are free falling...newly formed drops of rain watering...

ancient grains of dust...where dwell seeds waiting yearning ready to be born

(from Ron's new book: The Storm Generation Manifesto, on parting, & other poems)


first of all my heart goes out and I pay tribute to all 
those who lost their lives, and to their families, on that
 fateful 9/11/01 morning. I'm honored that my longtime friend 
Frank Messina will be reading his powerful poems, as he
does every year, at one of the main tributes.
I pray daily for peace (despite my failures), for peace 
in my heart in my entire being in all my relations in all
 countries throughout the world and in all realms of being and understanding.

on parting

twenty mile bike ride backroads Kentucky wilderness today
set of keys rusted side of road relationship over
ran over two rattlesnakes side by side one already dead mates
blue heron slowly rises from stream glides so close gently i touch her

on giving

river's edge sunrise fog
dimly see cane pole
jug of red wine
distant train  swooping crane

thank you, each and every one of you, family friends allies 
guides angels, seen and unseen, for tuning in, for being my
 friend, for your positive support, for never giving up, no 
matter what is going on, for never giving up, and for reminding
 me that you'll haunt my ass forever if i ever give up. i refuse 
to ever give up. no matter what is going on i will never give up.

i could write an epic about this past year, about the past 
twenty years, about my life. will i? i doubt it. but i did just
 complete a new book of poems which are born out of the 
events of the past two years: The Storm Generation Manifesto 
and on parting, the wilderness poems. plus i've started another 
book titled on giving. the on parting and on giving poems
 started burning through me right after Daddy died.

on parting

every Thanksgiving Day Daddy told the story
bout the worst blizzard to ever hit Kentucky
Thanksgiving Day November 23 1950 whiteout rain ice
hail snow lightning thunder tornadoes and Mama birthing me

Daddy died, crossed over. But he's still here. I feel his
 presence, strong as ever. For years I feverishly dreamed
 about his passing. When it actually happened it hit me 
in the gut 
harder than I'd ever anticipated ever imagined. I found myself
 in a strange place, a place i'd never been before.

In the first seventeen years of my life i was taught, 
simultaneously, by Mama, the essence of Christianity, 
to give to forgive to love (without any anticipation of reciprocation), 
and, by Daddy, the fearlessness (to do what you know 
you gotta do no matter how fearful you are) of how to be a fierce,
 but just (as in fair), warrior. Both Mama and Daddy taught me that
 the two commandments to live by are to love The Lord 
(whatever name you choose) Your God with all your heart soul mind 
and your neighbor as yourself. 

Mama and Daddy were my first and are still two of my best
 teachers. i've told several people recently that the only person
 i ever really listen to, and then only occasionally, is 
Mama. well, there have been and are a few exceptions. 
I have been gifted with so many mentors, each and every one a gift 
beyond measure. I have no regrets, only thanks, for every 
moment event person being, seen and unseen, past present future, i've 
ever had do and will have any contact with. i am filled with gratitude.

on parting

when loving other(s)
sometimes necessary
to walk

on parting


After Daddy died Mama asked me to spend some time with her.
 It has been a much needed healing gift. She has reminded 
me of what little common sense i have. ha. it has been a difficult
 and painful time. those of you, and i know there are many,
 who have experienced the loss of loved ones know the pain. i can
 get a Ph.D. in swimming, read every book ever published on
 swimming, think about swimming 24/7, but until i jump in the 
water and learn to swim i don't know jackshit. yes book 
learning helps. and can be interesting. thankfully i read Elizabeth
 Kubler-Ross' On Death & Dying and hundreds/thousands of 
other grief related books which at least helped me understand that
 the terrible painful emotional hell i was going through 
was natural and that everyone experiences it, each in their own
 way. and then i think of Mama. and that she and Daddy lived
 together were married for 59 years. and then i remembered 
that i was in her belly her womb that i've been connected 
to them for all those years. oh life. what terrible beauty. what a gift.

i'm exercising as usual (300 pushups/situps, 150 light weight
 curls, 15-25 bike ride, 3-4 mile walk/run, playing basketball),
 reading as usual, alchemical fire of new writing burning bright, 
non-stop conversation with God/Great Spirit, in church 24/7
 (body temple for soul, life is journey to grow soul/self), 
drinking red wine & water & cranapple & eating light but
 delicious country cooking.

i have been blessed to love so many. as many of you know 
i'll take a bullet for any of you, i'll give any of you the
 shirt off my back. when you love someone they are always with you 
in your heart dwelling there always. they are never gone. 

many doors opportunities before me now. i've never been in
 this place before. how long to stay? where do i go from here?
 i want to make sure Mama's okay (and many family here to watch 
out for her). but i feel the time coming soon to move on. 
where to go? i don't know,
taking one day at a time. but nearly ready.

i will definitely homebase in Kentucky. Louisville is #1 choice.
 my three children (Nathanial & Rani & Dylan) and two
 granchildren (Roz & Max) and thousands of friends live there. 
i love the amazing magical city of Louisville, a new creative
 spiritual Jerusalem. i feel at home there. Highlands favorite. 
Market Street arts district possible. but maybe move 
to western or eastern Kentucky get a teaching job for a year. 
maybe get blue collar job. taught college/university for
 nearly twenty years. maybe time for change. i love physical labor.
 and i'm in damn good shape (knock on wood). i'll take anybody
 on right now. ha.
updating resume(ugh), brief bio, testimonials. sending out 
inquiries, round world, for writer-in-residence positions 
(short term or up to year). i'm wide open. 
i'll do fewer shows but i'll still give readings/talks/performances
 both by myself and with musicians here there everywhere 
(October 2nd midnight Louisville, Brazil in November, Nicaragua
 in February, LA in July, etc). in other words i'm wide open.
 maybe i'll start commune, somewhere in Kentucky, with Jen Burks
 and others.

one of my goals is to pay all my remaining debts in next year 
and never get in debt again.
another is to always stand on my own two feet and help others.
had hoped to walk rest of way with dream woman but maybe won't
 happen. maybe one night stands. maybe solitude. both?

i'm accepting and embracing this terribly beautiful state of 
not knowing, practicing what i've preached taught written 
studied for years. not knowing. fearlessly. despite any and 
all pain grief loss. being happy. peaceful. not knowing. 
moving through the grief of loss. learning to let go. hardest 
lesson i've ever attempted to learn.

i've got gypsy blood in me. i love to travel. but i 
simultaneously love home. so i'll always travel, even
 for extended periods, but i'll always return to where my heart is, 
Kentucky, where diamonds are created.

on parting

in Kentucky
poems and songs
the language of angels
are mountainous

thank you all for listening. regardless of where i am come 
visit, and dammit send or bring some red wine!!!
your friend forever

p.s. i'm looking for new webmaster, who is willing to barter
p.p.s. here's present contact/mailing info (for the red wine)
Ron Whitehead
988 W. 7th Street
Beaver Dam, Kentucky 42320 USA
cell 270 403 6941
official website
also on facebook
plus the amazing Kurt Maddox runs a Ron Whitehead 
facebook fanclub (thanks Kurt!!!!)
p.p.p.s. i'm behind on all fronts. need good used laptop.
 whew. thanks for your patience. i'll get back in thick of
 things soon. your friend forever, Ron


NYC poet writer musician Jim Carroll passed away 9/11/09.
The Basketball Diaries, Forced Entries, The Jim Carroll Band, 
8 fragments for Kurt Cobain, the list goes on. see what 
Jack Kerouac said about him. and so many others.
honored to know him to work with him to sit in The Brown 
Hotel/Louisville and have him tell me his Michael Jordan 
encounter story, and plenty of others.
dearest Jim, may you be embraced in light and love forever.
thank you!
your friend
Ron, Kentucky wilderness

on giving

why i am a poet
what poetry is for me

i have always known
that i am a poet
that poetry
sung and unsung poems
that poetry is
the most effective way
for me to honestly openly
precisely share to communicate
to reveal what is
in me in my heart and soul
in my entire being
and yet
all along i have realized
my failures
all of them
including my failed attempts
to effectively communicate
how deeply i feel
how much love
how much pain
how i want to help
how bad i feel for hurting others
for not helping enough
for thinking too much
of my own dreams
without being mindful enough
of the dreams of others
of how hard i've tried
to do all i can to help others
to encourage them to find 
and live their own dreams
of how hard I have tried
to recognize my mistakes
and get it right
of how much i believe
and desire and do my best
all i can to love to give
to forgive to help to understand
to uplift to inspire
to comfort to heal
to bring solace
to place myself
in your shoes
in you
to do what i can to realize
your pain and suffering
to lift you up
to give to forgive to love
with all i am and more
to go beyond self limitations
to be one with God
oh Great Spirit
to do God's Will
whatever that might be for me
to listen
to my heart
to my soul
to my intuition
to the still voice within
to listen
to be the lightning bolt
God's messenger
the prophet poet
the Sacred Flute
always knowing
that words and actions
are insufficient
not enough
yet they are
all i have
poems are songs
to God
to family friends
allies guides angels
to all and everything
oh Great Holy Spirit
poems are actions
poems alchemically
spiritually creatively
materially positively transform
all i am
all we are
poems transform the lead
of our beings into gold
transform our worst into
our best into doing good
into serving helping those
who are broken who need help

