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---thanks to all u friends by Rinaldo Rasa.

homage to Gregory Corso (1930-2001)
mushroom shape poem into a human face shape
performed by Rinaldo Rasa

the first italian cover of JK's On The Road pocket edition, april 1967

At Castelnuovo Rangone (Modena) Italy there's a John Lennon Street

the beat poster at La Biennale di Venezia -- summer 1996

john w. coltrane is buried in the "garden of sanctuary" at pinelawn memorial park on long island, ny. plantin' date: july 21, 1967.---Mike Watt

Timothy Leary

Ferlinghetti, Corso, Waldman, Lamantia, Sanders, Hirschman, Giorno, Arrabal, Jodorowsky, Steve Lacey, Costa, Grechi, Lolli, Riondino, Bollati, Talenti, Nobbio, Altomare, Emme, Mangone, Infantino, Del Punta, Maroccolo, Chiamenti, Bocchi.

Dec. 29 - Jan. 6, 20001 Annihilation Man
How Darby Crash lost control. Of the Germs. Of Circle One. Everything. by Brendan Mullen
Paul and George also were enraptured by two popular books about mass murderer Charles Manson, former Fug Ed Sanders' The Family and L.A. city prosecutor Vincent Bugliosi's Helter Skelter. That was 20 years ago. A search for recent anniversary coverage in the Lexis-Nexis news-research engine turned up 580 listings in the database defined by the parameters All Newspapers/Previous 60 Days/"John Lennon" AND "death." The same search, but substituting the name "Darby Crash," turned up one. The loneliest fucking number I ever saw.
---courtesy source Mike Watt

Dec. 8 2001

Michael Bowen Recommendes

Pictures attached from Plymell.

Benefit for Maddog

DOOR WIDE OPEN dramatises the intimate correspondance of writers Jack Kerouac and Joyce Johnson The cast features Amy Wright, Adira Amram and John Ventimiglia. Also appearing are Anita Durst, Meg Brooker, and legendary musician David Amram performing a live musical score. The attached file is a beautiful poster image featuring a striking color photograph of Jack & Joyce, from the time of ON THE ROAD's publication. Enjoy!---courtesy by David Amram

Hammond Guthrie

the cover to forthcoming book (In October 2002) from SAF Publications

Michael Bowen returns

Cherry Valley Festival 1998

Andy McCutcheon at The Mint, Weds. 8/28 at 10 P.M.

Michael Bowen - the beat goes on

Click the image to obtain the Real Video movie clip

Click the image to obtain the Real Video movie clip

IN MEMORY OF LARRY RIVERS (21 agosto 2002)

this my english copy of On The Road bought in San Marco Square - summer 1980

Poets required QuickTime to view the movie

35th anniversary of Zap Comix 1

for immediate release: April 8, 2003 The Bowery Poetry Club is proud to present the 10th Anniversary Celebration of Frank Messina & Spoken Motion. It's hard to believe it's already been a decade since the sounds of "SpoMo hit the streets. From those hot summer nights at the Nuyorican to the bright lights of Lollapalooza & Woodstock, the band has seen it all. Come join the celebration at New York City's premier spoken word venue in the heart of the Bowery. The original line-up features legendary percussionist Larry McDonald, Bob Susko on guitar, bassist Joe Isgro and drummer Wes Jensen. Special musical guests include Elliott Levin, Billy Bang with very special appearances by Frank's rock n' roll/jazz legend friends. Special guest poets include Kentucky legend Ron Whitehead, Andy Cook, Zoe Artemis and more. Surprises abound! "For the past decade, Frank Messina and I have performed throughout Europe and the USA. Our recent WAR POETS Tour of Iceland, England and Scotland was wonderfully intense. Frank is one of America's best young poets. It will be an honor to share the stage with him at the 10th Anniversary Celebration of his work with the always fantastic Spoken Motion," says Ron Whitehead, Pulitzer Nominee and founder of the Literary Renaissance. "In the 1990's, 'SpoMo' was the biggest touring 'spoken word' band in America", says Jim Muzer, of DownBeat Magazine. "When Frank erupted on the scene with his band in 1993, you got the feeling of permanance...a performer who obviously loves turning people on...a road hog...a spoken word warrior. I'm glad to see Frank still hammering away at it like the work horse I've always known him to be..." Bob Holman, founder of the Bowery Poetry Club booked the show in a heartbeat. "Nobody carries a bigger book than Frank Messina...he's the rock n' roll Poet Laureate." Don't miss this special show. Come one. Come all! Tickets on sale at Bowery Poetry Club box office or at Virtuous.com. This show will sell out, so get em soon. "I always knew there was something wrong with that boy." Mrs. Caruso. Frank's childhood neighbor. http://www.spokeface.com


View more paintings and visual art by Michael



by Levi Asher

Announcing the release of new Published in Heaven CD: David Amram & Ron Whitehead


with special guests Casey Cyr, Robin Tichenor, Mike Cyr, Andy Cook, and Dylan Whitehead

Ron Whitehead

Viking Hillbilly Ghost Dance Tour Poster

www.tappingmyownphone.com www.insomniacathon.org

Philomene Long

the cover photo of my COLLECTED POEMS

Peter Edler

the cover of "forever beat"

Mike Watt

watt w/banyan at the monterey jazz festival plus three more gigs!

xmas for the right reason


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