"In the beginning was the Word,
and the Word was with God,
and the Word was God."
"Poets are damned,
but they are not blind.
They see with
the eyes of angels."
so what else do i have
what else can i possibly do
except stand tall
shoulders straight
take a deep breath
lean into the wind
despite my failures
fearlessly be
what i have been called to be
what i have chosen to be
a poet
ron whitehead
september 16, 2009
copyright (c) 2009 Ron Whitehead
from Ron's new work in progress titled
on giving, the wilderness poems


"Ron Whitehead, out there in Kentucky, out there 
where the tall heroes used to grow,
is sowing the dragon's teeth of new heroics."   
Lawrence Ferlinghetti (California)

I'm going to winter here with Mama, here in western 
Kentucky wilderness, in this pioneer
land where I grew up, as did Robert Penn Warren and 
Bill Monroe and the Everly Brothers and Merle Travis 
and Johnny Depp and generations of my family and many
 other diamonds, known and unknown.

Having been away so long I hadn't realized how 
severely the meth problem had grown here. In the 
past week alone, in this beautiful rural area, several houses, 
including my sister Edie's, were brazenly violently 
broken into, midday, and nearly everything stolen damaged destroyed.

Mama is tougher than nails, stubborn as a mule, 
gentle as the softest rain, plus she has the
 ancient wisdom, wisdom that is innate inherent
 and added to by having paid and perpetually 
paying close attention to and applying the wisdom
 teachings passed on to her by many generations 
of wisdom teachers mentors practitioners. 
Since Daddy's recent crossing into the spirit
 realm it has been an amazing necessary honored
 gift to spend this sanctuaried healing time, 
at her request, with her.

During Daddy's physical demise Mama put off all 
her own health issues. Both her knees and one shoulder
 are shot (she refuses surgery) plus there are other
 issues, some of which probably nobody knows or will 
ever know about. She doesn't complain and always says
 she's fine that she's ready to go it on her own but
 she also graciously welcomes my company and has
 invited me to stay the winter or as long as i want.
 Plus being around her I see and sense the soft 
gentle lonely forlorn moments she tries so hard 
to hide. She always thinks of the other person 
and does what she can to help when help is needed. 
She is filled with common sense with love with 
forgiveness with strength with compassion.

There are plenty of loving family here to watch 
out for Mama. But they are all married.

I miss my children and grandchildren, all
 in Louisville, and all my Louisville friends
 (all my friends round the world), and the city
 itself. But I'm simultaneously looking at this 
as a gift, this much needed healing time, this 
time of reflection of revelation and of being 
Mama's gargoyled guard dog. I always feel that 
she helps me more than I help her but I do what
 I can to give all I can to the one who gave me
 life. She has always given her entire family, 
and so many many others, unconditional love. 
I'm learning.

I'll move back to Louisville in the spring
 (March 1st or spring equinox or end of March Madness).

I've got to earn an income.
 Paying gigs/readings/talks/performances/film work/recordings/editing/writing, 
USA & other countries. Best way. Won't keep me away too long.

Need mechanically sound used laptop so I can stay in
 closer touch with all of you plus need to get 
mechanically sound old pickup truck, which 
I didn't need in Louisville (bicycle & mass transit there), 
so I can get to regional gigs and airport and visit 
family friends in Louisville and elsewhere. whew.
 Until that happens best to call. my cell same 270 403 6941. 
leave name and number and i'll return call. or email

Thanks for listening.
love always
your friend forever
september 21, 2009
International Day of Peace

"Ron Whitehead is already acknowledged by many 
of his Elders to be a major Literary Figure and
 the epitome of the work ethic! Ron and I have 
collaborated, recorded and performed at major
 festivals and universities all over the USA
 and Europe. Ron Whitehead is an extraordinary
 motivator who inspires young people to pursue 
constant study of Classic Literature while remaining 
Creative. At age 73, I continue to learn from him."
         David Amram (New York)

"Ron Whitehead is a prophet. He is one of the world's greatest poets."
         Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russia)

"Ron Whitehead is one of the most exciting poets in America.
 Poet and literary activist, he is one of the great poets of his generation."
          Douglas Brinkley (Texas)

"Ron Whitehead is a one man Atlantic Bridge."
          Theo Dorgan (Ireland)

"Ron Whitehead is energetic Bodhisattvic poetic spirit!
 Happy to see and read so much poetry energy!"
          Allen Ginsberg 



Ron Whitehead

988 W. 7th Street

Beaver Dam, Kentucky



Phone 270-403-6941


Official website

also on facebook plus facebook fan club

Ron Whitehead resume, bio, testimonials


Visiting Writer/Profess/Full Time or Adjunct Professor of Writing/LiteratureHumanities/Readings/Performances/FilmWork/


19 years teaching University of Louisville, St. Catharine College, Bellarmine University, Spalding University, Jefferson Community College. 23 years lecturing, presenting papers, chairing sessions at national and international literature symposiums: University of Iceland (Reyjkavik), University of Nijmegen (The Netherlands), University of Braga (Portugal), Trinity College (Ireland), New York University, Hofstra University, numerous others. more info included in brief bio (included).








1982-86                                   University of Louisville                  Louisville , Kentucky.    BA English  3.75GPA

 1985                                   University of Oxford                  
Oxford ’s International Graduate School.  4.0GPA

1990-92                              University of Louisville

MA Humanities   4.0GPA


see brief bio plus testimonials (included)

hundreds of references, and transcripts, available upon request.
also glad to interview via phone, internet, in person.




Ron Whitehead's brief bio:


Ron Whitehead is poet, writer, editor, publisher, organizer, scholar, professor. He grew up on a farm in Kentucky. He attended The University of Louisville and Oxford University. As poet and writer he is the recipient of numerous state, national, and international awards/prizes including The All Kentucky Poetry Prize and The Yeats Club of Oxford's Prize for Poetry. He was nominated, twice, for The Pulitzer Prize. In 2006 Dr. John Rocco (NYC) nominated Ron for The Nobel Prize in Literature.He was recently inducted into his high school's (Ohio County High) Hall of Fame, representing his 1968 graduating class.


Ron has taught college/university for 19 years at The University of Louisville, Spalding University, St. Catharine College, Jefferson Community College, and Bellarmine University. He has presented numerous talks, lectures, and writing workshops around the world at colleges, universities, and institutions which include Trinity College (Dublin, Ireland), The University of Iceland (Reykjavik, Iceland), The University of Braga (Braga, Portugal), The University of Nijmegen (Nigmegen, The Netherlands), New York University (New York, New York), Hofstra University (New York, New York), University of Louisville (Louisville, Kentucky), University of New Orleans (New Orleans, Louisiana), and many more.


In 1992 Ron and Kent Fielding founded The Global Literary Renaissance, a non-profit organization, supporting the global literary community. Ron was Director of the Global Literary Renaissance for 14 years.


Ron has produced over 2,000 music and poetry events throughout Europe and the USA including many 24, 48, 72 & 90 hour Non-Stop Music & Poetry INSOMNIACATHONs plus he produced The Official Hunter S. Thompson Tribute (featuring Hunter, Johnny Depp, Warren Zevon, Roxanne Pulitzer, David Amram, Hunter's mother, Virginia, & son, Juan, & many others), the London International Poetry & Song Festival (with Richard Deakin), The New York City Underground Music & Poetry Festival (with Casey Cyr), The Netherland's 10-day International Meer Dan Woorden Festival (with Jan Pankow), LIVE at THE RUD Benefit Concert (with Jim James, of My Morning Jacket, and Sarah Elizabeth), plus many many more. After he produced INSOMNIACATHON 2008 (April 2008) he  retired from producing events but has agreed to co-produce the first ever Storm Generation Festival in Iceland June 18-20, 2010.

Ron has edited and published nearly 2,000 titles including work by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, President Jimmy Carter, Seamus Heaney, Jack Kerouac, David Amram, Diane di Prima, Lucien Stryk, Allen Ginsberg, John Updike, BONO, Frank Messina, Yoko Ono, Andy Warhol, Amiri Baraka, Rita Dove, Thomas Merton, Wendell Berry, Edvard Munch, William S. Burroughs, Hunter S. Thompson, Lawrence Ferlinghetti, Gregory Corso, Herbert Huncke, James Laughlin, Douglas Brinkley, Lee Ranaldo, Robert Hunter, Anne Waldman, Ed Sanders, David Minton, Bob Holman, Cathal O'Searcaigh, Eithne Strong, Theo Dorgan, Jim Carroll, Casey Cyr, Denis Mahoney, Steve Dalachinsky, Jean Genet, Jan Kerouac, Christopher Felver, Brother Patrick Hart, Robert Lax, Sarah Elizabeth, Michael Pollock, Olafur Gunnarsson, and many many others.


Ron's work has been exhibited round the world from New York City to Louisville to New Orleans to San Francisco and from India to Czech Republic to Italy to Portugal to Ireland to The Netherlands to Iceland and beyond. The UN/UNESCO "Poetry On The Peaks" program selected The Dalai Lama/Ron Whitehead "Never Give Up" message/poem poster as its theme for 2002. Thousands of copies were donated and shipped to cities, mountain villages, Buddhist, and other communities, groups, and organizations round the world. The "Never Give Up" poem has been published in numerous publications including NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, a book by His Holiness The Dalai Lama, and many others. Ron's "Never Give Up" poem can also be found on t-shirts, cards, posters, and banners all over the world. 


For the past 20 years Ron has been GOing non-stop. He is the author of 19 books and he has work on more than 25 CDs.

His 19 BOOK titles include:
WESTERN KENTUCKY: Lost & Forgotten, Found & Remembered (with Sarah Elizabeth)
THE THIRD TESTAMENT: Three Gospels of Peace (with art by Lawrence Ferlinghetti & David Minton)

THE STORM GENERATION MANIFESTO & on parting, the wilderness poem, 2010 release

4th person singular: THE ADVENTURES of BRAIN MAN (work in progress)
GROWTH OF THE SOUL: Kentucky, Where Diamonds are Created: I Refuse, Will Not Bow Down and I Will Never Give Up: an alchemical autobiographical history of The Global Literary Renaissance, White Fields Press, Published in Heaven, The Storm Generation, and my life (focus on 1990-2010)(work in progress)

His over 25 CD titles include:
KENTUCKY: poems, stories, songs 



Ron Whitehead and SOUTHSIDE's WE ARE THE STORM double cd

THE STORM GENERATION MANIFESTO & on parting, the wilderness poems: audio book recording, (companion to new book, 2010 release)


Ron reads his work with musicians from around the world, in all genres of music, including David Amram, Iceland's Sigur Ros & HOH & MEGAS, Tyrone Cotton, Iceland's Michael & Danny Pollock of UTANGARDSMENN/The Outsiders, Jim James of My Morning Jacket, Paul K & The Weathermen, Lee Ranaldo of Sonic Youth, Frank Messina & Octopoet & Spoken Motion, James Walck & The Mind2Hands Symphonia, Vassar Clemens, Tom House, By The Grace of God, Black Pig Liberation Front, Casey Cyr, Rich Martin, Jeremy Podgursky & The Pennies, Blowup in Japanese, RB Morris & Hector Qirko, Scaramongo, Sarah Elizabeth, SOUTHSIDE, The Honey Highway & numerous others.


Ron's groups have included Voices Without Restraint, Ron Whitehead's Apocalypse Jam, The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue, and outlaw music/spoken word band SOUTHSIDE. He and Sarah Elizabeth performed and toured together constantly for 5 years.


Ron was recently nominated for the Nobel Prize in Literature by New York City professor, James Joyce scholar, music critic, and author of many books, Dr. John Rocco (see letter below).


To The Nobel Prize Committee,

I am writing you about one of America's greatest poets. His name is Ron Whitehead and for his entire career he has written volatile and important verse that has given a new presence to American poetry. Whitehead's work is in the tradition of the Beat Generation but also deeply influenced by rock and roll, the legacy of the European avant-garde from Knut Hamsun to James Joyce, and his own native Kentucky. He is at the same time a regional and universal writer; Kentucky is his home but the world is his subject. Whitehead's poetry is a powerful summation of the American spirit.

I would like to take this time to bring this extraordinary poet to your attention for consideration for the Nobel Prize in literature. Whitehead's poetry is exuberant and shocking, delicate and blunt, combative and sensitive. There is a vital spirituality in his work that questions the nature of artistic creativity at the same time it embodies it. His work is profoundly engaged in critiquing the control modern American culture has over the individual and the planet. The Beaver Dam Rocking Chair Marathon is a summation of his aesthetics: part Bildungsroman, part rock protest, all Whitehead white hot poetic energy.  

As the profile in this package indicates, Whitehead is a tireless promoter of poetry and its power to heal the world. To recognize his work is to recognize the power of the word to resist imperialism, intolerance, and hate. Whitehead has made American poetry a vehicle for social change and a power to transform the world...


Thank you for considering this important American writer.
Yours sincerely,

Dr. John Rocco
Associate Professor of Humanities
SUNY (State University of New York Maritime)
James Joyce scholar John Rocco is the author of The Nirvana Companion, The Beastie Boys Companion, The Doors Companion, The Grateful Dead Companion, and other Schirmer Books. He is completing a volume on James Joyce. His novel Fur was released in 2005. He is a critic for American Book Review and numerous other literary and music publications.


Several thousand of Ron's works have been published round the world in a diverse range of publications (all mediums) from TRIQUARTERLY (Northwestern University/Illinois) to ARTFORUM (Czech Republic) to BLUE BEAT JACKET (Japan) to BEAT SCENE (England) to SOUTHERN REVIEW (North Carolina) to TRIBE magazine (NYC).

Ron has presented over 6,000 readings of his own creative work round the world.

Ron's work is in museum, library, and private collections around the world. The University of Louisville Rare Books & Archives, Directed by Delinda Buie, is the permanent repository for Ron's work (past, present, future). Four exhibits have been held. A major exhibition, with catalog, is being planned. Several thousand, of tens of thousands, of items have already been catalogues. 


Many of Ron's poems have been and are being translated into many languages. For a time Ron was Velocity's (Courier-Journal) Advice Columnist. He has written for and been featured in a multitude of publications around the world. In February Ron was a featured poet at the International Poetry Festival in Granada, Nicaragua. 130 poets from 50 countries, all 7 continents, participated. He recently returned from NYC where he completed film work for Ralph Stevens' independent film, AMAZING SPACE plus he did performances with Frank Messina, David Amram Trio, Tyrone Cotton, and SOUTHSIDE members Scott Mertz, Andy Cook, and Lee Troutman at the Cornelia Street Cafe and the Chelsea Hotel.

After his Father's June death Ron entered a state of seclusion  recover from the grief and to focus on three new books but he will continue to teach and edit some plus perform and record with musicians and bands, all genres of music, plus give readings talks performances round the world plus do more film work.


To book Ron email or call 270 403 6941.

When not traveling Ron lives in Kentucky. Ron´s official website,, annually receives approximately one million hits from more than 80 countries. He is presently looking for a new webmaster to overhaul and maintain his site. The brilliant Kurt Maddox is webmaster for Ron's facebook site and facebook fan club.


here are a few Testimonials regarding Ron Whitehead and his work:

His poetry, prose, and other writings have appeared round the world in a spectrum of journals, magazines, anthologies, newspapers, posters, CDs, cassettes, vinyl, chap-books, zines, books, literary, music, & arts publications. Below, you will find quotes and testimonials, from folks round the world, regarding Ron and his work:

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (City Lights, San Fransisco): "Ron Whitehead is a real visionary!"

Hunter S. Thompson (Colorado): "I have long admired Ron Whitehead. He is crazy as nine loons, and his poetry is a dazzling mix of folk wisdom and pure mathematics."

Yevgeny Yevtushenko (Russia): "Ron Whitehead is a prophet. He is one of the world's greatest poet prophets. What an inspiring honor to hear him read here at Nicaragua's International Poetry Festival!"

Cameron Crowe & Nancy Wilson (California): "We love Ron and Sarah Whitehead's WESTERN KENTUCKY masterpiece...and Sarah Elizabeth's stunning music...Ron Whitehead is a genius...Ron and Sarah are quite the inspiring couple..."

David Amram (New York): "Ron Whitehead is already acknowledged by many of his Elders to be a Major Literary Figure and the epitome of the work ethic! Ron and I have collaborated, recorded and performed at major festivals and universities all over the USA and Europe. Ron Whitehead is an extraordinary motivator who inspires young people to pursue the highest standards, to work tirelessly and to celebrate the intellect by constant study of Classic Literature while remaining Creative. At 73, I continue to learn from him."

Blanca Castellon (Nicaragua): "Ron Whitehead was the hero of our 2009 International Poetry Festival."

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): "Ron Whitehead transends even the devestatingly hard lessons of our times and speaks to the only true lessons, the eternal ones. He cuts right through the chaos that comprises our chattering thoughts. Ron Whitehead asks: Can art matter? Is it merely a gold exchange for the rich? Art IS the Holy Grail. And at the deepest primal level, everybody knows it. Only a few, like Ron Whitehead, can perceive it as clearly and communicate it while in his incarnate human being."

Frank Messina (New York): "Ron Whitehead is one of my closest allies. He is a man of wisdom and tolerance. Ron and I debate over political issues, and sometimes he's even right. But, in the end, we're still friends. There is only one man I want to fight along my side in the trenches of life and his name is Ron Whitehead. He is one of the last warriors left in America."

Carolyn Cassady (England): "I had heard people talk about Ron Whitehead for years so when I heard him read at The Ocean on the last night of the London International Poetry and Song Festival I understood why. His poems, and his reading of them, are pure genius."

Annalisa Papaleo (Italy): "Ron Whitehead is an alchemist of language, a magician of poetry, a King of Words...I am honored to translate his work into Italian."

John Rocco (New York): "In BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON: fragments of a lost text, Ron Whitehead is 'the great rememberer' and 'the great experiencer'...a scintillating portrait...a which each memory becomes charged with his history and the embrace of his subject...capturing the memory of what Ginsberg calls 'Mortal' America...and Whitehead's new CD TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is a mercurial collection which features some of the 'fragments' that appear in the novel."

John Tytell (New York): "With The Declaration of Independence This Time: Selected Poems 1996-2000, Ron Whitehead has a brave powerful book and the voice to carry it."

Zen Master Dae Gak (Korea): "Ron Whitehead is Angry tender hearted Poet lover Who, Ripped open by life's Sharp, diamond caesarean Edge, Emerges, awake, alive, Shaking blood and tissue. Howling at the, with a shriek, Morning sun AAAAAGH!!!!!!!"

Theo Dorgan (Ireland): "Ron Whitehead is a one man Atlantic bridge."

Eimear O'Connor (Ireland): "Ron Whitehead's words travelled at high speed Along the Liffey and out into the sea...mesmerised By the motion Of emotion...Something magic Happened over the Winding Stair Above the streets, Closer to the stars."

Vincent McWilliams (Ireland): "Ron Whitehead's poetry is like a fast train coming."

David Amram (New York): "At the dawn of the 21st Century our young people have few role models of distinction and even fewer people close to their own age to look up to. Ron Whitehead gives hope to our artistic and intellectual future and gives our young people someone to look up to and emulate. Having worked with Ron many times, round the world, I can only share my amazement at his genius-level ability to organize and create memorable events that make all involved feel inspired to do their best. His own brilliance as a poet is matched by his dynamism, integrity and ability to communicate with anybody and everybody. I am honored to work with him anytime he ever needs me."

Lee Ranaldo (New York): "Ron Whitehead's TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is superb!"

Michael Pollock (Iceland): "Ron Whitehead is The World Ambassador of Poetry."

Karel Srp (Czeck Republic): "The ARTFORUM '98 Exhibition of Ron Whitehead's important work, both his and his work as Director of The Literary Renaissance, was a big hit and a huge success. It is very important for us to see, through poetry and art, the situation in USA and round the world. Through Ron's work we see. Now all his work is in our archives. The people of Prague can continue to see. We are proud. It is important for us. Thank YOU!"

Lana Witt (California): "Ron Whitehead is amazing. I've seldom known poetry to rise to the honesty, stubborness, and energy of what came charging straight at me in his CD TAPPING MY OWN PHONE."

Frank Messina (New York): "Listening to TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is like tapping into an oil well of inspiration; a poetic horn of plenty where the flavor of American political angst and true Kentuckian local color shoots its way straight to the soul. Ron Whitehead is at least Chaucer's equal. The BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON is a Masterpiece better than THE CANTERBURY TALES. Three cheers to Ron Whitehead!"

Kevin Ring (England): "Ron Whitehead explodes in a tirade aimed at pulling down all the garbage that society holds dear: rampant commercialism, couldn't care lessism. If the President thinks he's got trouble with Ms Lewinsky then he'd better watch out for Ron as he gives us the REAL AMERICA."

Frederick Smock (Kentucky): "BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON achieves an urgency and immediacy that is truly poetic."

Jordan Green (North Carolina): "Ron Whitehead is the incantatory, subversive bard of Kentucky. He is a poet with higher vision and higher frequency tuning. He has a performance style learned from his Pentecostal preacher grandfather but which also takes the best from the oral poetic style of the Beats. Ron is an energy force that encourages articulation and voice, that makes young people proud to be part of something. His voice cuts through the rough reality of his western Kentucky coal mining roots and reaches for a higher cosmic grace. Ron has produced over 400 readings and INSOMNIACATHONs and has read all over Europe and the USA. At the age of 48, with a family to support and complete commitment to his craft, Ron Whitehead will get in a car or on a plane anytime and travel anywhere he's asked to give a reading."

Miguel Moors (Belgium): "Ron Whitehead dissects American Society with a butcher knife."

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (California): "Ron Whitehead, out there in Kentucky, out there where the tall heroes used to grow, is sowing the dragon's teeth of new heroics."

Bob Holman (New York): "And now it was like a cyclone hit that stage - Ron Whitehead is screeding a poem with an 8-piece orchestra toodling out sounds by Jeremy Podgursky, amazing, high energy, a battle for soul!"

Anastasios Kozaitis (New York): "Ron Whitehead is the most engaged poetry activist in the United States of America!"

Al Aronowitz (New York): "An autobiographical gem that marks compassion and defiance as the touchstones of heroic myth in the coming-of-age of a young man in the western Kentucky coal fields. Ron Whitehead is one of the greatest poets of our time."

Paul McDonald (Indonesia): "Ron Whitehead has the gift of perceiving the divine in the ordinary. His work is always at least exciting if not magical. It is simultaneously hard-bitten, stark and urban while containing a gentle, pastoral lyricism all of which is always compelling. His work is a dharma gate that must be entered, a magnificent Zen koan where the question and answer lie hidden in the experience."

Rene Hendrix (The Netherlands): "William S. Burroughs and Ron Whitehead, in a series of dreams, taught me how to save the world."

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): "Ron Whitehead has been working so hard all his life, has climbed the equivalent of a hundred Mount Everests for poetry, music, integration, inclusion, non-specialization, LOVE and the advancement of humankind. No one else who I know has the endurance and capacity and generosity of spirit (except for David Amram who shares these qualities) to achieve what he is achieving. Ron is clearly chosen for the work that he is doing, and it is a ray of clarity and grace that shines from his being. HIS GIANT HEART IS SINGING!"

Jan Pankow (The Netherlands): "Ron Whitehead's poems are a magnetic field of poetry energy: encounters, viewpoints, and facts of life mingling with emotions, dreams, and visions."

Robert Lax (Greece): "Ron Whitehead's "Moxley and Eirene" worked its way into one of my just-before-waking dreams last night. The whole story. And yes, naturally I'm ready to endorse all he says in I Will NOT BOW DOWN, too!"

Douglas Brinkley (Louisiana): "Ron Whitehead is one of the most exciting poets in America. Poet and literary activist, he is one of the great poets of his generation."

Tenzin Geyche Tethong, Secretary to His Holiness The Dalai Lama (India): "Ron Whitehead, His Holiness The Dalai Lama thanks you and offers his blessing and permission for you to create a poster of his message to you which you have written in the form of a poem. I would like to express my personal appreciation to you. Your poem for of His Holiness's message is extremely powerful and moving. I am confident that it will inspire many."

Robert Hunter (California): "Ron Whitehead's energy and important work never fail to amaze me!"

Diane di Prima (California): "Ron Whitehead, Fellow traveller riding the winds of change between worlds, in the thick of the creative process, Bon voyage! I enjoyed EVE AND THE OPHIDIANS. "White Horses" is really strong!"

Bob Holman (New York): "Spoken word at its purest and most fulfilling. Ron's combination of full drawl, magnolia sweet and Wendell Berry's Mad Farmer's blue hot rage, vitally fashions a new post in the American ear."

Jim Carroll (New York): "Love, Angelic Orders, and Blessings on Ron Whitehead's good work!"

David Amram (New York): "There were over 300 poets and musicians. Ron Whitehead was the highlight of the New York City festival. When he read I was knocked out! I marveled at the talent he possessed! He captures the spirit of the South in his poetry!"

Eithne Strong (Ireland): "Ron Whitehead's dazzling energetic work, his poetry and his prose never cease to impress and astonish!"

Allen Ginsberg (New York): "Ron Whitehead is energetic Bodhisattvic poetic spirit! Happy to see and read so much poetry energy!"

Harper Tobin (Washington, D.C.): "Ron Whitehead's BEAVER DAM ROCKING CHAIR MARATHON is no cheesy nostalgia trip. Anyone familiar with Whitehead's work knows better. He gives achingly real portraits of Beaver Dam's inhabitants, offering up the disturbing as well as the beautiful, the ugly as well as the quaint. His style shifts from page to page always capturing the reader, evoking the spirit of defiance and hope that is the heart of this literary treasure...Why isn't Ron Whitehead already a household name?! His TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is a gem. Ron reads as if any breath could be his last. He captures the world in all its beauty, corruption, and potential. I cannot recommend his work highly enough!"

Joe Slavin (Kentucky): "Ron Whitehead is the most extraordinary teacher-scholar it has been my great good fortune to know over a career spanning thirty seven years. His success in encouraging students, to express themselves and grow as students, is unrivalled."

Lawrence Ferlinghetti (California): "Ce Ron Whitehead est un brave type! Il a ecrit un poem autobiographique que est epatant...sur San Francisco et un certain fer-ling-g hetti...Qui est? Ron Whitehead is Bodhisattva in Kentucky!"

Seamus Heaney (Ireland): "Ron Whitehead, the only begettor of all this, is here for good!"

Colin Cooper (England): "Ron Whitehead lives at 100 miles an hour judging from his book of Ferlinghetti...he's a rabble rouser and wildly romantic and we need plenty of those...the book is illustrated by full colour paintings by Ferlinghetti...Fit him alongside Gary Snyder for wit and insight...certain to shake up the old guard."

Bob Edwards (Washington D.C.): "I LOVE Ron Whitehead's "The Coal Miner(I & II)" and "Moxley and Eirene!"

Denis Mahoney (Rhode Island): "These past months I have read Ron Whitehead's BLOOD FILLED VESSELS RACING TO THE HEART: Beyond Chaos is The Ocean of Consciousness several times. What a remarkable work it is! It's subtle (and not too) back and forth gestures and movements and openings and its Placement! I wish he would continue this work! This is the direction that people need to See towards, be, at least, opened to. Thank You Ron Whitehead for The Work!"

Danny O'Bryan (Kentucky): "The Great White Light, Whitehead that is, swept over The College last night with a round of passionate posey mined directly from his ever raucous life. Mentioning notables like Amiri Baraka and The Dalai Lama - illustrious heroes many of the role-model-starved students probably never heard of - the poet quickly had them under his spell. The man, who always wears his life on his sleeve for everyone to gawk at, flexed his tattoo covered arms at the scribes "I might be skinny but look at those muscles!" and spit out tales of Kentucky rocking chair competitions and wild family antics that made "Do You Want To Be A Millionaire" look life watching paint dry. Certainly all present learned an important lesson: It doesn't hurt to celebrate life in all its painful and joyful manifestations!...Ron Whitehead, a virtual P.T. Barnum of Poetry, is on a one-man crusade to change the consciousness of the world through poetry and music...Whitehead and his non-porfit organization The Literary Renaissance launched a series of multimedia INSOMNIACATHONs (Temporary Autonomous Zones): 48-hour marathons of poetry and music and art and film (all the Arts), similar to Ken Kesey and The Merry Pranksters minus the bus, attracting large audiences and worldwide attention...This led Whitehead to take his traveling magic mystery theatre on the road to New York City and New Orleans (where the TIMES-PICAYUNE named his INSOMNIACATHON 1996 "Arts Event of The Year") and The Netherlands and numerous other cities states and countries...Never one to separate art from show biz or politics (or newcomers from old-timers) Whitehead assembled an odd cast of characters for his Hunter S. Thompson "This is Your Life" Tribute which the NEW YORK TIMES called "a beautiful literary last waltz." The event included actor Johnny Depp, musician Warren Zevon, socialite Roxanne Pulitzer, historian Douglas Brinkley, world musician composer David Amram, the Sheriff of Pitkin County (Aspen), former Louisville Mayor Harvey Sloane, Hunter's Mother Virginia, his son Juan, and a host of others including a bluegrass band. Everyone at the SRO event closed out the night standing singing "My Old Kentucky Home."

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): "I got to know Ron Whitehead's I WILL NOT BOW DOWN: Selected Poems 1990-1995 well and from it I feel an understanding for some of what Ron has been doing in the world. The physicality of which is astonishing - but that doesn't even compare with what kind of alchemy is happening on the mental levels. Ron Whitehead is Shaman and Shamas (the candle that lights other candles) contributing to, directing, promoting, integrating, expanding, and possibly healing the consciousness of an artistic body of thought that sure does need help to go to the next level, which I believe has something to do with the heart region. And if I might prophesize, I think that Ron will be seen as one of the great poets of our generation, which I believe spans about 50 years. The kids of tomorrow's wasteland are really going to need him. Just like we need Patchen and Kerouac. Those guys changed and saved my life."

John Tytell (New York): "Ron Whitehead reminds me of Corso...early Yeats in the Celtic Twilight...Ferlinghetti...Ginsberg...spontaneous transcription emerging in a tumultuous rush...infused with Whitehead's belief in the magical transformations implicit in poetry, with the music of the poem serving as chant, incantation, ultimately pagan prayer...the same can be said for the poetry rants (Insomniacathons) Whitehead has been organizing around the country, non-stop marathon readings."

David Amram (New York): "The first time I heard Ron Whitehead read I felt what I imagine those who heard Abraham Lincoln deliver The Gettysburg Address felt."

Thomas Nord (Kentucky): "Ron Whitehead eats, sleeps, and breathes poetry."

Michael Dean Odin Pollock (Iceland): "The London International Poetry & Song Festival's response to Ron Whitehead's I WILL NOT BOW DOWN was Incredible POWERFULL it felt like a bomb hit The Ocean...people were yellin, clappin, sayin YEAH others riveted wide eyed to their seats...i stood at the back of the room up on some stairs to get an eagle eye view of this poem which I consider along with LEAVES OF GRASS by Walt Whitman and HOWL by Allen Ginsberg and THANKSGIVING PRAYER by William S. Burroughs to be one of the GREAT American poems of All Times. I WILL NOT BOW DOWN and ALL ALONG THE WATCHTOWER capture the voice/heart/spirit of later 20th Century and on better than anything I've heard!"

Nick Obis (Ohio): "Ron Whitehead, I thank you and Quincey Troupe for headlining the University of Dayton's 2nd Annual Literature Conference, 2002. Friday evening was nothing short of astounding - certainly like nothing my students had ever heard! I heard so many wonderful comments from them in the following days and weeks about all the various aspects of your performance, with your group The Viking Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue. I too can still hear the Icelandic rapping, the ambient music, and the powerful words; it was a staggering, moving experience; I don't think I have ever seen anyone, anywhere, break dance at a poetry reading! But what moved me more than the poetry and music was your patience, kindness, and understanding. I was so nervous before the festival, and so relieved by your sympathy and easygoingness. You are truly a remarkable person with a remarkable group. Thanks for teaching me to "never give up!"

Denis Mahoney (Rhode Island): "Ron Whitehead has the goods and is the last and forward maker of the fire breather preacher with the text written new across the starry night. I can picture him reading poems with snakes crawling out of his mouth and nostrils, like those maniacs who work the snakes for Jesus, turning to medusa flames, the fork filled flavor flick fuck tongue is two words split into a thousand pieces of black and white sand and delivered like a Sioux death chant, a new ghost dance to live and rise out of the ashes. Ron's word is poet breath, new creation out of decay, intentions are color worlds, filled with color, every tint is blow breath glass and I keep coming back to his nostrils flared like John Brown in Kansas, hard muscle break tracks, or soft glow of love he is able to bring the rage round to snake crazy snake soul sonnets to orpheus, our brother Rilke Flower-muscle that slowly opens back the anemone to another meadow-dawn, until her womb can feel the polyphonic light of the sonorous heavens pouring down is prophecy and vision blast bleak and we all stand naked against the capitalist relation that has come to encompass existance and Ron as new prophet stands against that as strong as John Brown, Rilke, just a neck down the vision ladder from our kooky Dada Queen Baroness Elsa von Freytag-Loringhoven and is exactly what is needed. I give Ron the world in his breath."

Tom House (Nashville): "That's a wild and fierce look on the cover of Ron Whitehead's new I Will Not Bow Down CD, and that's a wild and fierce picture of him there on the inside, and that's a wild and fierce performance/production he presents. I was not prepared. Finally got back home and settled in here last night put it on and blew my head right from the start. Old favorite, "Tapping My Own Phone," the music is like the subconscious of the mind mouthing those feverish thoughts. "4th Person Singular" a favorite as well. Not sure if I've heard that one before. "Raven Hair And Turquoise" and "Comes Night And Wind" both great. The music never gets in the way of the words and, as in the very best one to me "Gimme Back My Wig," the whole becomes way more than the components, damn almost like rock and roll - and in many ways this feels as much like a "band" CD as it does a "spoken word" one. And I think Ron paces it like one. That's just something always important to me, almost like a set, and Ron is a master at that. He couldn't end it more personally, poetically, beautifully than with "You Grow Wild In My Heart." I Will Not Bow Down is definitely a masterful work and I congratulate Ron and all who perform on it. I'll be giving this guy some hardcore listening these days to come. "

Dan Roberts (KZYX Radio, California): "TAPPING MY OWN PHONE is the most amazing CD of poetry I've heard!"

August Highland (California ): "Ron Whitehead is The Dalai Lama of the literary world."

Frank Messina (New York ): "I've seen thousands blinded by the white light, halos and fractal geometry of Ron Whitehead. I've seen tundra-demons, geothermal genies, naysayers forever turned to stone by that Kentucky 'Bone Man'. And yes, I've seen Ron Whitehead levitate over stages 3, 4 and 5,000 miles from Kentucky, held up high by coal mine spirits, red wine and Buddha at the palms of his feet."

Jean Ritchie (New York): "Kentucky, by Sarah Elizabethth and Ron Whitehead, is a stunning CD. Sarah and Ron both did a beautiful job."

Dr. Joe Slavin (Kentucky): "Kentucky, by Sarah Elizabeth & Ron Whitehead, is a stunning piece of work, beautiful in both sound and heart."

Tommy Gaffney (Oregon): "Spending time with Ron Whitehead a few years back changed my life.  The whole damn experience, from the wine-soaked meeting in his living room to the bourbon-infused book signing, he so graciously hosted, is still with me everyday.  Not sure how to repay him for all that.  And I appreciate the email updates on his mad adventures.  I open the ol’ yahoo account every morning hoping for more news.  What can I say, he's an inspiring man.  And I’ve been spreading the word about his work around Portland, Oregon.  In fact, I currently volunteer to host a small writers group (in my cramped little living room), and we discussed Ron's Tapping My Own Phone as our first “assignment.”  We also listened to my copies of “I Will Not Bow Down” and “The Viking  The overall theme for the session was “this is how this shit is done.”  In a word, Ron Whitehead's influence continues to cross mountain ranges that ain’t used to being shown up.  Thanks Ron for being you, my friend." Hillbilly Apocalypse Revue.”

Casey Cyr (Connecticut): "Ron Whitehead's new CLOSING TIME CD is magical, radical inspiration, stark truth, gentle beauty. It portrays the human experience completely. The flame reflected in four generations, all together reveal the purity of oneness."

David Amram (New York): "Ron Whitehead's 'The Sound of Snowflakes on Christmas Eve' and 'Old Blue Got Run Over by A Coal Truck on Christmas' are right up there with Charles Dickens' A CHRISTMAS CAROL and Dylan Thomas' A CHILD'S CHRISTMAS in WALES. Not one word could/should be changed. They are classics! I have always loved Ron Whitehead's spirit and generosity as well as his work...These stories are like the late paintings of Matisse, and Richard Strauss' last art songs, where they both turned to simplicity and clarity when in their prime. Ron's stories/poems should be read at The White House, if we get a President who knows where the South is located and understands the poetry of the lives of everyday people and the beauty of family life as well as the magic of Snow in the South...Ron's work is right up there with Mark Twain...It transcends politics. His work should be read in classrooms, as children's stories, Southern Studies, poetry classes, church reading groups...His work can reach the whole world...His work is way Beyond Beat!! Ron Whitehead's work is lyrical, touching, and perfectly written AND SO REFRESHING...I'll be glad to write a Forward or Introduction to any of his books anytime... Nobody is doing what Ron Whitehead is doing, especially in his newest works...They are 100% Whitehead."

Dennis Kirtley (Morocco): "I am all about music. I think music. I sleep it. I eat it. It's just in me. And not just my own music - also the music of great composers. I know many symphonies by heart, great jazz compositions, note for note. As I was reading Ron Whitehead's poems last night, music was playing in my head and it wouldn't stop. It was the score of "Rhapsody in Blue" by Gershwin. The brainscreen image was that of a train, streaming forceful and unstoppable through the countryside. This is the sense Ron Whitehead's poetry and person brings to me. I thank him for being him!"

Gui Stuart (Kentucky): "Ron Whitehead is the greatest living writer...and he is still struggling to pay the bills so how can I hope for anything more than to write...writing is an unnatural act...but it is not any more unnatural than working in an office or talking on a cellphone...and in some strange ways it is the most natural act of all...being human feels like an unnatural act in these trying times of fascism...the absurdity of fascism is everywhere but I don't want to live like that and I sure as hell don't want to write like that...I owe Ron Whitehead more than I can ever repay...he has taught me that failure is nothing and that it is okay to fail as long as I write what I feel and know...and I'm gonna continue, just like Ron does, regardless of whether I ever get published...I'm gonna continue to test my own limits and probe my own humanity...I would love to make some money to live on and be able to start a printing press with Ron someday but that is not why I write...I write to try and redeem my own soul for myself...that is why I write...I write out of some alien innate gnostic urge to express the conflict of humanity that is in me and in all of us...that is why I write...they can't beat us...Ron Whitehead proves that every day...they can't take our souls from us...Ron Whitehead reminds us of that in his writing and in his life...they can lie and cheat and steal and even kill us but they'll never take our souls...Ron Whitehead reminds us of that in all he says and does...Ron Whitehead reminds us that no matter what happens Never Give Up."

Paul K (Detroit/NYC/Kentucky): "Ron Whitehead is America's greatest living poet."

cell 270 403 6941


the full moon of compassion arose this morning
at sunrise as gentle autumn rain


and now i find myself with

and now i find myself with
nothing with nothing and

everything i find myself with
everything and nothing i gave

everything away time and again
i give everything away and

by doing so everything is
given to me everything and

ron whitehead
october 26, 2009


intermezzo is a
synonym for life a

brief poemed
musical interlude

a moment a
note a

poem a
lyric a


ron whitehead
october 26, 2009

both poems to be included in Ron's new book:

The Storm Generation Manifesto
on parting, the wilderness poems


hello dearest family and friends!!!!

i've moved back to Louisville. hated to leave Mama but our time together most precious gift for both of us. much healing took place. we had several long talks and both agreed time for us both to move on.

i'm staying with high school friend in Louisville. real easy going atmosphere. i'll stay there couple months till get my own apartment in Highlands area. may probably will roommate.

my current address is:


Ron Whitehead

2705 Hikes Lane

Louisville, Kentucky


phone same 270 403 6941



plus on facebook & facebook fan club (thanks Kurt Maddox!!!)


i hope to see all of you soon. and yes i'm still drinking red wine.

i plan to homebase in Louisville rest of my life but travel the world more than ever

doing my creative work.

sending all of you love and poemed creative energies always

your friend forever



p.s. today is my dear friend David Amram's 79th birthday,

so many november and december birthdays. Sarah had her 30th on 15th. the list goes on and on. y'all have fun!

p.p.s. had great sunday visit with friends Scott Mertz, Tyrone Cotton, John Gage, Tim Krekel Band, birthday girl Janie Peters & daughter & sister Dorace & Otis and many others, at Zeppelin Cafe



hello dearest family & friends!!!! for various numberous reasons (including hoping a laptop appears from aether) i've decided to stay in Louisville (cept for thursday/Thanksgiving) this week. Thanks to all of you for gazillion loving Happy Birthday messages. so deeply beyond appreciated!!!!!!! cheers!!!!!!!


on November 23, 1950, in the midst of the worst blizzard, which included freezing rain & sleet & hail & heavy wind & whiteout snow & lightning & thunder, the worst blizzard to ever hit Kentucky, Edwin (one of 11) & Greta (Render, oldest of 13) Whitehead, Daddy and Mama, opened the gateway for another (their 1st), even wilder, poemed storm to arrive on the planet. every Thanksgiving Daddy told a variation, always adding more detail, of that story. i, like my brother Brad & 4 sisters Paddy & Edie & Robin & Velvet, oh & Johnny Depp, was born in Owensboro Kentucky. i grew up (on a farm) in western Kentucky where Bill Monroe birthed bluegrass music, where The Everly Brothers & Merle Travis & Johnny Depp & other greats grew up, where John Prine's "Paradise" (much of the history of my early days) has long been a TVA power plant. i learned the value of hard work of loving family and friends of the beauty of Mother Earth (& much more). despite anything, i have no complaints only thanks for this mysterium tremendum, this beautifully terribly gifted opportunity to grow my soul. i am filled, on this my 59th birthday, with thanks with gratitude for every moment event person being, past present future, seen and unseen.

may i, in some in any way, also be a blessing to all of them/you.


your friend forever

                                      Ron Whitehead, 11/23/50

                                          2705 Hikes Lane

                                            Louisville, Kentucky 40218 (USA)

                                              cell 270 403 6941


p.s. and remember: i'm more ancient and younger than all of you put together, so don't ever think you can out do me at anything. ready to arm wrestle?!!!

p.p.s. bring me red wine.

p.p.s. 2010 gonna be best and creatively busiest year yet!!!!!!!




poetry is

my best

and only






ron whitehead

11/23/50-09 (amazing. i obviously have an army of guardian angels. and there's much more poemed non-violent spiritual warrior peace work to be done, especially on myself. ha.)

y'all have fun

and always remember to

Never Give Up


that it's okay to be happy (Dalai Lama told me that)

"Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, Whose breath gives life to

the world, hear me. I come to you as one of your many children. I am

small and weak. I need your strength and your wisdom. May I walk

in beauty. Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make

my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to

hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may know the things you

have taught your children. The lessons you have written in

every leaf and rock. Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers,

but to fight my greatest enemy - Myself. Make me ever ready to

come to you with straight eye. So that when life fades as the

fading sunset, My spirit may come to you without shame."

                 Chief Yellow Cloud of The Great Sioux Nation, 1887





"Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, Whose breath gives life to

the world, hear me. I come to you as one of your many children. I am

small and weak. I need your strength and your wisdom. May I walk

in beauty. Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make

my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to

hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may know the things you

have taught your children. The lessons you have written in

every leaf and rock. Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers,

but to fight my greatest enemy - Myself. Make me ever ready to

come to you with straight eye. So that when life fades as the

fading sunset, My spirit may come to you without shame."

                 Chief Yellow Cloud of The Great Sioux Nation, 1887




For Immediate Release

For Immediate Release
Louisville Lullabies: Cradle Rockin’ Sleeper Hits
A benefit for Home of the Innocents
    Hipster parents looking for music that they can enjoy with their children will be thrilled to hear the latest release from sonaBLAST! Records. Louisville Lullabies: Cradle Rockin’ Sleeper Hits features 13 musical acts from Louisville performing original and traditional lullabies. Artists include: Carter Wood (a recently returned Louisville native who had George Strait record some of her songs while living in Nashville), Love Jones (regrouped for this benefit), Arnett Hollow (who recently performed at Forecastle and WFPK‘s Live Lunch), Lucky Pineapple (on the heels of their sonaBLAST! Release), Harry Pickens (pianist, composer, teacher and organizational consultant), Sandpaper Dolls (amazing a cappella trio), Ron Whitehead (author of 19 books with appearances on more than 20 CD’s), Yardsale (Louisville's self-proclaimed ‘Second Most Rootin-est, Tootin-est Band‘), Danny Flanigan (performing a song he wrote for his son), Leigh Ann Yost (marketing director at Louisville‘s School of Rock), Justin Lewis (performing ’Dream a Little Dream’) Alistair Shell (Stephen George performing his first released recording) and Heidi Howe (Louisville performer, author and co-producer of the CD). All of the proceeds from the CD benefit the Home of the Innocents.       

    The CD is the brainchild of Gill Holland, the founder of sonaBLAST! Records, who wanted to do something for his neighbor, The Home of the Innocents, located in the East Market district. Gill produced the CD with Louisville musician Heidi Howe, the founder and director of Louisville Preschool for the Arts.       

    Some of the artists featured on the album will perform on December 4, 2009 for WFPK’s Live Lunch. Doors open at 11:30 a.m., and the show is free. Folks are admitted on a first come, first served basis.
    In addition, there will be an all-ages, family-friendly CD release party on Sunday December 6, 2009 at the Comedy Caravan, located at 1250 Bardstown Road in the Mid-City Mall. The party begins at 2 pm and ends at 5 pm. Many of the musicians from the CD will perform. There will also be face painting and games for kids. The party is FREE. Refreshments will be available. Donations will be accepted for the Home of the Innocents.

    For more information, please email or call (502) 415- 3643.  

Heidi Howe

Convenient, affordable & fun music classes for kids.

Parent/Child Classes * Parties * Preschools * Playgroups

(502) 415-3643


"Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, Whose breath gives life to

the world, hear me. I come to you as one of your many children. I am

small and weak. I need your strength and your wisdom. May I walk

in beauty. Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make

my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to

hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may know the things you

have taught your children. The lessons you have written in

every leaf and rock. Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers,

but to fight my greatest enemy - Myself. Make me ever ready to

come to you with straight eye. So that when life fades as the

fading sunset, My spirit may come to you without shame."

                 Chief Yellow Cloud of The Great Sioux Nation, 1887




new Ron Whitehead contact info effective immediately (thanks to real spiritual alchemical creative wizard Gregory Chaney):


Ron Whitehead


Revolutionary Theatre of The Divine Imagination

422 Belgravia Court

Apt 1E

Louisville, Kentucky



cell phone 270 403 6941

email &

website (still searching for new webmaster)

& check out plus

facebook & facebook fan club (thanks to amazing Kurt Maddox!!!)

& yes you can always Google "Ron Whitehead" to get extra info.

just remember. whatever you've heard bout me well that's only 10% of

what happened. it was much worse than that!!!!! ha. have fun. love always, Ron


"Oh Great Spirit, whose voice I hear in the winds, Whose breath gives life to

the world, hear me. I come to you as one of your many children. I am

small and weak. I need your strength and your wisdom. May I walk

in beauty. Make my eyes ever behold the red and purple sunset. Make

my hands respect the things you have made and my ears sharp to

hear your voice. Make me wise so that I may know the things you

have taught your children. The lessons you have written in

every leaf and rock. Make me strong, not to be superior to my brothers,

but to fight my greatest enemy - Myself. Make me ever ready to

come to you with straight eye. So that when life fades as the

fading sunset, My spirit may come to you without shame."

                 Chief Yellow Cloud of The Great Sioux Nation, 1887


announcing the benefit cd release of


Louisville Lullabies

Cradle Rockin' Sleeper Hits




1) In My Balloon by Lucky Pineapple

2) Benjamin by Danny Flanigan

3) Lullabye (by Albert Goldbarth) Alistair Shell

4) My Baby by Leigh Ann Yost

5) Dream a Little Dream of Me by Justin Lewis & Emily Caudill

6) Shelter for the Night by Arnett Hollow

7) Dream by Carter Wood

8) For My Children, A Lullaby by Ron Whitehead w/Harry Pickens on piano

9) Made in Korea (Song for Stinky Pete) by Heidi Howe

10) Down Below by Yardsale

11) All the Pretty Little Horses by Harry Pickens

12) Grey Lady by Sandpaper Dolls

13) Dark and Lovely by Love Jones


All proceeds from the purchase of Louisville Lullabies
will benefit Home of the Innocents in Louisville, Kentucky

Home of the Innocents reaches out and advocates for

children, youth and their families by providing care and

shelter during periods of critical times.


(c)(p) 2009 sonaBLAST! Records, LLC

sonaBLAST! Records c/o The Green Building, 732 E. Market St.

Louisville, Kentucky 40202 USA


executive producer Gill Scott Holland

producer Heidi Howe

sound engineer Howie Gano

cover art and layout by Jason Pierce


special thanks to everyone involved in this project, including

WFPK 91.9fm Radio Louisville for producing the Louisville Lullabies Live Lunch

and to Comedy Caravan for providing the official cd launch concert. 

everyone involved donated their time and creative energies for this project.

no one got paid.

Louisville Lullabies is available at earX-tacy records (online & on Bardstown Road)

and via


also check out this week's Velocity review (also in today's Courier-Journal), which includes front cover photo:


Louisville Lullabies

Cradle Rockin'

Sleeper Hits


by Joseph Lord


   These 13 sweet songs from Louisville artists are meant to lull children

to sleep. Conceived by SonaBLAST! Records founder Gill Holland, it features the experimental group Lucky Pineapple, subtle singer-songwriter Leigh Ann Yost

and mad singer-songwriter Heidi Howe, as well as inspired choices like outlaw poet

Ron Whitehead, who teams with jazzman Harry Pickens.


"There is no practice more important than relating honestly and sanely with

the irritations that plague us in everyday life."

Pema Chodron, from NO TIME TO LOSE, a Timely Guide to

The Way of The Bodhisattva



hello family & friends!!!!!!!

as many of you know i'm back in Louisville reestablishing homebase here.

plan is to homebase here rest of life while simultaneously traveling world

more than ever doing my creative work. this is step by step process. whew.

didn't move from my Cherokee Road apartment for nearly five and half years &

now i've moved five times in one year. after Daddy's death mid-year i cancelled

everything. looking at all this same as i did when i left home age 17 stepping into

the unknown, walking on air, groundlessness. no complaints only thanks.

effective today (12/21/09) my new address is:

Ron Whitehead

2705 Hikes Land

Louisville, Kentucky

40218 USA

new phone number effective first thing tomorrow 502-451-9426 (land line).

staying with friend from high school (been friends since 1965).

i'll be here till i figure out next step.


selling (for only $1,000) 1993 GMC Vandura 2500 = AUTO/AC/6 cylinder/

excellent condition/only 144,000 miles/been really well taken care of/gets

good mileage.

sending love and Happiest Holiday Wishes to all of you

your friend forever


"There is no practice more important than relating honestly and sanely with

the irritations that plague us in everyday life."

Pema Chodron, from NO TIME TO LOSE, a Timely Guide to

The Way of The Bodhisattva



i'm sure enjoying life after death


i'm sure enjoying life after death

i'm sure enjoying life after death


death after death life after life

time after time disappearing appearing


never ever ending terrible beautiful

tremors rattles breaks earthquakes


heart and soul eruptions volcanoes

ice and fire from Iceland to Nicaragua to Kentucky and beyond


i'm sure enjoying life after death

i'm sure enjoying life after death


climbing Viking Nicaraguan Rocky Appalachian mountains

Norse Hindu Lamurian Atlantean Egyptian Mayan


Greek Sicilian Roman aboriginal indigenous

Mosquito Coast Hillbilly gods all fierce strong beautiful


fearless dangerous embracing recognizing

myself as one with all of them


creative spiritual shaman germ sin eaters

prophet poets accepting the crucibled


visionary pain ecstasy filled poemed

lineage birthright UFOed tattooed lightning scarred


destroyed failed sign of Cain gypsy phoenix

forever eternal wanderers lost failing homesick


wanderlust seekers having wanting nothing

searching for love family friends


and poemed songs and travel and oasis home

to return to from travels wanderings to


gain respite rest temporary rejuvenation

resurrection then the road again forever


this birth journey death cycle after

after drawing ever closer to home sweet


home Mother Goddess Earth brown madonna

singing dancing in words in body with sex


and spirit singing and dancing poems

under full moon luna watching trees breathe


surrendering self being completely to

angel poems songs to drummed pulsing


dancing heartbeat fierce fearless poemed dancing singing

one terrible beautiful poem song mating birthing


blood wine poems songs children wild all

and everything dwelling moving whirling still


but ever moving in this calm gentle all seeing

eye of the only storm eternal omnipresent transmogrifying


alchemical lightning crucibled storm peace harmony

omniscient seeing listening hearing being here now in the eye


of the transfigurative transforming transitioning

reborning rebirthing lightning thunder earthquaking


volcanoed Hillbilly death journey birth

phoenix gods rising storm ancient new


white electric light Atlantean Egyptian Mayan

Rumi sufi whirling closing all time illusion


moving perpetually closer to the center ever seeing

being all listening sensing seer poets no time visionary


prophets apocalyptic armageddoned shaman soul

poet time one shamanic poet one angel song


closing time enjoying laughing crying singing

i'm sure enjoying life after death


i'm sure enjoying life after death

life after death life after death


ron whitehead

december 21, 2009




copyright (c) 2009 ron whitehead


"What is spent is gone...What I kept is lost...But what I gave away...

Will be mine forever." author unknown, handwritten by Mama in front

of old nearly wore out Bible she gave me when I determinedly departed

to Louisville...into the unknown


hello dearest family & friends!!!!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! Happy every moment!!!!!!!

2010 gonna be our best most exciting happening year yet!!!!!!!


special thanks to Ray Rizzo & Band & Special Guests Hootenanny @ The Rudyard Kipling. it was beyond awesome to see hear visit with everyone. it was packed and the entire show kicked major ass!!!!!!! and it was so good to be back @ The Rud, my favorite venue on the planet (& that's nothing against all the other great venues), & to see Ken & Erin & Ray & Tyrone & Myron & Leigh Ann & Jonathan & everybody else and to meet new folks and lo & behold if i didn't turn around to see my dear friend and often co-conspirator, from Knoxville Tennessee) R.B. Morris and his glowingly pregnant wife Karly. beautiful fun night.


handful of upcoming shows i'm attending and/or participating in:


tonight. one of the best hottest new bands to come on the Louisville scene (which means the world scene), Nerves Jr., performing tonight @ Zanabar:


Free at the Z - Nerves Jr.
       "Rad New Louisville Band!! OKDeejays are spinning late night!!!!"
Start Time: Tomorrow, December 30 at 10:15pm
End Time: Thursday, December 31 at 1:15am
Where: Zanzabar, Preston Highway (couple doors down from Uncle Pleasants)


tomorrow night (New Year's Eve):


The Honey Highway (hellyes i said hellyes) @ 3rd Street Dive

not sure bout cover. and. another band playing. shite. i'm at library. not remembering who.

ok. i'm not gonna start cussing. maybe. dammit. stop Ron. now. ok.

Lord help me i'm now recalling last New Year's Eve Headliners show and walking back home several miles way too much to drink cause i'd been Badass Santa on cover of

Velocity and people kept buying me drinks and me being the gentleman i am didn't refuse any and i was half mile from home walking with my longtime Iceland buddy (we've toured the world together many times and recording several cds) and somehow i passed out while walking but then i got right up and we walked on home and then my daughter Rani had for some synchronous reason returned from Headliners to my apartment and saw that i was drenched in blood and she washed me up and then called i think my youngest son Dylan and they gave me ride to horspital where the intern (a friend) put in 12 staples. beautiful.


january 1st: Annual Townes Van Zandt Tribut @ The Monkey Wrench. WFPK's Roots n Boots dj Michael Young and I gonna emcee. it'll be packed so get there early. here's tentative lineup:


2010 Lineup, January 1, 2010, The Monkey Wrench
7:55pm  Michael Young     Introduction and Welcome
             Brigid Kaelin           Be Here to Love Me
             John Gage              I’ll Be there in the morning
             Heidi Howe             If I Needed You
             Wyndell Williams     Marie
             Stephen Couch      To Live’s to Fly
             Bosco Stravinsky    Dollar Bill Blues
8:30      Tammy Burke         Lungs
             Tamara Dearing      Don’t You Take it Too Bad
                                            Two Girls
             Denny Wheatley     Tower Song
             Steve Eilers          TBA
9:00     Mickey Clark          Pancho & Lefty
                                           White Freight Liner
                                           Snowin’ on Raton
                                           + TBA
9:20     Laura Shine           I’ll Be There in the Morning
            Joel Henderson      Colorado Girl
            Michael Goodman    TBA
            Daniel Brown            Lungs
            Kelly Wilkinson        If I Needed You
            Valerie Magnuson    When She Don’t Need Me
           Vicki Meares              Brother Flower
           John &Chad              Come Tomorrow
                                             Snow Don’t Fall   
10:15 Bill Ede                       TBA
    Joanie Musselman            No Place to Fall
                                            Tecumseh Valley
10:35    Laura Ellis              TBA
10:45    Marcia Goss           No Deal
                                            Snake Song
11:00    Paul K                     Nothin
                                            A Song For
                                            Hi Lo and in Between
11:30 Alanna Fugate           Marie
           John Whitaker          TBA   
          Sean Hopkins           White Freight Liner
          Sam Hadfield            Like a Summer Thursday
                                           Buckskin Stallion Blues
12:00    Jonathan Wood      Heavenly Houseboat Blues
           Wm Bryan Ragland  Big Country Blues
                                            Gypsy Friday
              Matt Nofsinger       Colorado Girl
              others ... jam session ... open mic ...

also: Happy 1st Birthday Stone (Sarah [my 2nd ex] & Wes' son)

also: my friends Scott Mertz & Jyn Yates' new band (kicks major ass) have couple january shows: 13th @ Stevie Ray's & 22nd @ Seidenfaden's


also: dammit i'm @ library & can't find exact info but my friend Justin Lewis & Band will be doing Live Lunch on a friday soon then evening show. i'll find exact info and send out.


also: i'm definitely producing 1st ever Storm Generation Festival in Iceland friday june 18th to monday june 21 (midsummer solstice). more info to come.


also: need to sell my 93 GMC Vandura 2500 van, excellent condition AT AC, now only

$750 cash. way way way below book value. my cell phone 270 403 6941 good till monday. land line already working 502 451 9426. call me dammit. buy it. great vehicle transportation for new band or anyone else. 6 cylinder so gets good mileage.


also: if you see me at any of these events please say hello. and for God's Great Spirit's sake buy me some red wine. ha. aha. yeehaa. have fun.


love always

your friend forever


p.s. you folks in other countries i.e. Ecuador, Nicaragua, Brazil, Argentina, Thailand, Iceland, Nepal, Ireland, The Netherlands, England, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, wherever i'm considering accepting doing a one-year teaching gig so contact me. thanks. 

Free at the Z - Nerves Jr.
       "Rad New Louisville Band!! OKDeejays are spinning late night!!!!"
Start Time: Wednesday, December 30 at 10:15pm
End Time: Thursday, December 31 at 1:15am
Where: Zanzabar

"What is spent is gone...What I kept is lost...But what I gave away...

Will be mine forever." author unknown, handwritten by Mama in front

of old nearly wore out Bible she gave me when I determinedly departed

to Louisville...into the unknown



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